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Aastha Sahni

Lead Instructor- CyberSecurity
Flatiron School

Mentor Role: Tech Leader, Coach

I can help mentees to grow in:
Tech, Personal Growth, Public Speaking

Primary Skills:
Identity Management, SailPoint, Splunk, SQL Information Security Audit

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Short Bio:
Aastha is currently working as the Lead CyberSecurity Instructor in Flatiron School. Since the time she started her master’s program in Information Security Master's program she has been connecting the dots and moving ahead. Aastha has worked in IAM, Vulnerability Management and SIEM domain with an overall 5 years experience in CyberSecurity. She has started her own educational Initiative CyberPreserve to provide training, resume assessments and career guidance in CyberSecurity to Security Enthusiasts.
My ideal mentee: They should be curious, passionate, and ready to be lifelong learners with a desire to troubleshoot issues while learning. This will make them a successful CyberSecurity Professional.

Abir Chermiti

Founder & Podcast Host

Mentor Role: Tech Leader, Management Leader, Founder, Aspriring Leader

I can help mentees to grow in:
Tech, Business, Personal Growth, Public Speaking, Social Impact, Startup Growth

Primary Skills:
Agile, HTML/CSS, PHP, Wordpress Event Management, Team Management, NonProfit Management, Leadership

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Short Bio:
Abir Chermiti has a large experience in Technology as a Software Engineer combined with many years of work & volunteering in the NonProfit sector, empowering and supporting women in tech, engineering and business. Abir’s experience in tech, leadership and business allowed her to launch her own business; EllePod, a podcast series sharing stories of women in Tech and business, helping women find their voices and support them to launch their ideas through mentorship programs, speaking and events.
My ideal mentee: Someone who believe that you don't have to know it all but you can learn it all.

Abir Ghenaiet

Education studies specialist /Network Security Specialist

Mentor Role: Founder, Coach, Community Leader, Public Sector Leader, Aspriring Leader

I can help mentees to grow in:
Tech, Personal Growth, Public Speaking, Social Impact, Media and PR, Startup Growth

Primary Skills:
BigQuery, C++, Canva, Data Science (Hadoop, R), Google Cloud Platform, HTML/CSS, Jenkins, jQuery, PHP, R Programming, Wordpress Communication. Teamwork. Adaptability. Problem-Solving. Creativity. Work Ethic. Interpersonal Skills. Time Management

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Short Bio:
Recently completed a PhD in education and currently working as a teacher assistant at the Islamic American university of Minnesota.
I am also a certified EFL teacher with 7+ years of experience and work under the Algerian ministry of national education.
Founder and CEO of the Algerian Desk Institute: engagement by technology since 2017 | an open educational program targeting entrepreneurship skills
Along her first two track studies in language sciences and higher education studies I went ahead and acquired a in Information technology studies working on computer-based information systems like software applications and computer hardware.
Tosca automation engineer and a data analyst, she currently work as a PHP developer at Admidio.
Certified trainer , hubpost marketing and sales specialist and Onetrust Security professional
My ideal mentee: Honest about who they are and what they want to be.
Attributes of a Good Mentee
Motivation to Succeed.
Time Management Skills. A good mentee must be sufficiently talented at time management to commit enough time to make mentoring worthwhile.
Positive Attitude.
Willingness to Learn.
Clear Communication.

Achia Nila

Founder, Managing Director
Women in Digital

Mentor Role: Tech Leader, Management Leader, Community Leader, Industry Expert

I can help mentees to grow in:
Tech, Product, Design, Business, Personal Growth, Social Impact

Primary Skills:
Google Cloud Platform, HTML/CSS, Illustrator, InDesign, JIRA, Photoshop, Product Management, Wordpress Web Application development

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Short Bio:
I am Achia Nila founder, Women In Digital - Empowerment through Technology. I am a Computer engineer. More than 13 years I have been working in the IT industry. I was working for different multinational companies and now I am running my own IT company with 25 women engineers.

I have served in some of the internationally recognized organizations such as Dell, Microsoft, HP, Epson, Colgate, HillsPet, J&J, HTC, HSBC, Vodafone, Sony, Unilever, Betfair and Nokia etc. As a local product I have successfully launched Maya apa Mobile application. My expatriates are IT product development (like, web, mobile app and game) and Product management, project management, team lead etc.

