Enbridge online event

    The event kicked off with the panelists sharing captivating stories about their career journeys, setting the stage for an engaging and insightful discussion. 

    [15:43] Moderator Bhushan Ivaturi, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer, started off by delving into Enbridge's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), prompting a rich and inspiring dialogue.

    How have DEI activities progressed at Enbridge according to your experience?

    [16:01] Debra Grab, Human Resources Business Partner Manager, emphasized Enbridge's distinctive approach to DEI, highlighting the alignment between the company's values and actions. Unlike many organizations that merely write down their values, Enbridge embodies them each day, fostering a deep connection with both internal and external stakeholders. The authenticity with which Enbridge operates resonated strongly with the panelists and served as a catalyst for their career growth.

    [17:58Ashley Clemens, Supervisor, Maintenance Planning shed light on Enbridge's comprehensive approach to engaging its workforce. Through focus group discussions, surveys, and open communication channels, the entire organization actively contributes to shaping the company's culture. Such inclusivity empowers individuals to speak up, ask questions, and take the lead in driving positive change.

    [18:52] Rebecca Schriver, Vice President of Technology and Information Services Gas Distribution and Power at Enbridge, expressed her gratitude for the presence of women on her leadership team since day one. Witnessing other women in influential positions instilled confidence in her own abilities and inspired her to excel. Enbridge's commitment to representation at all levels reinforces the notion that diverse voices are essential to a thriving organization.

    How have you been involved in shaping and advancing DEI in Enbridge?

    [21:05Gabriela Kuppe, Manager of Performance Optimization Legal Services Operations at Enbridge, highlighted the importance Enbridge places on psychological safety. The company encourages an environment where taking risks and learning from failures is seen as an opportunity for growth. This emphasis on creating safe spaces allows employees to innovate and brings forth new perspectives that fuel innovation and progress.

    [24:29Diekola Oshinubi,  Business Relationship Manager at Enbridge, underscored the significance of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and special initiatives at Enbridge. These platforms provide venues for individuals to find their voice, contribute meaningfully, and connect with like-minded colleagues. Diekola shared her personal journey of overcoming visibility challenges by actively volunteering and participating in company events, ultimately gaining recognition for her valuable contributions.

    What would be your guidance to somebody entering the workforce today?

    [36:52Rebecca advised women starting their careers to explore various departments within the organization and strive for upward mobility. She emphasized the importance of diversity and encouraged women to gain cross-functional experience by working in different business units.

    [37:49Diekola highlighted the importance of being open to embracing technology and maintaining a continuous learning mindset. She shared her personal journey into the tech industry, emphasizing its dynamic nature as a motivating factor.

    [38:48Gabriela emphasized the significance of coming prepared and developing expertise as essential aspects to establish one's brand and professionalism, ultimately leading to increased visibility.

    The audience questions

    The panelists showcased a diverse range of perspectives, each offering valuable insights and opinions. This variety of viewpoints ensured that there was something valuable for everyone in the audience, fostering an engaging and enriching discussion. The exchange of ideas created a dynamic atmosphere, encouraging attendees to consider different angles and gain a well-rounded understanding of the topic at hand.

    40:30 How do you find the work-life balance as a mother?

    45:18 Tips/Advice to help with imposter syndrome?

    46:12 How is the staff of Enbridge distributed globally?

    47:14 How to build courage and expertise?

    51:12 How have you built confidence and/or resilience over the course of your career?

    55:59 Do you experience resistance when you're leading others? How do you deal with it?

    59:56 How do you start and end your day?

    1:04:25 How do you think can men be effective allies and advocates for women in leadership?

    1:10:44 What do you think are your best attributes that got you to the success you have achieved?

    The event was a vibrant exchange of wisdom, inspiring attendees with profound insights into navigating careers, building resilience, and fostering inclusive environments. Through empowering quotes and personal stories, the panelists reinforced Enbridge's commitment to nurturing talent, amplifying voices, and promoting continuous growth.

    As the event progressed, the audience actively participated by posing thought-provoking questions, creating a dynamic and two-way-oriented atmosphere.

    Below we share with you some of the most memorable quotes from the panelists:

    👉 On impostor syndrome: "When you hear that voice in your head - replace it with the voice of a friend. What would a friend say to you?" by Debra Grab

    👉 On building courage and expertise: "Have a conversation with your mentors - they see qualities in you that you might not. Speak up, make the first step, and move forward from there." by Gabriela Kuppe Mendez

    👉 On resilience: "Perfect the art of asking questions. It's not always "speaking up" about telling, sometimes it's about asking the right questions." by Debra Grab

    👉 On resistance when leading others: "Always start with "Why?" It's shocking how much the conversation changes when you lead with purpose." by Rebecca Schriver

    👉 "Come with curiosity, not with judgment." by Gabriela Mendez

    👉 Best attributes contributing to success: "It's about patience and persistence. The patience to know there is change and persistence to push through it." by Debra Grab

    👉 "I'll try anything once, any experience is a good experience and you learn from it." Ashley Clemens