Women Tech Career Mentoring Program

Boost you career, get promoted and help to increase minority representation at management level

How Mentoring Helps You Advance Your Career?

Join our WomenTech mentoring program as a mentee and connect with female leaders and role models.

A mentor can make a huge impact on your career and help you to reach your next career milestone. 

The program is free of charge and available to all our community members. As a Premium Member, you get to choose your mentors first. 


Mentoring Program Timeline

Applications Open

January 2021

Mentoring Starts

February 2021

Graduation Event

December 2022

Become a WomenTech Mentor

Join our WomenTech mentoring program and make a difference for aspiring female leaders to advance their careers. Be a role model.

Become a mentor and help others to reach their next career milestone, share expert knowledge, or simply your experience of integrating work and life. 

Mentors can be also mentees. The objective is growing by lifting others, helping them to build confidence and to reach their full potential.

Mentoring Program Process

Our mentorship program is 100% free and available to all our community members (free & premium). As a Premium Member you get to choose your mentors first.

2. Apply for a Mentor

Once applications are open, as a community member you can browse and select from hundreds of mentors that fit your current and future career goals.

3. Get chosen by your Mentor

Our prime mentors select personally their mentees based on the quality of applications. We will inform you about the next steps once a mentor has selected you.

​​​​​​​Benefits of Joining the WomenTech Mentorship Program

Contribute 10 hours per year and we will position you on our platform among other benefits.

higher probability to get promoted as mentee and mentor

of mentored women become mentors themselves

up to 64%
increased success when mentoring is involved

up to 24%
increased minority representation at management level

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Award Winning Mentors

Our WomenTech Network Mentors automatically get nominated for the WomenTech Mentor of the Year Award.

WomenTech Network​ is a ​community that promotes ​gender diversity in tech and connects talented and skilled professionals with top companies and leading startups that value diversity, inclusion and strive to create a culture of belonging.