Black History Month

    Celebrating Black History Month, it's imperative to acknowledge the remarkable contributions of black women in leadership roles, shaping our collective future. From trailblazing entrepreneurs to visionary policymakers, their impact reverberates across industries. Here we honor 29 great women who exemplify resilience, brilliance, and tenacity, inspiring generations to come. Their stories illuminate the path toward equity, representation, and progress, underscoring the indelible mark of excellence in leadership. 

    1. Abi Aderoju

    Agile Project Delivery Manager, Scrum Master and Coach

    Abi is a highly experienced and results-oriented Project/Product Manager, Scrum Master and Agile Coach with 10+ years of experience in Technology across diverse industries, leading the execution and delivery of innovative digital products and IT projects and driving Agile transformation across teams and organizations.  

    2. Alissa Abdullah

    Deputy Chief Security Officer & Senior Vice President of Emerging Corporate Security Solutions at Mastercard

    Alissa Abdullah is an award-winning Senior IT & Cybersecurity Executive, currently Deputy Chief Security Officer & SVP of Emerging Corporate Security Solutions at Mastercard. With a Fortune 100 background and White House experience (#44), she brings over 20 years of expertise in IT strategy, cybersecurity, and visionary leadership. Former CISO for Xerox and Stryker, Alissa is a trailblazer in executive-level cybersecurity, fiscal management, and cross-coordination of technology efforts.

    3. Barbara H. Whye

    VP Inclusion and Diversity at Apple

    Barbara Whye, VP of Inclusion and Diversity at Apple, previously held key roles at Intel, leading the successful $300M Diversity in Technology initiative. With a career spanning 25 years, she's a strategic advocate for STEM/STEAM education, recognized for her impactful contributions globally. Barbara's accolades include Fortune's 2020 Most Powerful Women in Business and the 2019 Black Enterprise Most Powerful Women in Corporate Diversity Award. Holding an electrical engineering degree and an MBA, she earned an honorary doctorate in engineering and a PhD in AI and Ethics from Arizona State University.

    4. Ebele Kemery​​​​​​​

    Head of Skills, Learning and Development at J.P. Morgan 

    Ebele Kemery, based in Plano, Texas, United States, leads as the Head of Skills, Learning and Development at J.P. Morgan. With a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, Ebele brings a wealth of expertise to her role. She spearheads initiatives to embed diversity into technology development, client services, community engagement, and employee support, impacting over 55,000 technologists globally. Ebele's governance ensures inclusivity, supplier diversity, and ethical standards across 21 technology centers, driving meaningful change and fostering innovation in the industry. 

    5. Emily Graham​​​​​​​

    Chief Equity & Impact Officer at Omnicom 

    As Chief Equity & Impact Officer, Emily advances Omnicom’s vision to achieve systemic equity across the holding company’s global network, which spans more than 1,500 creative agencies and 5,000 clients. A seasoned corporate communications strategist, Emily also serves as Senior VP of Diversity & Inclusion Communications at Omnicom, leading the strategy to engage stakeholders in Omnicom’s DE&I story and vision. She also counsels an array of Omnicom’s largest clients on DEI matters. 

    6. Gail Evans

    EVP, Chief Digital and Technology Officer at Disney Experiences

    Gail Evans is the Chief Digital & Technology Officer, leading a dynamic team at Disney to bring iconic characters to life for millions worldwide. Her teams bridge the digital and physical worlds, delivering innovative experiences across all Disney Experiences. Gail's expertise spans Big Data, AI, PaaS, Cognitive Computing, and Cloud solutions, harnessing technology's power for a lasting impact. As a senior executive, she is dedicated to creating growth opportunities for women in the workplace. Beyond her role, Gail enjoys time with her grandson and stays abreast of emerging technologies.

    7. Jackie Cureton​​​​​​​

    Chief Diversity Officer at Bitly 

    Jackie Cureton, Bitly's Chief Diversity Officer, drives impactful change by spearheading the company's diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Armed with an MBA from Cornell Johnson Graduate School of Management and a Diversity and Inclusion certificate from Cornell University, Jackie brings over a decade of global leadership experience. With a passion for organizational effectiveness and team building, she is dedicated to fostering an inclusive culture at Bitly. As a thought leader, Jackie shares insights on DEI trends, solidifying Bitly's reputation as an ethical workplace and a beacon of diversity excellence. Connect with Jackie on LinkedIn to join the conversation. 

