Women in Tech Madrid: Women at Work

Navigating Leadership in Tech

Hosted by Celonis


March 07, 2024




In-Person Networking Event

Pl. de Manuel Gómez-Moreno, 2, Tetuán, 28020 Madrid, Spain

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Join us for an empowering evening at "Women at Work: Navigating Leadership in Tech & Celonis." This dynamic event celebrates the achievements and resilience of women in the tech industry, providing a platform for insightful discussions on leadership, innovation, and the unique challenges faced by women professionals. Our distinguished speakers, trailblazers in the tech and Celonis communities, will share their inspiring journeys, offering valuable perspectives on breaking barriers and fostering diversity.


Connect with like-minded individuals, expand your network, and gain invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of women's leadership in the tech sector and within the Celonis community. Whether you're a seasoned professional, an aspiring leader, or a tech enthusiast, this event promises to be an enriching experience. Let's come together to amplify the voices of women, cultivate leadership skills, and drive positive change. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a vibrant community dedicated to advancing women in technology.

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Barbara Llanos

Sales Director

Barbara is a distinguished Sales Director in the Technology and IT industry, known for her proven success and expertise in driving growth and strategic innovations. Her skill set spans customer engagement, strategic negotiations, and business development, making her a powerhouse in enterprise software sales and partner management. Barbara excels in crafting and executing go-to-market strategies and is adept at sales and people management, leading teams to exceed targets. Her approach combines a deep understanding of the tech landscape with a passion for fostering strong relationships, positioning her as a leader who not only achieves but inspires excellence in the fast-evolving IT sector.

Dounia Pajoheshfar

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Dounia is a forward-thinking Product Marketer with a foundational background in Economics and Political Science, complemented by a rich professional journey as a Data Science consultant. With four years entrenched in the tech industry, she has adeptly melded analytical rigor with market intuition to excel in product marketing. Her transition from data science showcases her versatility and keen ability to translate complex data into compelling product strategies and narratives. Dounia's work embodies a commitment to leveraging technology for impactful solutions, driven by her academic insights and hands-on experience. Her unique skill set makes her an invaluable asset in navigating the nuanced tech landscape, effectively bridging data analysis with strategic marketing to drive innovation and growth.

Sara Álvarez Corzo

Learning & Development Program Coordinator

Passionate about fostering growth and unlocking potential, Sara is a dedicated professional in the field of Learning and Development. With a love for creating engaging training programs, she brings a wealth of expertise to empower individuals within Celonis, to reach their next growth step. Sara is committed to shaping learning experiences that drive continuous improvement and enhance skills for success.

Sonia Comajuan

Engineering Operations Director

Sonia, an acclaimed digital leader, has significantly impacted the tech industry with her expertise in operational excellence and digital transformation. Her achievements include the Best Digital Leader 2021 award at DES and candidacy for the TOP100 Women Leaders in Spain 2020. Renowned for her "Exponential Achiever" approach, Sonia excels in integrating exponential technologies with strategic team leadership to tackle complex challenges. She brings vast experience in enhancing services, operations efficiency, and customer experience. Sonia's educational foundation includes a Telecommunications Engineering MD from UPC and a PDG from IESE Business School, supplemented by PMP and ITIL certifications. Her career exemplifies transformative leadership, driving change and innovation in dynamic, multicultural settings.

Emma Munoz Descalzo

Talent Marketing Content Lead

Content creator, storyteller, and filmmaker with a background in Audiovisual Communication and Drama. Emma has worked as a journalist and TV presenter for companies such as Atresmedia and Real Madrid TV. She developed her career in the Digital Marketing industry as a content creator with her YouTube channel, Emmisima, which has more than 20K followers, and in institutions such as Real Instituto Elcano. She has been working for Celonis since November 2021.