Skill Development & Lifelong Learning       

Chief in Tech Summit

Elevating Technical Expertise through Continuous Learning 

Calling all ambitious tech enthusiasts! Dive deep into the evolving tech landscape, and ensure your skills remain relevant and robust. Be a part of this pivotal track if you're passionate about skill acquisition and lifelong tech education.

Track Overview

The "Skill Development & Lifelong Learning" track encapsulates the essence of growth in the tech domain. With technology’s ever-shifting paradigms, lifelong learning has become indispensable. This track offers tools, resources, and insights to facilitate continuous skill enhancement, allowing attendees to stay ahead in their tech careers.

Key Takeaways

  • Insights into the latest tools and platforms for skill development. 

  • Effective strategies for continuous learning in the fast-paced tech world. 

  • Networking opportunities with leading educators and trainers in the tech industry. 

Who Should Attend?

  • Aspiring tech professionals looking to fortify their foundational skills. 

  • Seasoned tech experts keen on updating their knowledge base. 

  • Educators, trainers, and mentors in the tech sector. 

  • HR professionals and team leads aiming to upskill their teams. 

Interested in Speaking?

Possess expertise in a tech domain? Or have you curated effective learning pathways in your tech journey? We're on the lookout for seasoned professionals and educators to share their insights on skill development and lifelong learning. Step up, and inspire the next generation of tech experts. Apply now! 

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I'm very fortunate to be surrounded by so many supportive colleagues and friends, including at Wing, who have supported me throughout my career."

Shannon Nash, Chief Financial Officer at Wing (an Alphabet Company)

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