    8. Jacqueline Jones​​​​​​​

    Head of Strategic Partnerships - Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging at LinkedIn 

    Jacqueline Jones, as LinkedIn's Head of Strategic Partnerships for Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging, is a catalyst for transformative change in the tech industry. With over two decades of experience in marketing and leadership, she passionately fosters strategic alliances that drive diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Jacqueline collaborates with 40+ external partners to attract and develop talent from underrepresented groups, amplifying LinkedIn's mission of global economic opportunity. Her commitment to equity extends to internal programs like LEAD, nurturing the growth of Black and Latinx employees. Jacqueline's vision for a more inclusive future fuels LinkedIn's dynamic partnerships, inspiring positive change worldwide. For more than 16 years now, Jacqueline has been also a Board Member at Knowledge Works Consulting (Distributors Harvard Business Publishing - Caribbean). 

    9. Jameeka Green Aaron​​​​​​​

    Chief Information Security Officer at Okta 

    As Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Jameeka is responsible for the holistic security and compliance of Okta’s Customer Identity Cloud, platform, products, and cloud infrastructure. She is a recognized industry leader with a career that has spanned a wide variety of industries in both information technology and cyber security, including aerospace and defense, retail, and manufacturing. She has led Fortune 100 and privately held companies.  

    Jameeka is committed to advancing women and people of color in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. She is an alumnus of the U.S. State Department’s TechWomen program and served on the executive board of the National Urban League Young Professionals and the National Society of Black Engineers.  

    10. Kristy Singletary​​​​​​​

    Director, L&D Strategy Lead, Enabling Functions, Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lead at Pfizer 

    Kristy is a diversity, equity, and inclusion senior leader with expertise in positively impacting employee relations, profitability, and growth for Fortune 500 organizations. She specializes in developing HR strategies and managing critical Diversity and Inclusion solutions, programs, and resources. Her areas of expertise include diversity, equity and inclusion, strategy and operations, data analytics, instructional design, partnership engagement, consulting, and cross-functional team management. 

    11. Lourdes Charles​​​​​​​

    Vice President, Global Head 5G Edge Connectivity Practice at Wipro  

    In Wipro, Lourdes is focusing on building cutting-edge solutions that enable clients across multiple industries to build a competitive edge and achieve their connectivity ambitions. She is an innovative telecommunications executive with a proven record of product management & operation experience. Skillfully lead the management and delivery of global enterprise wireless & wireline services and applications. Strong focus on end-user experience with an amplified outlook on innovative thinking, leadership and technology insight.  

    Lourdes holds a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Electrical Engineering from Pratt Institute and completed graduate studies in business administration at Long Island University in NY. 

    12. Margery Sendze​​​​​​​

    Sr. Manager - Talent Enablement, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

    Dr. Marge Sendze is an organizational culture influencer and leader with more than 20 years of delivering business value by enabling high-performing teams. Dr. Sendze currently serves as a senior technology manager and leverages organizational psychology to drive organizational change, inclusive work environments, talent engagement, and retention strategies in the workforce. She holds a Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology. Marge is a self-described people champion and an advocate for creating environments that promote the inclusion, participation, and retention of ALL people in STEM pathways and the workforce. Dr. Sendze is also a certified diversity professional coach and an active member of various STEM initiatives in the Kansas City STEM community. 

    13. Mary Spio​​​​​​​

    Founder, Chief Visionary & Product Architect at CeekVR 

    Mary Spio, Founder, Chief Visionary & Product Architect at CeekVR, is a digital innovation trailblazer. With a background in Deep Space Engineering, she shaped media and communications technologies at Boeing, Intelsat, and Aerospace Corp. Аt CeekVR, she leads a Blockchain-based streaming platform, empowering creators to monetize content through virtual reality worlds and gaming consoles. Recognized by the Department of State, Mary represents the United States as a Speaker on Innovation and Entrepreneurship globally.  

    14. Maxine Williams​​​​​​​

    Chief Diversity Officer at Meta 

    Maxine Williams is the chief diversity officer at Meta, formerly Facebook, and she serves as a member of Meta’s most senior executive leadership team. Maxine’s team works to increase cognitive diversity – different ways of thinking based on different backgrounds, experiences, and information – of all Meta teams and integrate diverse perspectives into policy and product development. Maxine and her team also develop strategies to attract, retain, and support the growth of underrepresented people at the company. 

    Maxine is an independent director on the board of the publicly traded Massy Group of Companies. She graduated from Yale University before receiving her law degree with first-class honors from Oxford University, where she was a Rhodes Scholar. 

