How to Get on a Path to Being a Famed Woman in Tech After College

    Ada Lovelace, Katherine Johnson, Hedy Lamarr—the list could go on and on. These and many other inspiring women were inventors and pioneers in the tech sector, and they helped us shape the world we have today.

    If their stories can’t help but inspire you and you also dream about being a famed woman in tech, there might be many concerns and doubts haunting you on your pass. But don’t let them stop you! You can also build a stellar career in tech as long as you start right now and take the right steps. Let’s see how to get on the fast track to the top!

    Top 4 Challenges Facing Recent Students in the Tech Field

    Lack of Hands-On Experience

    The lack of professional experience is the primary struggle of all fresh job seekers, regardless of the industry. Yet, it becomes a more pressing challenge in such a skill-focused field as technology. Even entry-level positions often demand some experience. Often, the only way to gain it for busy college students is to find a paper writer service, delegate their academic matters to professionals, and use their free time to work and gain much-needed expertise. This strategy allows students not only to manage their time better but also to focus on practical skills when they write a paper related to their field of study, thereby applying theoretical knowledge in a practical context and enhancing their employability.

    Constantly Evolving Demands

    Another big stumbling point is the dynamic nature of the tech industry. It is no secret that this industry is evolving at lightning speed, leaving fresh graduates quite frustrated when they realize that the knowledge and skills they gained in college are no longer relevant in the professional landscape. The best way to tackle this issue is to focus on the industry’s changes. Network with the tech community, dive into the unknown ideas, watch the biggest trends, and otherwise keep up with the time.

    Lack of Soft Skills

    Of course, practical tech skills are pivotal for every tech career. Nevertheless, employers tend to emphasize soft skills more and more often these days. A recent study by Deloitte revealed that as many as 92% of executives find soft skills more crucial (or at least equally important) than technical skills. For you as a future job seeker, this means that you have to work on honing your key soft skills while still in college. Some of the most crucial skills you’ll need include communication, problem-solving, teamwork, critical thinking, and lifelong learning.

    Gender Gaps

    Though it’s 2024 outside, unfortunately, we’re still facing certain gender gaps in the workplace, especially in industries like tech. This general term spans a wide range of challenges, such as pay disparity, bias, stereotypes, and more. On top of that, there is still a lack of representation, with only 26.7% of women taking tech-related jobs, which also makes females feel quite isolated in the workplace, where they are mostly surrounded by men.

    Unfortunately, addressing this challenge is much harder than previous ones because it takes the mutual work of women in tech, other professionals, and employers. Nevertheless, on your side, you can fight this issue by acknowledging these problems, learning how to address bias, and advocating for women in tech with examples of famous female specialists.

    How To Prepare for a Tech Career While Still in College

    Hopefully, knowledge of the primary challenges waiting for you out there won’t stop you from fulfilling your dreams.

    So, how do you set yourself up for becoming a famed woman in tech after college? Here are a few simple tips to prepare for your future career and get on the track to success:

    Define your areas of interest

    If you haven’t done this yet, ponder about the specific career interests you have. What specific area of technology do you want to work in? Are you aiming to work independently or in a team? Or maybe you are hoping to start your own venture someday? Answering these questions should help you define your interests and goals.

    Get clear on your strengths and gaps

    After you determine what you are striving for, take time to analyze your current knowledge and skills to define what areas for improvement are there. Then, reconcile your abilities with your goals to understand what improvements you need to make to become a perfect fit for a specific career you are chasing.

    Consider obtaining additional education

    If you’re dreaming of becoming a famed woman in tech, chances are that you are already acquiring some relevant education. But will it be enough to shine in the competitive job market? Probably not. Many tech careers require more than just conventional education. They also require professional certifications, such as AWS, PMP, etc. College is the perfect time to study and acquire all the necessary certificates. So consider acquiring additional education, for example, from online courses. By the way, they will also greatly complement your future resume!

    Gain experience early on

    Earlier, we mentioned the value of professional experience in the tech sector. So, if you want to prepare for a successful career, be sure to gain experience while still in college. For example, participate in summer internships and volunteer projects. You can also try freelancing in your free time or leverage your school’s available tech resources, such as student clubs and organizations. The opportunities are vast.

    Network like it’s your job

    Finally, don’t discard the value of networking because it helps fill as many as 85% of all jobs. Expand your network with the help of relevant tech events, forums, online resources like LinkedIn, etc. The more you network, the easier it will be to jump-start your career in the future!

    The Bottom Line

    A career in tech is one of the best ways to ensure future stability and prosperity for you and your family. No wonder 22% (nearly a quarter) of all high school students now want to pursue a career in technology. But how do you prepare for a career like that and get on a track to fame being a woman?

    Although there is still some bias and underrepresentation, women have always played a huge role in the tech sector, and you could be the next famous female professional who drives the progress. Now, you have all the tips and resources needed to ensure success. Start using them now to achieve your goals!


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