Women in Tech Limassol 2024

Elevating Employee Well-Being: Boosting Productivity and Happiness

Hosted by Adsterra


April 24, 2024




In-Person Event

Athinon 80, Limassol 3040, Cyprus, Aleph Holding

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Calling all women in tech! Join us for an exclusive networking event as part of the Women in Tech Global Conference 2024, hosted by Adsterra in the vibrant city of Limassol. This is your opportunity to connect with fellow women in the tech industry, share experiences, and build valuable professional relationships in a supportive and empowering environment.

In the dynamic landscape of the tech or other stressful industry, prioritizing employee well-being isn't just about altruism—it's a strategic imperative. The event is designed specifically for founders, CEOs, COOs, HR professionals, offering actionable insights and tools to elevate well-being, boost productivity, and increase the happiness index within their organizations.

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Well-being panel with four amazing speakers (HR and well-being experts)
Networking break
Well-being programs: best practices and approaches
"Bye, Bye, Stress" workshop


Ance Gricmane

Art therapist, founder & CEO of Emotion Lab

Ance Gricmane, an accomplished artist, social entrepreneur, and art therapist, serves as the CEO of Emotion Lab. Additionally, she holds teaching positions at the University of Applied Sciences Latvia and the American University of Cyprus. Gricmane's work spans across various mediums and has been exhibited worldwide, emphasizing the connection between art and emotional well-being. She is also an organizer of healing retreats, furthering her commitment to holistic well-being through artistic expression.

Christina Maria Tzianou

Client Partner at Aleph Group

With main experience in Tech Sales and Digital Marketing, Christina Maria Tzianou is also a certified business coach and yoga instructor. Having previously worked at Microsoft, her vision revolves around promoting employee well-being and coaching initiatives to foster work-life balance and ensure both physical and mental health stability within companies. She will share insights on navigating the transition from corporate life to a balanced lifestyle, integrating practices like yoga, and continual personal growth to manage the demands of working in large companies while prioritizing well-being.

Gala Grigoreva

CMO at Adsterra, WomenTech Network Cyprus Leader

Gala is an experienced marketing professional and CMO at Adsterra. With over 13 years of global brand marketing expertise, she specializes in B2C/B2B marketing, SEO, content/influencer marketing, and PR. Gala holds a degree in International Relations and a Master's in strategic marketing. She's led successful marketing teams, launched multi-billion dollar products, and achieved ninefold ROI. She's also a Forbes Communication Council member, mentors at Women in Tech, and serves as the WomenTech Network local leader for Cyprus.

Georgia Aristeidou

Global Head HR at The Trading Pit

With over 14 years of experience in Project Management and Fintech, Georgia Aristeidou is a seasoned professional holding BSc and MA degrees. She has expertise in various HR functions including strategic planning, performance management, multicultural team management, staffing, employee benefits, and more. Aristeidou has significantly contributed to transforming HR practices at The Trading Pit to align with business goals and employee needs globally.

Zhamilia Berentzen

Ex-HRBP at Centro, People Management consultant

With a background in Global HR and extensive experience as a HRBP at Centro, Zhamilia Berentzen brings expertise in personal and professional growth training, soft skill development, and leadership. She focuses on effective cross-cultural communication and team performance enhancement, alongside her passion for an active lifestyle, travel, public speaking, and empowering women. Each speaker brings a unique perspective and expertise to the panel, promising a rich discussion on HR practices, employee well-being, and leadership development.

We’ve got three good reasons for you to apply to join this event:

  • Meet women in tech leaders and get inspired by their journeys and stories.
  • Expand your network and establish relationships with fellow women in technology.
  • Connect with leading tech companies, explore global industry trends and identify career growth opportunities.