meet top women in tech In Paris

    Paris is home to some of the most influential women in tech. In this blog post, we introduce you to a few of these trailblazers who are leading the way in their respective fields. From steering major corporations to pioneering advancements in renewable energy, these women are not only shaping the future of tech in Paris but also setting an inspiring example for the next generation.

    Alexandra Syrovatski, Vice President at UiPath

    Alexandra Syrovatski is a dynamic leader with a track record of success in technology. Her journey includes impactful roles at Google, SAP, and Oracle, where she drove strategic initiatives and pioneered innovative projects. With expertise spanning global account management and transformative project leadership, she consistently delivers exceptional results.

    Anne Bourgeois, EMEA Vice President Channel at Fortinet

    Anne Bourgeois brings two decades of industry expertise, specializing in promoting key Security, Networking, and Data Center vendors. With a passion for crafting compelling narratives and go-to-market strategies, she drives aggressive revenue growth and new customer acquisition through innovative enablement initiatives.

    Anne-Gaelle Chasles, VP & Managing Director for Financial Services at IBM

    Anne-Gaelle Chasles is a seasoned leader with over 20 years of experience in the tech industry. Renowned for her vibrant energy, she drives organizational evolution through a human-centric approach, innovative transformations with AI and blockchain, and a strong commitment to inclusion. Passionate about personal development and performance, she coaches her teams to success while aligning with strategic objectives.

    Béatrice Grenade, Chief Data Officer at Bel

    Béatrice Grenade is a seasoned executive with over 20 years of experience in digital transformation and data management across diverse industries. Known for her ability to anticipate market trends and drive strategic innovation, she excels in digital strategy, brand repositioning, and 360° communication. Béatrice is adept at leading large, multidisciplinary teams and managing complex projects to achieve business growth.

    Béatrice Mabille, VP of Internal IT - CIO at Criteo

    Béatrice Mabille has over 20 years of experience in Information Technology, IT M&A, and management consulting. She has excelled in leadership roles such as France CIO Community Governing Body Member at Evanta,  IT Acquisition & Divestiture Director at GE Digital, and CIO Office Manager at Alstom Group. Renowned for her expertise in team management, mergers and acquisitions, and business transformation, Béatrice is skilled in driving IT operations, strategic vendor management, and delivering complex IT programs.

    Biljana Kaitovic, EVP, Group CIO and Chief Digital Officer at ENGIE

    Biljana Kaitović is an accomplished international leader with a robust background in IT and Digital Transformation. Holding a BSc in Mathematics and three MSc degrees in Information Management, Economics & Business Administration, and International Management of IT, she has held senior roles in the energy sector. With two decades of experience, Biljana bridges technology and business, driving digital transformation. She joined ENGIE in May 2022 as Executive Vice President, overseeing Digital and Information Systems.

    Christel Heydemann, Chief Executive Officer at  Orange

    Christel Heydemann is passionate about innovation and new technologies, with a commitment to sustainable connectivity and addressing societal challenges. She has extensive leadership experience, including executive roles at Schneider Electric and Nokia, and is dedicated to driving impactful change in the technology sector.

    Corine De Bilbao, Chief Executive Officer at Microsoft France

    Corine De Bilbao has extensive industrial experience, including over 15 years in the energy sector and 10 years in healthcare. From 2016 to 2019, she was President & CEO of GE France, where she led digital transformation and expansion efforts. Recently, she led the International Division of SEGULA TECHNOLOGIES, driving global engineering services across various sectors. Corine is a passionate leader dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion in the industry and high-tech sector.

    Evelyne Chagneau, Global CIO Data And Innovation Group at Société Générale

    Evelyne Chagneau has over 25 years of experience in technology, focusing on transformations and change management, primarily in banking. She has led initiatives in offshoring, market technology, collaborative innovation, M&A, and AI. She is dedicated to fostering leadership aligned with societal changes.

    Francesca Vergara, VP of Technology & Digital at Disneyland Paris

    Francesca Vergara is a business-driven IT executive with extensive international experience in enterprise digital transformation, large public cloud migrations, and complex M&As. She is an objective-focused, strategic thinker with strong teamwork and collaboration skills, capable of operating in global and multicultural environments. An active leader in people development and organizational efficiency, Francesca is also recognized for her work in training, recruiting, and diversity networks.

    Gauri Kulkarni, Vice President, IT Corporate Functions at Renault Group

    Gauri Kulkarni has wide experience in developing and executing IT strategies for consumer goods businesses. Gauri specializes in global IT strategy for quality, R&D, global sourcing, and operations, with expertise in SAP, business process design, post-merger integration, project management, and IT integration across business units. She is adept at leading multicultural teams and managing talent.

    Gwenaelle Avice Huet, EVP, Europe Operations at Schneider Electric

    Gwenaelle Avice Huet is a passionate and target-driven leader with rich experience in managing energy transition, focusing on digital transformation, sustainability, energy efficiency, and renewable energies. She joined Schneider Electric in 2021 as Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy and held various leadership roles at ENGIE, including CEO of ENGIE North America. Honored as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2018, she was awarded Knight of the France Order of Merit in 2019.

    Helena Krupnova, Group Director, Emulation R&D at Synopsys

    Helena Krupnova holds a PhD from Grenoble University and an Engineering diploma from Tallinn Technical University. She has nearly three decades of technology experience. Previously, she led the verification team at ST Microelectronics in Grenoble. Helena also represents Synopsys in Europe for their Inclusion and Diversity initiative, promoting inclusive practices in tech.

