Celebrating the remarkable journeys and enduring legacies of women who have dedicated their lives to innovation and excellence in the tech industry.


Nominations are now open.

Competition Overview

The Lifetime Achievement Award is bestowed upon a woman who has made substantial, long-term contributions to the tech industry throughout her career. This prestigious accolade recognizes her significant impact, innovative thinking, leadership, and enduring dedication to fostering progress and inclusivity in the tech community.

An esteemed jury of industry veterans and experts will review applications. The recipient will be chosen based on career longevity, achievements, and contributions to the tech industry.

How does it work?

  • Complete the application form, providing a detailed overview of your extensive career, achievements, and contributions to the tech industry.
  • Applications will be evaluated by an esteemed jury of industry veterans and experts.
  • The winner will be honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award at our Global Awards ceremony, celebrating a lifetime of accomplishments.

Who is it for?

  • Women with a career in the tech industry spanning several decades.
  • Individuals who have made influential projects or initiatives, engaged in mentorship and leadership roles, advocated for important tech issues or diversity and inclusion, and demonstrated resilience and longevity in the field.

Interested in applying?

Has your lifelong journey in technology been a tapestry woven with innovation, leadership, and unwavering dedication? Has your influence paved the way for others and shaped the contours of the industry? The Lifetime Achievement Award is not just an award; it is an ode to your indomitable spirit and a legacy cast in the annals of tech history. Take a moment to relish the milestones and let the world celebrate your incredible odyssey.

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"I really value WomenTech Network for their efforts to lift up girls and women around the world.
I'm very fortunate to be surrounded by so many supportive colleagues and friends, including at Wing, who have supported me throughout my career."

Shannon Nash, Chief Financial Officer at Wing (an Alphabet Company)

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