Cybersecurity, Data Governance, and Ethical Tech Practices  

Chief in Tech Summit

Safeguarding the Digital Era: Ethical Practices in Cybersecurity and Data Management 

Attention cybersecurity experts, data stewards, and ethical tech advocates: Delve into the challenges and opportunities of creating a secure, ethical digital landscape. If you're passionate about shaping a safer and more responsible tech realm, this track is a must-attend. 

Track Overview

 In a world dominated by data, maintaining its integrity, ensuring its security, and practicing ethical tech usage have never been more crucial. This track dives deep into the techniques, challenges, and evolving standards of cybersecurity, robust data governance, and ethical tech considerations. We'll explore how businesses can uphold these principles while still fostering innovation and growth.  

Key Takeaways

  • Strategies to enhance cybersecurity measures and ensure robust data protection 

  • Best practices in data governance to maintain data quality and compliance 

  • Insights into the balance between technological innovation and ethical considerations 

Who Should Attend?

  • Cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts 

  • Data governance officers and strategists 

  • Tech ethics researchers and policymakers 

  • Businesses looking to prioritize security and ethics in their operations 

Interested in Speaking?

Do you possess expertise in cybersecurity, data governance, or the ethical dimensions of technology? We're seeking voices that can shed light on best practices and the future of responsible tech. Share your knowledge and experiences with a global audience—apply to speak now.  

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