Moving Beyond the C-Suite/Life after the C-suite   

Chief in Tech Summit

Navigating New Horizons: Life After Leadership Roles    

Calling all current and former C-level executives: Dive into the journey of transition and transformation after leadership roles. If you've ever contemplated what life beyond the boardroom looks like, or you're keen to explore post-C-suite opportunities, this track is designed for you.

Track Overview

Moving beyond the C-suite can be as challenging as it is rewarding. Whether it's starting a new venture, dedicating time to philanthropic efforts, or consulting for up-and-coming startups, life after leadership roles offers a spectrum of opportunities. This track sheds light on the varied paths professionals can embark upon after their stint in the C-suite, focusing on both the challenges and triumphs they might encounter.   

Key Takeaways

  • Insights into the myriad opportunities available post-C-suite 

  • Strategies to smoothly transition from leadership roles to new endeavors 

  • Personal stories and experiences that underline the joys and challenges of post-C-suite life 

Who Should Attend?

  • Current C-level executives contemplating their next steps 

  • Former executives who have successfully transitioned to new roles 

  • Professionals aiming for the C-suite but curious about the journey beyond 

  • Career counselors and coaches aiding top-tier transitions 

Interested in Speaking?

Have you transitioned from a top-tier role and embarked on a new chapter of your professional journey? Whether it's tales of transformation or strategies for smooth transitions, we invite you to share your unique perspective. Inspire and guide others by speaking at our event. Apply now! 

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