Lisbon Chief in Tech Dinner

    Following the success in New York, the European edition of The Chief in Tech Executive Gala Dinner, held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Lisbon on November 15th, was a meticulously orchestrated event that seamlessly blended professional networking, thought leadership, and cultural enrichment for a select group of 60 senior tech leaders, VPs, and C-level executives from 22 countries. 

    Among the esteemed guests were industry visionary leaders and honorary guest such as Amal Moussaoui, Diplomat at U.S. Department of State, Science and Technology; Cassie Kozyrkov, CEO at Data Scientific, Google's first Chief Decision Scientist; HRH Princess Diana d’Orléans or Diana de Cadaval; Sofia Vaz Pirez, Chief Marketing & Operating Officer at Microsoft, Jessica Gioglio, Author of “The Laws of Brand Storytelling” many more. Their collective presence provided a wealth of insight and expertise, greatly contributing to the event's success as a hub for global tech leaders. The discussions and exchanges that took place were likely rich in innovative ideas and strategic collaborations, making the event a memorable milestone in the realms of technology, diplomacy, and business strategy. 

    ​​​​​​​The evening began with an Opening Reception and Networking in a warm and inviting atmosphere, providing a platform for meaningful connections and discussions. “As tech leaders, collaboration and dialogue are at the heart of innovation, and we organized this event aiming to achieve precisely that," remarked Anna Radulovski, Founder & CEO of WomenTech Network and Executive Women in Tech (EWIT), setting an inspiring tone for the night. 

    Amal Moussaoui, Diplomat at the U.S. Department of State, Science and Technology, followed with a welcome address. She conveyed optimism and inspiration for the evening's discussions and the potential for tech leaders to drive meaningful change on a global scale. In her address, Amal underscored the pivotal role of public policy in steering the development of emerging technology toward the common good of humanity. Emphasizing the need for ongoing discourse, she remarked, "The Chief in Tech dinner brings together leading experts from the private sector, NGOs, and government to discuss some of the most important questions facing our societies today—something we need to do more of." Her words resonated, setting the tone for a gathering focused on collaborative efforts for the advancement of technology aligned with societal well-being.

    ​​​​​​​The ambiance of the evening was further enhanced during the starters, as participants engaged in table introductions, fostering connections and camaraderie. 

    The keynote on the "Power of Storytelling for Leaders" delivered by Jessica Gioglio, best-selling author of "The Power of Visual Storytelling" and "The Laws of Brand Storytelling provided the attendees with valuable insights into the art of leadership through storytelling. Jessica highlighted the importance of the personal brand: “Personal + professional stories make you more likely to be remembered, recognized and referred.”  

    The event continued with a delightful 7 courses menu, followed by the excitement of a surprise raffle. Attendees eagerly anticipated the announcement of prizes, including one full annual Executive Membership and 6x2 Chief in Tech VIP Tickets as part of the Global Conference.  
    To enrich the cultural experience, the Portuguese Music Band "Swing High" took the stage, providing a delightful interlude that resonated with the spirit of the location. The evening concluded on a sweet note with an exquisite dessert creating an exciting and congenial setting for continued networking. 

    “I feel incredibly honored to take part in this event, as it has provided me with inspiration, learning opportunities, sharing, laughter, and energy. This high-level, cross-border women's networking, brought together by Executive Women in Technology (EWIT), is indeed an impactful way to empower women leaders in tech. It has enlarged my network with relevant contacts and, overall, increased the visibility of women in the tech field.” shared Carla Duarte, Innovation Manager - ESA Space Solutions 

    In reflection, the Chief In Tech Dinner demonstrated the power of bringing together industry visionaries in an environment that encourages collaboration, innovation, and cultural exchange. As the evening concluded, the impact of the connections made and the knowledge shared is sure to resonate in the minds of these tech leaders, influencing the trajectory of the industry. 
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