From Silicon to Software is What We Do

Synopsys technology makes it possible for leading companies to build smarts, security, and safety into their next-generation products. From silicon to software, we help our customers meet new goals for power, speed, connectivity, mobility, and reliability that are critical to the future of Smart Everything.

Synopsys technology is at the heart of innovations that are changing the way we work and play. Autonomous vehicles. Artificial intelligence. The cloud. 5G. These breakthroughs are ushering in the era of Smart Everything―where devices are getting smarter, everything’s connected, and everything must be secure. Powering this new era of digital innovation are advanced silicon chips and exponentially growing amounts of software content―all working together, smartly and securely. Synopsys is at the forefront of Smart Everything with the world’s most advanced technologies for chip design and verification, IP integration, and software security and quality testing. We help our customers innovate from silicon to software so they can deliver Smart Everything.

You Belong at Synopsys

At Synopsys, we’re enthusiastic learners and seasoned inventors. We’re makers and visionaries who make technology safer. We’re innovators who develop the software and hardware that drive the world's high-performing chips for amazing things like autonomous vehicles, smart homes, and machines that learn. We embrace diversity as a company, so we can create solutions that serve not just technology but the humans behind it. Join Us!

What makes your company unique?

The Future is Full of Possibilities. We’re here, at the point we’ve all dreamed about, where nothing is off the table. No idea is too big to tackle. More than the steam engine, or the car, or the airplane, semiconductors and software are catalyzing the most uplifting phenomena in the history of humankind. The moment to take product innovation to new heights is here. Our role in shaping the future brings great opportunities and important responsibilities with a focus also on sustainability and to ensure the future is safe and secure.

Technology at Synopsys


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