Looking for an architect from the fund administration business that understands event driven APIs and ideally has worked on a transfer agency platform.

Fund Administration:
- We have been focussed on Transfer Agency business project for 2 years, recently moved to PROD
- We are serving mostly retail / mutual / money market funds (as no hedge funds, probably no complex derivatives)
- Next moving towards NAV calc
- Users across the World

The team are structuring:
- Architecture committee, one system architect (SA) per team/sub domain
- SA will have to follow the committee guidelines and also come up with new ideas
- SA may need to do some PoCs

  • API design & development
  • Micro-service design & development (understand how to break a monolith into micro-services)

Technology stack:
- Kubernetes, Docker
- Pivotal Cloudfoundry
- Java
- SpringCloud, Netflix service registry, Layer7 API Gateway for external, internal Zuul
- Monitoring – ELK, used to be Splunk
- Not really doing Event Sourcing more like inter system messaging

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