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    Soni Jiandani, Diana Melencio, and Hilda Mwangi, three powerhouse female tech leaders, are joining the Women in Tech Global Conference 2023 on May 9th-12th to give invaluable insights on how to gain investor attention and stand out among the crowd of aspiring founders. Get ready to learn how you can make your mark as a woman entrepreneur in the competitive world of technology!

    Women founders received only 2% of venture capital in the United States in 2021. Female entrepreneurs try hard to gain investors’ attention and secure the necessary funds for their businesses, an experience that can be daunting. Attend the Women in Tech Global Conference 2023 and meet experts in private equity, investments, and fundraising!

    Soni Jiandani, VP of AMD Networking Solutions Group, has successfully built 9 billion dollar product lines and exemplifies leadership in the tech industry. Diana Melencio, Partner at XRC labs has spent 10 years investing and consulting across healthcare, retail, and consumer sectors for funds with 12 billion dollars or more from California and New York. Hilda Mwangi, CFO at HAZ Advisors, brings a 20-year track record of financial leadership, fundraising, and accelerating growth in the corporate world, startups, and international organizations ready to scale. 

    When: May 9-12, 2023
    Where: Women in Tech Global Conference 2023

    How to Get Involved?

    Attendees & Companies:


    “The ultimate key to success, no matter what your exit strategy is, to be an industry disruptor”, highlights Soni Jiandan who will share the invaluable experience she’s gathered on how to scale a startup and strategically take it from stealth to acquisition. As a serial entrepreneur, Soni has driven multiple multi-billion-dollar technology transitions through successful startups she has co-founded as part of Silicon Valley’s legendary MPLS team.

    “Lowered valuations, higher revenue expectations, what do these corrections mean for women founders in tech?”, is the primary question Diana Melencio will tackle during her session dedicated to the recent downturn in global venture capital deal volume. Diana was an investor at WISE Ventures. She built and scaled two companies in retail and consumer tech, including XRC Labs Cohort 1 company QUINN, leading major partnerships with the Hudson’s Bay Company, Neiman Marcus, MasterCard and Hearst Media.

    Key takeaways:

    • How minority and women-led startups can gain investor attention?
    • Where to focus your efforts before, during, and after you launch a startup?
    • After your business is successful, what to look for during the acquisition phase?
    • What are the strengths you bring to the table as a woman in tech entrepreneurship?
    • Why companies with diverse leadership are more likely to succeed long-term?