WomenTech Network Elects Ashli Weiss as its Chief Legal Officer

    The WomenTech Network (WTN) is pleased to announce the election of Ashli Weiss as its Chief Legal Officer.

    Ashli Weiss, Attorney at Weiss Law LLP, assumes her role on December 1, 2021.

    As the Chief Legal Officer, Ashli Weiss, who specializes in commercial and intellectual property law, will help lead WTN in advancing its priorities on women’s empowerment in technology around the world. She will assist in shepherding WTN’s social impact goals, which will guide the Network’s founders and tech startups with their growth for the coming years.

    “I’m honored to be named WTN’s Chief Legal Counsel, and I look forward to taking on the challenge of successfully navigating the Network through a new era,” said Ashli. “I’m incredibly proud of all WTN has done to advance the interests of the communities it serves. Diversity in technology is evolving rapidly amid both challenges and opportunities, and WTN is in a strong position to continue making a positive impact on key issues.”

    WTN Lead Anna Radulovski noted that Ashli’s extensive experience, both as in-house counsel and law firm practitioner, is invaluable for this role.

    “Ashli is not only a champion for innovators, but she is also passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion,” Anna said. “She is well poised to support WTN’s mission.”

    Ashli Weiss is the founding attorney of Weiss Law LLP. Prior, she worked with Fortune 500 companies including Benefit Cosmetics, Western Digital, Tory Burch and Louis Vuitton. She hails from San Francisco, where she graduated from UC Hastings Law School.