WomenTech Global Awards 2023 Winners: Software Engineering Leader of the Year Award

    👏 We are excited to announce the winners of Software Engineering Leader of the Year Award 2023.

    Recognised contributions: Successful leadership of software engineering projects, innovative problem-solving and product development, fostering an inclusive and diverse team culture, and contributing to the growth of their organization.

    🏅Kamini Dandapani, VP of Engineering at Airbnb

    🏅Gayatri Iyengar, Head of Engineering, Logistics and Dasher Growth at DoorDash

    🏅 Adora Nwodo , Founder at NexaScale, Software Engineer at Microsoft

    Congratulations, winners! 👏 🎉🤩

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    Congratulations to the finalists as well:

    ⭐️ Anjum Khan, Head of Product Technology at S&P Global
    ⭐️ Asia Sharif, Software Engineer and Founder at NatWest (Engineer) and ChainVerse (Founder)
    ⭐️ Jessica Tucker, Founder/ Software Engineer at JTucker Consulting LLC
    ⭐️ Poonam G., Vice President at U.S. Bank
    ⭐️ Ruchi Agarwal, Senior Software Engineer at Netflix
    ⭐️ Sharmistha Chatterjee, Head of Advanced Analytics Chapter at Commonwealth Bank of Australia