Beside my Tech business I have joined as an international IT expert for the International Telecommunication Union. I am the first person in Bangladesh who was selected for this honorable position.

Recently I have joined the Women Who Code as a country Director.

I have arranged “National Hackathon for Women” 1st time in Bangladesh and so many tech competitions for women. My organization run an accelerator program for women named “Digital Innovation Challenge for Women (DICFW)”

In 2019 I have been selected for the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) in the U.S. The International Visitor Leadership Program is designed to provide foreign leaders and scholars with the opportunity to meet American colleagues and become better acquainted with the United States, its culture, and its people. One of the program's major goals is to promote the development of friendly relations between the United States and other countries of the world. This is the top prestigious program from the United States Department.

In 2020 she also received an Acumen fellowship. For a business engagement I have been unable to join this one.

As a leading technological professional, Mrs Achia Nila is obviously one of the inspiring role models for women in the engineering education sector of Bangladesh.

Some awards and achievements:

South Asia Connecting Start up with in Top 7 Bangladesh, Nepal and Srilanka and Myanmar. SPRING Accelerator, within Top 10 startup between Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan and Myanmar.
International Women Vandor exhibition 2017 at Istanbul, Tarky to represent Bangladesh (full funded by the Netherland Government)(NTF Project)
ICT trade fair 2016 at Srilanka, to represent Bangladesh (full funded by Netherland Government) (NTF Project)
Best Entrepreneur of the year 2017 for Women in Digital (Young)
'Best Startup' in Inspiring Women Award 2017 from Bangladesh Brand Forum
BRAC Manthan Award 2016 for Women in Digital (South Asia)
Spark Entrepreneur of the year 2016 for Women in Digital (Australia)
Best Business model Award 2016 (German)
Manthan Award 2015 for Women in Digital (South Asia)
National Hackathon 2016 (Award received as a mentor/ judge )
National Mobile Application Awareness & Capacity Building Program (National Hackathon 2014) (Award received as a mentor/ judge )
International Young Entrepreneurs’ Summit women 2014 conference at Nepal (To Represent Bangladesh)
Manthan Award 2014 for Maya ( I was the lead product manager) (South Asia)
Received an award from e-commerce fair 2014 from computer Jogut GDG DevFest Dhaka 2013 (MIST / UIU)( “UXD mentor for Mobile app development” )
IT Innovation Search Program 2012 (BASIS)( “Project: Design and Development of online library for Visually Impaired), 3th position
Explore Fashion Talent 2007 (National Award in Fashion), 2007

My ideal mentee: This story is about Mithila who found a new purpose of life in Women in digital. But she was not like this a few years ago. She was a person dipped in depression and a very shy person with lack of technical knowledge. She had no career plan and no aim in her life. One morning she came in “Women in digital” with her mother and her journey of learning began.Women in Digital guided her properly and she learnt graphic designing and leadership communication from an Android mentor which was provided by Women in Digital. Despite of not being a coder she learnt very well from her mentor. For her future Women in Digital took an initiative named 9TO999 which is an e-commerce platform with an aim to create social impact. All the products created by the employees of 9TO999 will be sold in 9 to 999 taka limit. And the sales automatically get donated to burn or acid survivors. After learning these, the story of Mithila changed.

Starting from zero with the help of Women in digital, now she’s a representative of Women in digital in different districts. Now she has her own identity. She’s a businesswoman and obviously she’s a tech woman proudly. Now she’s ready to help other girls who are interested about Tech career. And this is the way we grow our community.

Adela Mehic-Dzanic

Head of CSP Segment

Mentor Role: Community Leader

I can help mentees to grow in:
Business, Sales and Business Development, Personal Growth, Public Speaking, Marketing and Branding

Primary Skills:
Canva, Confluence, Excel, JIRA, PowerBI, Social Media Management, TCP/IP Public Speaking, Time-Management, Networking, Social Influence, Strategic Thinking, Vision, Execution, Personal Branding

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Short Bio:
Adela Mehic-Dzanic is a businesswoman, female tech leader, speaker and a mentor. Originally from Bosnia, 7 years ago she moved to Vienna with her husband and started building her career from scratch. Today, she works at the executive level of the software company MAVOCO AG and serves as Vice President of the Female Leaders Network of the WU Executive Academy.

