networks and networking women in tech

    "Networking isn't just about advancing your career;
    it's about building a support system that empowers you to lead effectively and drive change.

    For women in tech, a strong network is not just beneficial—it's essential.

    It opens doors, creates opportunities, and provides the mentorship and sponsorship needed to navigate the unique challenges we face. Remember, every connection is a step toward shattering that glass ceiling and creating a more inclusive industry." 

    Anna Radulovski, Founder and Global CEO of WomenTech Network

    Networking has long been recognized as a powerful tool for career advancement, but for women leaders, it is proving to be indispensable. According to recent data, over 80% of professional women at the manager level and above utilize networking to propel their careers forward. This includes critical milestones such as joining a board (90%), breaking into the C-suite (84%), and securing higher-paying jobs (81%). These figures underscore the crucial role that networking plays in overcoming gender-specific challenges and achieving professional success.

    The Power of Networking in Leadership


    Networking isn't just about climbing the corporate ladder. It is also a strategic asset for women in leadership roles as they navigate the complexities of tech. More than 70% of women leaders have leveraged their networks to achieve significant organizational goals. These include winning new business (85%), implementing new frameworks (84%), leading successful projects (82%), improving processes (76%), and saving money for their teams or organizations (74%).

    Contrary to the traditional belief that networking is more accessible and beneficial for men, an overwhelming majority of women leaders (94%) are confident in the power of their networks. Additionally, 91% feel adept at forging new connections. However, there are notable differences in how networking satisfaction varies by seniority level. C-suite and VP-level women are more than twice as likely to express strong satisfaction with their network support compared to managers or directors (63% vs. 29%).

    Senior Executive Women: The Power Networkers

    The difference in satisfaction levels may be attributed to the frequency and intentionality of network engagement. Senior executives are 18 percentage points more likely than their mid-management counterparts to engage with their networks weekly (62% vs. 44%), with about a third connecting daily. In contrast, only 28% of mid-level managers engage with their networks as needed.

    Senior women leaders are also more proactive in seeking out networking opportunities beyond their workplaces. They are more likely to participate in Executive networking events and speak at Summits targeted to industry-specific groups.This proactive approach contrasts with managers and directors, who tend to rely more on connections made through their current and past employers.

    The Mentorship Gap

    Despite the clear benefits of networking, mentorship remains an underutilized resource among women leaders. Less than a third (32%) have a mentor, yet those who do report significant career advantages. Women with mentors are twice as likely to have secured a board seat in the past five years and are more likely to report achievements such as promotions and successful project leadership. Furthermore, women with mentors are more than three times as likely to mentor others, creating a virtuous cycle of support and development.

    To address this need, WomenTech Network offers a comprehensive mentoring program designed to connect women in tech with experienced mentors who can guide them through their career journeys. The program provides a platform for mentees to receive personalized advice, learn new skills, and expand their professional networks. By participating in such programs, women can unlock new opportunities and accelerate their career progression.

    For more information on how to get involved in mentoring and to explore the benefits of such programs, visit the WomenTech Network Mentoring Program Guide. This guide provides detailed insights into how mentoring can impact your career and offers practical steps to get started.

    Intersectional Insights on Networking

    From an intersectional perspective, women of color report higher satisfaction with their networking support compared to their White counterparts. They are 19 percentage points more likely to feel their network supports their career goals and 18 percentage points more confident in their networks' power. This intentional approach to networking is crucial, given the systemic barriers these women face.

    On the other hand, LGBTQIA+ women are twice as likely to struggle with building new connections compared to straight and cisgender women. Their primary networking challenge is the lack of a professional “inner circle,” underscoring the need for more inclusive and supportive networking opportunities.

    To capitalize on the power of networking, consider attending the Women in Tech Career Fair & Summit 2024 on October 16-17. This event, available both virtually and in-person, offers a unique opportunity to advance your career, build valuable connections, and gain insights from industry leaders.

    Employers' Role in Networking Support

    While a significant portion of women leaders met their networks through their employers, 53% are not fully satisfied with the networking support they receive. This dissatisfaction highlights the need for employers to provide more structured networking opportunities. Over a quarter (28%) of women at the manager level and above desire more employer-sponsored networking events, both in-person and virtual.

    Survey respondents highlighted the most valuable networking methods, including networking events (93%), professional networking groups (93%), conferences (91%), industry associations (89%), and employer-sponsored events (93%). These opportunities are pivotal for career advancement and organizational success.

    Best Practices for Effective Networking

    For those hesitant about networking, transforming shallow conversations into meaningful interactions can make a significant difference. Preparation is key—understanding the event, identifying potential connections, and setting clear goals can enhance networking effectiveness. Dressing confidently and maintaining a two-way street approach, where one also seeks to help others, can foster genuine connections and mutually beneficial relationships.


    Networking is more than a career tool—it's a lifeline for women leaders aiming to break barriers and achieve their professional aspirations. Investing in a professional membership with WomenTech Network provides access to a supportive community, exclusive events, and resources designed to help women advance in their careers. By actively participating in these opportunities, women can bridge the gap in leadership, drive their individual success, and contribute to the broader mission of gender equality in the tech industry.