Women in Tech
Global Conference 2024
April 23-25

WTGC Tracks & Topics
Overview 2024

April 23rd

Who is it for? What is it about?
The virtual Chief in Tech Summit is open to women, minorities and allies looking for advancements and real-world experience as insight into their own leadership styles.

Participants will learn how to drive change forward as leaders, as well as opportunities to develop new strategies for advancing women throughout their careers. Open to all ticket holders.

April 24th

Who is it for? What is it about?
The virtual Key Tech Summit invites tech leaders, engineers, product managers, and women, minorities, and allies working in technology-driven businesses to exchange experience on the latest tech trends, learn new skills, and network with peers. Discussions will feature leading technology experts and professionals from all over the world. Technology is constantly evolving, with leading companies, emerging startups, and tech leaders playing an integral part in the global economy, creating impactful products that are changing our lives.

April 25th

Who is it for? What is it about?
The virtual Career Growth Summit is all about professional development and advancement. Some of the topics are work-life integration, family-work balance, mentorship, and sponsorship, "side hustle", burnout, career break & return to work, salary negotiation, leadership, relocation, transitioning back to the office, and more.

What can companies do to support women's career growth? Come to this summit to learn more about finding a mentor, cultivating a sponsor relationship, and navigating your way to your dream career.  Women today are increasingly interested in meaningful work over just a paycheck, so how can companies ensure that their employees' needs are being met?  Women, and mothers in particular, face many challenges when returning to work. How can companies create a culture welcoming of women and help them succeed? Women often feel isolated and unsupported in the workplace; what can we do to change that? 

April 26th

Who is it for? What is it about?

The Global Impact Summit, part of the Women in Tech Global Conference, explores the intersection of technology and sustainability. Topics range from ethics in digital learning and decentralized energy systems to web accessibility and blockchain for sustainability. The summit also covers gamification in education and the potential of data science and AI to solve complex problems. In addition, the summit addresses important topics such promoting social responsibility and equity in the tech industry.

📢 Stay tuned for more details on our Women in Tech Global Impact Summit on April 26

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