Adela’s mission for 2020 is to impact 1000 women and girls in IT and beyond with her career story. This experience allowed her to meet women from all walks of life, who are determined, ambitious, supportive and very often the only woman in the room.
She strongly believes in the power of networking and building long-lasting relationships for advancing ones career and she had been very vocal about it through her extensive LinkedIn network.
As Vice President of WU EA Female Leaders Network, she is committed to serving the global community of WU MBA Alumnae and finding the right tools to support them on taking their career to the next level. Under the motto “Together we are stronger!”.

My ideal mentee: Someone who is ready to take her/his career to the next level and ready to roll-up the sleeves and do the work.

I will share every single piece of advice I collected over the years and will open up my network to the mentee. I will be by his/her side and be the biggest cheerleader she/he got and I am looking for someone who is ready to give her / his 100%.

Adelina Mihala

Senior Product Manager

Mentor Role: Industry Expert

I can help mentees to grow in:

Primary Skills:
Agile, Product Management Growth, Marketing

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Short Bio:
I am a Senior Product Manager, bilingual in English, Spanish and French, with demonstrated ability to lead multidisciplinary teams and drive initiatives from inception to launch.

From launching a fintech product for one of the largest French banks to shaping the recommendation system at one of the hottest fashion-tech startups and steering the engagement strategy at the leading Spanish marketplace, I have managed complex projects that reached the set business objectives and delivered value to the users.

My entrepreneurial mindset and passion for traveling have led me to create a startup in the sector leveraging the Lean startup methodology and having failed at getting it to achieve traction has served me to learn from my mistakes and further progress in my career.

Being on a continuous learning and growth path, I am always on the lookout for new challenges, such as organizing events in the tech industry, teaching or learning a new skill.
My ideal mentee: They should be curious, passionate, and have a positive attitude.
A good mentee should be motivated enough to invest time and effort into making the most out of the mentoring experience.

Ahmed Ebada

CTO Co founder

Mentor Role: Tech Leader, Founder, Coach, Community Leader

I can help mentees to grow in:
Tech, Startup Growth

Primary Skills:
.NET, Agile, AWS, Azure, C#, Data Science (Hadoop, R), PowerBI, Product Management

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Short Bio:
Highly motivated Technology leader with 10 years’ hands-on experience in tech companies. I can offer a successful track record in corporate Technology, Business, and entrepreneurship and have in-depth knowledge of European, Asian, American, African projects’ procedures. I also can demonstrate proven ability in global tech projects, as our group has made a record profit for the past four years.
I have a strong academic background in Computer science and Information system, which helps me to understand market development in context.
I have experience in Agile projects, worked on the IT analysis, and the solution architecture for software projects. I strongly believe that embedding agile values helps to build better products, more productive and enjoyable work environments, and therefore more successful companies.
My background as both an agile coach and a product owner gives me a deep understanding of what is necessary to implement a shared product vision. I guide and encourage teams to bring it to life while making sure everyone can work at their best.
I attend frequently IT and entrepreneurship events in Munich weakly, I also organize IT events from time to time.
What I can do: IT business analysis, Solution Architecture, gathering requirements from customers, IT team leading, generating ideas, and leading the organization to meet the goals.
I have experience in leading teams to achieve the vision of the business.
Ph.D. level computational scientist with competent programming skills.
Ran projects both independently and in a team.
Eager to find creative solutions to complex problems even within tight deadlines.
Skilled at cross-hierarchical and international communication.
Achieved excellent academic results and published in a peer-reviewed journal.
My ideal mentee: A startup team with a passion to provide value to the market.

Aishwarya Gurung

Effective Altruism Nepal

Mentor Role: Founder

I can help mentees to grow in:
Product, Personal Growth, Public Speaking, Social Impact

Primary Skills:

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Short Bio:
I am a recent Mechanical Engineering graduate. I have completed my minor in Business Administration and Applied Mathematics. Cockroach as a species is my spirit animal. Feel free to ask me why!
My ideal mentee: Women who are changing careers.