    Isabelle Vitali, Global Head Digital Innovation at Sanofi

    Isabelle Vitali is a seasoned leader passionate about health, innovation, and business. She joined Sanofi in 2016 as Head of Innovation & Business Excellence in Sanofi France, later developing the Digital Innovation Global Strategy. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she designed and led the creation of Future4care, Europe's largest digital health accelerator. 

    Julie De Moyer, Chief Data & AI Officer at LVMH

    Julie De Moyer has extensive expertise in data, customer experience, and digital transformation. An Executive MBA and former entrepreneur, she has worked with start-ups, public corporations, and FTSE 100 brands. A member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council and LBS alumna, Julie is a regular speaker at global conferences, including the LVMH MH Data & AI Summit, The MarTech Summit Europe, and the LBS Ferrari Strategy Challenge.

    Katrin Redmann, Chief Operating Officer at SAP Labs

    Katrin Redmann is a digital innovation agent, business enabler, and mentor. Katrin lectures on strategic digitalization at universities such as Sorbonne and ESCP Paris, and she is an advocate for the UN's 17 SDGs. She is also an author and speaker on innovation and digitalization, and a coach in design thinking and sustainability.

    Laurence Lafont, VP Strategic Industries EMEA at Google Cloud

    Laurence Lafont leverages 30 years of experience in the Digital Economy and IT services to drive business transformation and growth. She has held senior roles at Microsoft, Nokia, Oracle, and Orange. Committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, she is active in Women in Tech initiatives and serves on the boards of Vantiva, CentraleSupelec, and Silver Valley. Laurence was awarded Knight in the French Order of Merit in 2021.

    Patricia Murphy, VP, EMEA & LATAM Ecosystems at Palo Alto Networks

    Patricia Murphy is an outstanding  executive with over 25 years in Software/Hardware Technology, IT, Services, Cybersecurity, and Mobility. Known for her success in building multinational organizations, she excels in executive sales leadership, customer value creation, and ecosystem strategy. After nearly a decade in Silicon Valley, she expanded her reach to Europe in 1991, managing organizations across Asia, Europe, and North America.

    Samia Jnini, Head of Generative AI Service Line at Atos

    Samia Jnini is an accomplished technology leader with extensive experience in digital transformation, AI, and innovation. At Atos, she has held various roles, including Head of Client Advisory Group and Head of Corporate Business Technology and Innovation Center. Previously, she managed the AI Lab France, driving digital transformation projects. 

    Sanaa Bougazzoul, Global Chief Digital & Marketing Officer at L’OREAL

    Sanaa Bougazzoul is a dynamic leader with a career rooted in consumer centricity and digital transformation. With over 14 years at L’Oréal, she currently drives digital transformation for L'Oréal Dermatological Beauty. A proud mother and global citizen, Sanaa's diverse experiences across North Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and North America fuel her passion for innovation and mentoring the next generation. She believes in leveraging tech to enhance health, guided by a mindset of "test, learn, scale."

    Sasha Rubel, Head of AI/ML, Public Policy, EMEA at Amazon Web Services

    Sasha Rubel is a Franco-American technologist dedicated to leveraging AI and data for societal and environmental good. Sasha has facilitated key international digital initiatives and founded Senegal's first free coding school for girls. She has led significant projects like the EU-AU Digital Economy Task Force and UNESCO's global AI ethics conference. Her mission is to build a diverse, inclusive tech industry that addresses global challenges.

    Sophie Proust, Executive Head of the Digital Programs Agency at Inria

    Sophie Proust is a seasoned technology executive with a robust career spanning leadership roles at Atos and Bull. In cooperation with the French government under President Emmanuel Macron, she is spearheading initiatives to bolster French research in high-stakes areas like AI, cybersecurity, and digital health. Sophie is a member of the Académie des technologies, contributing to advancements in algorithms, software, and digital transformation.

    Sophie Yannicopoulos, Managing Director France at Adobe

    Sophie Yannicopoulos has over two decades of experience in the technology sector. She has held significant roles at Adobe, Splunk, Salesforce, and EMC, where she consistently drove growth and built high-performing teams. With a strong background in customer focus, communication, and mentoring, Sophie has been instrumental in developing strategic partnerships and driving digital transformation initiatives.

    Stephanie Pussiau, Vice President & GM Tableau at Salesforce

    Stephanie Pussiau has over a decade of experience at Salesforce, where she has driven digital transformation and strategic CRM initiatives across various industries. Prior to Salesforce, Stephanie worked at Wavestone, Societe Generale, and IBM. Her career is marked by a focus on innovation, customer success, and international business development.

    Yara Chakhtoura, President at Siemens Energy France

    Yara Chakhtoura has more than 15 years of experience in the energy sector, including leadership roles at Siemens Energy, France Energie Eolienne, and Vattenfall Eolien SAS. She has also served as Executive VP at TechnicAtome and held significant positions at AREVA, including Strategy & Business Development Director. Her expertise spans renewable energy, nuclear reactors, and strategic business development.

    These remarkable women exemplify the talent and leadership that drive the tech industry forward. Their achievements highlight the vital contributions women make to technological advancement and innovation. As we celebrate their successes, let us also be inspired to support and encourage more women to pursue careers in tech, ensuring a diverse and inclusive future for the industry. Stay tuned for more stories of incredible women making a difference in tech around the world.