WomenTech Network London Chapter

    1 May 2023 - WomenTech Network, in partnership with Yelp, will host Women in Tech London event on May 11 at 6 pm at Yelp’s Office, 9 Appold Street, EC2A 2AP, London. The event will bring together women from all levels of the tech industry to share their experiences, challenges, and successes in a supportive and inclusive environment.

    "We are thrilled to partner with Yelp to create this opportunity for women in the tech industry to connect, learn, and inspire one another," said Anna Radulovski, Founder of WomenTech Network. "We hope that attendees will leave with new insights and a sense of empowerment to break through the barriers and excel in their careers.

    "We at Yelp are thrilled to be part of initiatives that promote diversity, inclusion, and belonging in the tech industry," said Tenzin Kunsal, Technical Events & Partnerships Lead, at Yelp. Our commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive work environment extends beyond our own company and into the wider community. We are excited to partner with organizations like WomenTech Network to provide support for women in tech and advance towards a more inclusive future for the industry.

    The event will feature a fireside chat with Elise Pi, Group Product Manager, Ads, and Sirisha Vanteru, Engineering Manager Infrastructure. Attendees will also have the opportunity to network and connect with other women in the industry.

    Persons interested in attending can register for the event at /en-gb/events/women-in-tech-london

    With hundreds of events organized, Ambassadors across all continents, WomenTech Network has targeted London as a hub to connect women in tech at any stage of their career wanting to share experiences, inspiring speakers, leading tech firms, and innovative startups that make it their mission to drive positive change and foster cultures of diversity, inclusion & belonging.

    Yelp, a popular crowd-sourced online review platform, has taken several steps to empower women in tech. They believe in building a diverse and inclusive workforce that represents the communities they serve. To foster this, Yelp has launched several programs and initiatives aimed at promoting gender diversity and inclusivity in their workplace. For example, they have a Women's Employee Resource Group (ERG) that supports women in the company and encourages female leadership. Yelp also participates in events and conferences dedicated to promoting women in tech and hosts panels to showcase women leaders in the industry. Additionally, Yelp offers an inclusive benefits package, which includes fertility and family planning support, menstrual leave, and caregiver leave. Through these initiatives, Yelp is creating a workplace culture that supports and encourages women in tech.

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    About WomenTech Network

    WomenTech Network is the world's leading community for women in tech with more than 7,000 Global Ambassadors representing 172 countries. 70,000 tech leaders have collaborated with the network to date in order to cultivate a diverse global network that reaches 3.5 million people. WomenTech Network strives to empower women in tech through leadership development, professional growth, and mentorship programs. WomenTech Network hosts regular career networking events and a global tech conference for members to connect with like-minded professionals and learn about job opportunities at leading companies that value diversity.

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