Alejandro Moran

Chief Technology Officer

Mentor Role: Tech Leader

I can help mentees to grow in:
Tech, Product, Design, Marketing and Branding, Startup Growth

Primary Skills:
Data Science (Hadoop, R), GraphQL, Java, Other, Product Management My passion is helping companies to build their dream products by providing guidance along the whole development process starting from strategy all the way to delivery and maintenance.

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Short Bio:
I am a highly motivated and positive thinking leader who enjoys working with talented people and understand the importance that empowered teams, exponential technology, and innovation can have in changing the world. For over 18 years, I have worked with numerous high-performing enterprises and start-ups across different countries building platforms from scratch.

I have been involved in software and product development, computer science and machine learning projects that brought me to start a software development company in Australia which was merged with Cafeto, a company with a presence in Latin America, the United States, and Australia. Also, my passion for health, entrepreneurship, and data-led me to contribute to several digital platforms that proactively help people and teams using a data-driven approach.
My ideal mentee: Ready to listen about ways of working differently to make dreams happen, but also being passionate about her dreams to understand that we are the ones setting our own limits.

Alexandra Petrus

Co-Founder / Strategist
Bucharest AI

Mentor Role: Management Leader, Founder, Community Leader, Industry Expert

I can help mentees to grow in:
Product, Business, Personal Growth, Startup Growth

Primary Skills:
Agile, Other, Product Management, Tableau, UI/UX AI for Business, AI Basics, Strategic Transformation; Tech Entrepreneurship; Upskilling with AI; Building strategic approach to doing things (AI Strategy, career approach per objectives, building products).

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Short Bio:
Product Strategist with a mission to help shape our tomorrow through a multidisciplinary use of deep tech technologies at scale. Driving and building innovative products and strategies alongside deep tech developer teams and initiatives.

Wearing hats across: product, business, technology, user experience.
Creating impact as: World Economic Forum Future Council 2019-2020 member, Google Developer Expert for Product Strategy Alumni.
Dedicating time to: growing start-ups and tech communities, hosting podcasts.
Advising: companies and government officials, on topics of innovation and strategic transformation.
Advocating for: accelerating the understanding and use of AI through applied use-cases and exemplifications, staying relevant on the disrupted markets, leading organisational changes.
Previously speaking at global events such as: DevFest, Mobiconf, Women Techmakers, Women in AI, Future of AI (at European Parliament), TechFest and many others.

Always guided by my own balanced set of values KIFF (Kaizen - InnSaei - Friendship - Fairness). And a proud mother of two.
My ideal mentee: Disciplined, focused and of stoic mindset. Believer of assuming nothing, and constantly iterating on themselves, their job, their products, their business, their relationships.

Alicia Lee

Business/Product Strategist

Mentor Role: Aspriring Leader

I can help mentees to grow in:
Product, Personal Growth, Marketing and Branding

Primary Skills:
Excel, Other Digital Marketing, Marketing, e-Commerce, FMCG

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Short Bio:
I'd like to help and inspire someone who is about to start their first professional career
My ideal mentee: I'd prefer someone who keeps her word, knows what she wants, is motivated with a humble personality.

Alison McNamara

Senior Innovation Consultant
Pass Consulting

Mentor Role: Tech Leader

I can help mentees to grow in:

Primary Skills:
Android (Java), AngularJS, Java, JavaScript Software development and engineering.

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Short Bio:
I have worked in tech since 2004 with a range of departments including Business analysis and now as a Senior developer. I love programming and encouraging more women to stay in tech. I have worked in a wide-range of industries and currently working as a consultant with internal software development teams.
My ideal mentee: Someone who is looking at getting in or remaining in programming and the development field or is intimidated by it. I have been there! It all comes back to what do you want and do you like the field that you are in.

Alka Gupta

Head of Analytics

Mentor Role: Management Leader, Industry Expert

I can help mentees to grow in:
Personal Growth, Startup Growth

Primary Skills:
Emotion, Identity Management, Storybook Growing Data and Growth teams from scratch

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Short Bio:
I am presently heading data at BukuWarung, which is YC 20 company.