    15. Leslie Patterson​​​​​​​

    Americas & US Diversity, Equity & Inclusiveness Leader at EY 

    Leslie spearheads transformative change by championing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives across EY. With over 28 years at EY, Leslie's journey from assurance professional to DEI advocate reflects her unwavering commitment to fostering an inclusive culture. As a member of the EY US Executive Committee and co-chair of the Americas Inclusiveness Advisory Council, Leslie's leadership drives strategic change, amplifying diverse voices and empowering all professionals. With a BS in Accounting and an MBA, Leslie embodies EY's mission to build a better working world through inclusivity and empowerment. 

    16. Nadia Owens​​​​​​​

    Senior Vice President, HR Global Performance, Rewards & Sustainability at DXC Technology 

    Nadia Owens, Senior Vice President at DXC Technology, leads HR Global Performance, Rewards & Sustainability. Collaborating with executives and the Board's Compensation Committee, she designs inclusive human capital solutions to engage DXC's global workforce. With a background spanning technology, professional services, and consumer products, Nadia has spearheaded transformative HR initiatives worldwide. She holds MS and BS degrees from Long Island University and serves as a board member at The New York Foundling, advocating for children and families. 

    17. Nickoria Johnson​​​​​​​

    Global Chief Diversity Officer and Partner at Credera 

    As Chief Diversity Officer at Credera, Nickoria is responsible for accelerating the mission of amplifying voices of underrepresented groups and synergizing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts toward unified goals to ensure accessibility, focus, and visibility of diversity, equity, and inclusion for the firm. 

    Nickoria has been a seasoned technology leader for over 25 years, with global experience leading large-scale IT strategic transformation efforts, modernizing portfolio management and IT governance processes, defining, and implementing change management initiatives, and establishing deep partnerships across business teams and vendor partners. 

    Nickoria attended Howard University and completed her BBA in Management and Organizational Behavior from Benedictine University. 

    18. Nicole Rennalls​​​​​​​

    Vice President/General Manager AspenTech DataWorks at Aspen Technology 

    Nicole Rennalls, appointed Vice President and General Manager of AspenTech DataWorks in 2022, drives flexible data mobility and integrated management solutions, empowering clients with rapid, scalable insights through next-gen industrial AI solutions. Formerly President of Global Traffic Technologies, a Vontier Corporation subsidiary, Nicole held leadership roles at Tektronix and Eaton Corporation. Based in Houston, TX, she champions inclusion and diversity, having spearheaded equality initiatives at Vontier. Nicole fosters innovation, team growth, and customer-centric strategies. She holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from Harvard Business School. 

    19. Oona King​​​​​​​

    Chief Diversity Equity & Inclusion Officer at Uber 

    Oona King, Uber's Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, boasts over two decades of DEI leadership. Formerly at Channel 4, YouTube, and Google, she also served in the British Parliament. In her previous role as VP of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Snap, she spearheaded diversity initiatives, including "The Black Creator Accelerator" and DEI Innovation Summit 2022. Passionate about civil rights, King aims to widen tech pathways and enhance diversity at Uber. Her commitment to equity resonates deeply, inspiring positive change in corporate environments. 

    20. Ovetta Sampson​​​​​​​

    Director of UX Machine Learning at Google 

    Ovetta Sampson, Director of UX, Core ML at Google LLC, blends technology with humanity in her decade-spanning career. With expertise in machine learning, IoT, and AR/VR, she pioneers human-centered design at global firms like IDEO, Microsoft, and Google. Ovetta's transdisciplinary approach merges engineering, product management, and design for innovative products. Armed with degrees in Computer Science and Communications, she envisions ethical digital futures. Outside work, she tackles Ironman races and teaches at DePaul University. 

    21. Pashon Mann​​​​​​​

    Head of DEI&B at NetApp 

    Pashon Mann, Head of DEI&B at NetApp, is a dynamic leader in shaping enterprise-wide DE&I strategies and talent acquisition. Known for high energy and innovative thinking, Pashon excels in team building and meaningful reporting. With a passion for talent acquisition and management, she drives organizations toward success by nurturing diverse talent pools. Beyond work, Pashon enjoys quality time with her family and stays active with Peloton workouts, balancing career excellence with personal fulfillment. 

    22. Shannon Nash​​​​​​​

    CFO at Wing (an Alphabet company) 

    Shannon, currently Chief Financial Officer at Wing, an Alphabet subsidiary, boasts a diverse portfolio as an independent director at NetScout Systems Inc. and SoFi Bank, among others. With a background in law and finance, she navigated through corporate and startup landscapes before joining Wing. Recognized for her strategic insights, Shannon serves on various boards and champions women's advancement through mentorship. Balancing her professional duties, documentary filmmaking, and speaking engagements, she embodies resilience and purpose. 

