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Women in Tech Austin 2023
The value of the personal brand

May 23 - 06 pm | In Person

Voltron, Omni Austin Hotel Downtown 
701 Brazos St Austin, TX 78701 United States
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Part of the Women in Tech Global Conference 2023 and the Global Connect Summit.

Hosted by Howdy

WomenTech Network’s mission is to empower communities of talented and motivated women in tech through leadership development, professional growth, mentorship, and networking events to make a difference by building impactful and inclusive products and technology services.

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What to Expect

"We at Howdy.com are excited to partner with WomenTech Network for this event in Austin. Howdy partners with U.S. companies and LATAM developers to provide community-backed support in hiring and managing teams. Howdy handles the logistics and offers unlimited support to ensure the long-term success of placing developers on dev teams. As a startup striving to disrupt, we understand the importance of diverse perspectives and talent. We are committed to fostering a culture of inclusivity and equity at our company, and partnering with WomenTech Network further amplifies our mission. We look forward to building relationships with talented women in tech and supporting their growth and development."

​​​​​​​- Jacqueline Samira, CEO at Howdy.

Women in Tech Austin Agenda

6:00 pm
Drinks with Howdy

6:30 pm  The 411
Why Personal Branding?
By Jacqueline Samira

6:45 pm
Expert Advice
Hosted by: Jacqueline Samira
Speakers: Natasha Kathuria, Cathryn Lavery, Scott Lease

7:45 pm
Ask The Experts

8:00 pm
Mix & Mingle


Women in Tech Austin Speakers

Jacqueline Samira - Host

Jacqueline Samira 

Founder & CEO Howdy.com, Jacqune bootstrapped Howdy to $3 Million ARR before joining Y Combinator's W21 batch. Howdy currently has over 200 employees and was recently valued at $105 million. She has been featured on TechCrunch, Business Insider, Austin Business Journal, Forbes, and other publications.

Scott Leese

​​​​​​​CEO & Founder of Scott Leese Consulting. Author, solopreneur, and a community builder, Scott Leese has grown his business from $0 to $5M+ in revenue serving some of the fastest-growing tech startups in the world. Scott has amassed over 108k followers on LinkedIn as he shares his no-nonsense insights and tips on how to build highly profitable revenue streams and your personal online brand.


Natasha Kathuria

Dr. Natasha Kathuria works as an emergency medicine physician, director of observation medicine, as well as the Executive Medical Director for 16 ERs across Austin and Houston, Texas where she functions as a chief of staff for all physicians. In 2020 she joined the board of directors for Global Outreach Doctors, an NGO that organizes humanitarian responses to international emergencies, conflict zones, and underserved populations. Dr. Kathuria trained as a global health specialist, completing her fellowship at Mount Sinai Medical Center and her Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology at Columbia University. She has had extensive humanitarian experience in Ghana, Uganda, Mozambique, Nepal, India, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic. In these regions Dr. Kathuria performed direct clinical work in hospitals and clinics, developed education initiatives with physicians and students, and worked with ministries of health on system development to improve access to emergency medical care. In 2006, Dr. Kathuria founded a non-profit organization called "Heal the World", which connects university students with hospitals, physicians, teachers, and community workers in underserved areas around the world. Dr. Kathuria also works as a medical journalist and on-air medical expert, beginning her career in 2014 at ABC news in New York City. Her broadcast journalism career hit a turning point during the COVID-19 pandemic, when she was frequently on air with BBC World News, ABC News, Fox News, CBS news, and Yahoo! finance. She also has had her work featured in TIME Magazine, Business Insider, and Reuters. Kathuria continues to serve as a public health advocate through her journalism, and is devoted to her global health work, while continuing her passion of working in the ER.

Cathryn Lavery

Cathryn Lavery is a serial entrepreneur most known for founding BestSelf Co. BestSelf creates the tools that help people become the best version of themselves, from hitting their goals to cultivating healthy relationships. Cathryn bootstrapped BestSelf Co from zero to eight figures in revenue and it was acquired in 2022. Cathryn, originally from Northern Ireland, has a passion for empowering others and a proven track record of entrepreneurial success. She shares her hard-won insights and experiences on her personal blog LittleMight.com and on social media. After 7 years living in NYC, she moved to Austin TX and lives there with her wife Emily and their daughter Quinn.

Are you curious about in-person networking, career development and what the tech-world has to offer?

We’ve got three good reasons for you to apply to join this invitation-only event in Austin:

  • Meet women in tech leaders and get inspired by their journeys and stories.
  • Expand your network and establish relationships with fellow women in technology.
  • Connect with leading tech companies, explore global industry trends and identify career growth opportunities.