Prior to this, I was with OVO, Jakarta where I led risk for payments and fintech. Prior to that, I helped build Trust, Identity & Safety for GrabFood across South East Asia. I was also a part of Nearbuy, India's largest hyperlocal e-commerce platform, where I worked directly with the CEO on several strategic projects.
My ideal mentee: Someone who is keen to learn and does not believe in traditional ways of growing. And is always hungry to grow and learn.
Young aspiring leaders are my TG :)

Amadikwa Joy N

Software engineer
Oluaka institute of technology owerri

Mentor Role: Tech Leader, Coach, Community Leader

I can help mentees to grow in:
Tech, Personal Growth

Primary Skills:
Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, SQL

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Short Bio:
Amadikwa Joy N is an aspiring leader and software engineer actively engaged in community building, volunteering at WomenTech Network and providing Python workshops for the community. She is also Women Tech Makers Ambassador, Pyladies Imo Community Lead. She is an advocate for Women Inclusion in Tech which lead to her founding a ladies community known as CodedLadies Innovate Tech.
My ideal mentee: I have this believe that my mentor isn’t there to do the work for me, rather they’re there to help me do my work better.
I don't always take every single piece of advice my mentor gives me without asking question(s). And I'm being dedicated to learning and practicing new skills.

Amal Mahmoud Abouzeed

Mansoura university faculty of engineering

Mentor Role: Tech Leader, Management Leader, Community Leader

I can help mentees to grow in:
Tech, Business, Personal Growth

Primary Skills:
C++, Excel, MATLAB, Other robotics- c programming-data analytics

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Short Bio:
Biomedical engineer intern at Siemens Healthineers|Student at biomedical engineering department| Global Ambassador at WomenTech Network| Biomedical Engineer(trainee) at Urology and Nephrology Center
My ideal mentee: I am an ungraduated Biomedical Engineering student, I am a scientific Researcher with a vision that each person whatever his age can do his own idea and implement it so I worked the past years since 2017 on this idea helping people in their own projects from an engineering point of view as well as a Researcher.
my mission was targetted mostly to the students at school, so ages was between 5 and 16 years old.
accomplished already I taught and work with about 300+ different personalities and way of thinking, their targets was to make robots learn electronics also implement ideas for science fairs like ISEF and other school competitions.
Recently, Besides doing this I am an Artificial intelligence passionate I am aiming to work hard with this science as well I do for robotics and embedded systems to make new features for artificial limbs know-how as I am really interested to perform great changes in the way the prosthetics are designed and used with amputated people or the disabled ones

Amandeep Kaur

Summer Intern 2020 | Delegate | Mentor
ACM IGDTUW | HPAIR'21 | Protege

Mentor Role: Tech Leader, Coach, Community Leader, Aspriring Leader

I can help mentees to grow in:
Tech, Personal Growth, Public Speaking, Social Impact, Media and PR

Primary Skills:
Bash, Bootstrap, C/C++, Canva, CSS, Google Cloud Platform, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, Wordpress Machine Learning , Deep Learning

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Short Bio:
I am an enthusiastic Pre-final year student currently pursuing my Bachelor of Technology with a specialization in IT, from Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women, India.
I am passionate about AI and its application to healthcare. I see my future as undertaking a deep body of research on a healthcare AI application and contributing to driving innovation in that field.
Meeting new people and learning about their lives and their backgrounds gives me immense pleasure. I can almost always find common ground with strangers, and make them feel comfortable in my presence.
Something I believe in is “Knowledge is power. Knowledge shared is power multiplied.”
That’s the reason I love sharing my experiences. Also, forgot to mention I love teaching subjects in which I have good knowledge :)
I have been an active leader in various professional development societies such as the ACM student chapter & IEEE IGDTUW. I organized multiple technical events for the youth to foster collaboration in learning and am always open to Collaborations!
My ideal mentee: I feel there is no concept of "ideal" because we live in a practical world. And ideal conditions are usually exceptions in science :)
I would like my mentee to just have a positive attitude and willingness to follow up on whatever suggestions I would provide, being interactive throughout.