    23. Sherida McMullan​​​​​​​

    Vice President of Diversity Inclusion & Belonging at GitLab

    Sherida McMullan, Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging at GitLab, and former Head of DEI at Lyft, is a seasoned HR and sales & marketing strategist. With a unique blend of engineering expertise, she navigates businesses through inclusive transformations. Sherida's impactful initiatives at Intel and other Fortune 500 companies foster talent equity and cultural evolution. As Vice Chair of the CTA Foundation and Board Industry Leader, she champions diversity in technology and community service. 

    24. Shinesa Cambric​​​​​​​

    Principal Product Manager at Microsoft 

    Shinesa Cambric (CCSP, CISSP, CISA, CISM, CDPSE) is an accomplished leader in cybersecurity innovation, specializing in the convergence of governance, risk, and compliance with IT and application security. Her extensive background encompasses the development of identity management and governance solutions for cloud-based platforms, the establishment of insider threat programs, and the provision of security architecture consultancy. Serving as Principal Product Manager at Microsoft, she spearheads the creation of AI and machine learning-driven solutions, empowering organizations to proactively identify, detect, and mitigate emerging threats targeting digital identity and access.  

    25. Tanneasha Gordon​​​​​​​

    Principal and Data and Digital Trust Leader at Deloitte 

    Tanneasha is a multifaceted cyber leader with more than 16 years of experience advising large global organizations on strategy, privacy, content compliance (i.e., Trust & Safety), data governance, and data security. She is a forward-thinking technologist who keeps a pulse on emerging trends and technologies to help organizations anticipate and navigate disruption, threats, and opportunities to their business models and product roadmaps; she is at the forefront of working with AdTech on new tech (i.e., PETs) to make digital advertising more privacy-centric and crafting trustworthy solutions for Metaverse use cases.  

    26. Tia Silas​​​​​​​

    Chief Human Resources Officer at Shopify 

    Tia Silas assumed the role of Shopify’s Chief Human Resources Officer in 2022, directing Culture, Internal Operations, Employee Experience, and Talent teams. 

    Before her tenure at Shopify, Tia served as EVP of Human Resources at Wells Fargo, spearheading people strategies across various sectors including Global Technology, Strategy, Digital, and Innovation, as well as the Corporate and Investment Bank. At IBM, she held the position of Global Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, driving initiatives across a vast global workforce. Tia holds a B.S. in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University and earned her MBA from New York University, Stern School of Business. 

    27. Traci Wade​​​​​​​

    Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Oracle 

    Traci Wade serves as Vice President and Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Oracle, leading initiatives that foster a diverse and inclusive culture worldwide. With over a decade of experience, Traci collaborates with senior leadership to develop strategies promoting equity and inclusion. Her team empowers Oracle's Employee Resource Groups, facilitating community-building and leadership development. Recognized for her strategic insights, Traci spearheaded Oracle's initial D&I strategy. She continues to receive accolades for her commitment to advancing corporate diversity and inclusion efforts. 

    28. Windy Nicholson​​​​​​​

    VP of Technology and Product, Mergers and Acquisitions Integration at Salesforce 

    Windy Nicholson, a revered senior technology executive, mentor, speaker, and philanthropist, thrives on connecting and activating change. Renowned for her strategic leadership, Windy champions volunteering, mentoring, and advocating for women and underrepresented groups. With vast experience at Equifax, Windy optimized tech integrations for global acquisitions managed large budgets, and led Agile transformations. She holds a BSc in Computer Science from SCSU and an MSc in CIS from Missouri State University, along with certifications including PMP and Certified Agile Leader. Windy is a Google “I am Remarkable” facilitator, Forbes Technology Council member, and advocate for various causes, embodying the spirit of dreaming the impossible. 

    29. Zellah Fuphe

    Chief Risk and Sustainability Officer at NTT Ltd 

    Zellah Fuphe serves as the Chief Risk and Sustainability Officer at NTT Ltd., embodying a unique blend of leadership in risk management and sustainability advocacy. With a distinguished background at NTT and an entrepreneurial spirit evident through founding Alumni-in-Action, Zellah is committed to human rights and equitable practices. Her belief in values-driven leadership fuels her dedication to fairness, governance, and ethics, fostering inclusive environments globally.  

    Zellah's strategic vision intertwines risk mitigation with sustainability, amplifying NTT's impact while championing societal and environmental well-being.