Ambreen Kokab Shah

Senior Network Consultant

Mentor Role: Management Leader, Coach, Aspriring Leader

I can help mentees to grow in:
Tech, Business, Personal Growth, Public Speaking, Marketing and Branding, Social Impact

Primary Skills:
Agile, Canva, Excel, Python, Wordpress Leadership, interpersonal communication, entrepreneurial mindset. organizational excellence, negotiation, customer handling

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Short Bio:
Ambreen Kokab Shah is a technology and transformation consultant, futurist and professional advisor. She brings over 11 years of diversified corporate experience across telecom industry. Her interests are in futuristic technologies of AI, IoT and 5G. Working at Ericsson she has consulted local and international telecom giants like Jazz, Zong, Warid, OmanTel and Ooredoo in designing and optimizing wireless networks, network deployment and performance management, presales, service delivery and managed services. She is adventurous and has a strong desire to create an impact by shaping the future. Being passionate about social entrepreneurship specially in the field of education and training, she volunteered as “Rahbar” to create positive change agents and as “Baghban Ambassador” to help transform underprivileged communities with The Citizen Foundation, judged tech projects at universities, mentored Smart City ideation at hackathon competition and served as “Innovation mentor” at Ericsson Innovation Awards 2018.
My ideal mentee: For a mentorship program to thrive, mentees need to be willing and open to learning. They also need to be prepared to try new things or adjust their current way of doing things. A good mentee will respect you and appreciate the time you spend in mentoring. They will also respect the value you are providing.

Amina Khan

Computer Scientist

Mentor Role: Tech Leader, Coach, Aspriring Leader

I can help mentees to grow in:
Tech, Design, Personal Growth, Public Speaking, Startup Growth

Primary Skills:
.NET, Agile, Android, Android (Java), BigQuery, Bootstrap, C++, C/C++, Canva, CSS, Data Science (Hadoop, R), Excel, HTML, HTML/CSS, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, Kotlin, Node.js, PHP, Python, Spark, SQL, Tableau, TCP/IP, UI/UX, Wordpress, XML Machine Learning, Data Science, Deep Learning

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Short Bio:
I have done bachelors in computer science. I am extremely passionate about collaborative work of machine learning (Deep Learning)and data science. I also have expertise in Android and python development. With my entrepreneurial mindset I have also build and an android Application with Machine Learning techniques for blind people. I am motivated to constantly develop my skills and grow professionally. My major aim is empowering women by providing them with industry needed skill sets and guide them for their business ideas.
My ideal mentee: T o me all mentees are Ideal. A student who is willing to learn will invariably accomplish more than one who isn't. Dear all mentees always remember you have to be honest to yourself the most! and you can achieve all the milestones.

Amira Bendjama

Networks and distributed systems engineer
Faculty of sciences

Mentor Role: Community Leader, Aspriring Leader

I can help mentees to grow in:
Tech, Personal Growth, Public Speaking

Primary Skills:
Android, Android (Java), C++, Kotlin, MATLAB, Python, SQL, UI/UX, XML

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Short Bio:
Recently finished my master's degree in Networks and distributed systems. But currently, my main focus is to mentor young adults throughout their android development journey by giving them tips and tricks.
My ideal mentee: A curious learner because that's the one essential quality you need to thrive in whatever aspect of your life.

Amneet Anand

Creative Marketing Professional
Currently looking for new opportunities

Mentor Role: Management Leader, Coach, Aspriring Leader

I can help mentees to grow in:
Personal Growth, Public Speaking, Marketing and Branding

Primary Skills:
Canva, Social Media Management Marketing Operations Management, Social Media Management, Content Marketing, Campaign Positioning Strategy Development

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Short Bio:
As a driven and motivated Marketing Professional with experience in building and running marketing campaigns through social media, content creation, and branding, I have learned that creativity and collaboration, teamwork. and organizational excellence are important. I am passionate in creating content and motivating others on my team to strive to their potential and build their skills.
My ideal mentee: An ideal mentee would be someone who's willing to learn, be open about their needs, have good communication, and allows themselves to take action and grow!