Black history month women in tech

    WomenTech Network is celebrating Black History Month with a spotlight on the work of Black women in tech. We recognize and appreciate the contribution these amazing women have made to our industry, driving innovation and inspiring future generations. From research to development, business management to design, these leaders are helping shape the face of tech and changemaking. In honor of this month, we want to take a look at just a few of the many inspiring Black women who are transforming tech for all. #BlackWomenInTech #BlackHistoryMonth 

    Aisha Bowe

    Founder & CEO of STEMBoard 

    Aisha Bowe is a remarkable, former NASA rocket scientist, who has founded and currently leads STEMBoard - an Inc. 5000 company honored as one of America's fastest growing companies - and established herself as successful serial entrepreneur committed to empowering students to pursue jobs in the STEM field. 

    Aisha notably utilized Venture Capital in 2022 to secure nearly $2 million for LINGO; a self-paced coding kit that enables people learn technical concepts from their own homes with ease.

    Amanda Spann

    Head of Community Tech Beach Retreat

    Amanda Spann is a multifaceted professional, with expertise in innovation strategy, app development and branding. Her mission is to empower individuals and institutions throughout the world by helping them create, launch and expand their products, incubation programs and entrepreneurial endeavors. As part of this commitment Amanda founded "The App Accelerator", which assists non-tech entrepreneurs build their initial mobile applications as well as websites.

    Angie Jones

    VP, Developer Relations, Block

    Angie Jones is an esteemed, globally renowned executive in Developer Relations. Not only is Angie a prominent international keynote speaker and workshop instructor on software development and decentralized technologies, but she also holds the title of Certified Java Programmer as well as being crowned a Java Champion for her history of innovation. On top of that, Ms. Jones' influence has earned her 27 patents across various industries such as metaverse computing, collaboration software engineering , social networking platforms, smarter planet solutions, and different software productivity processes!

    From Business Insider to Ebony Magazine, Women of Color Magazine, Triangle Times and Spectacular magazine - she's been featured as a leader amongst the nation's 30 young talents under the age of 30; a "Technology Rising Star"; an innovative power player in IBM Corporation; and most notably the future of technology within her region.

    Annie Jean-Baptiste

    Co-founder, Director of Product Inclusion & Equity at Google

    Annie Jean-Baptiste is the prestigious Head of Product Inclusion at Google, where she spearheads inclusion strategies across their company. From consultation and communications to scaling research initiatives, Annie has been a pioneering proponent in creating this movement that would guarantee users from underrepresented backgrounds are heard during product design processes.

    Annie is devoted to ensuring that Google products are beneficial for underserved communities, and that everyone can be successful in the company regardless of their background. She helps create strategies for inclusive design with product teams and leaders at Google. Before developing programs related to Diversity talent management and career development within technical product areas, Annie made a significant impact in helping individuals reach success through her efforts inside the organization.

    Arquay Harris

    VP of Engineering at Webflow

    Arquay Harris' professional journey began with a role in technical production at CNET, but she soon transitioned to software development for CBS. A few years later, Harris decided to leap from the media industry into tech when joining Google, where she managed information architects, developers and designers as their Web Development Manager. In June 2016, Slack welcomed her on board as Senior Director of Engineering Expansion – immediately launching a project dedicated to refreshing user interface via responsive design principles.

    In April 2021, she joined Webflow, where she holds the position of Vice President of Engineering, Growth.

    Arquay's remarkable accomplishments were honored in 2018 when Forbes Magazine recognized her as one of America’s Top 50 Women in Tech.

    Barbara Salami

    VP, Moderna - Digital for Commercial

    Barbara Salami is a highly experienced and successful customer experience leader who excels in creating digital programs, marketing optimization, and analytics. Her mastery of metrics-driven marketing strategies as well as her advanced program evaluation allows Barbara to quickly develop strong connections within any company structure. 

    At present she is the Vice President for Digital Commercial at Moderna where she spearheads strategic vision and direction to create an outstanding digital experience for patients, providers, and related partners in care.

    Bozoma Saint John

    CMO, Netflix

    Bozoma Saint John is an accomplished leader in multiple industries, such as digital music and entertainment, consumer packaged goods, fashion, sports and automotive for nearly 20 years. Bozuma has earned a reputation of being bold yet innovative with her ideas. Before joining Netflix and Endeavor, she was the Chief Brand Officer at Uber. There her role included ensuring that stories of various drivers and riders in 600 cities were heard. She also served as Head of Global Consumer Marketing for Apple Music and iTunes where she built launch strategies to make people aware about their services, creating loyalty amongst consumers around the world.

    Camille Hearst

    Head of Spotify for Artists Spotify

    Camille Hearst is a renowned innovator, presently the Head of Spotify for Artists. Before that she was Head of Product at Patreon, Co-Founder and CEO of Kit as well as VP of Product Management at Hailo, Lead Product Marketing Manager at Google/YouTube based in both London and Paris, and PM for Apple. Her remarkable academic credentials include an Master’s degree from Stanford University's prestigious Management Science & Engineering program - emphasizing her expansive base of knowledge.

    Cierra McDonald

    Principal Lead Producer 343 Industries

    After graduating from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Engineering and being part of three distinguished societies - National Society for Black Engineers, Society for Women Engineers, and the Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers - Cierra embarked on a career at Microsoft as a Software Development Engineer. She worked her way up to Principal Lead Product Manager – Xbox Products & Platforms over 18 years before moving onto her current role as Principle Lead Producer at 343 Industries.

    D'Lovely Gibson

    SVP, Equifax

    With an impressive 20 years in operations, leadership and service delivery managing portfolios up to $250MM, D'Lovely is a true "business and technology diplomat." Her teams have skyrocketed from worst to first within one year on employee surveys, doubled in size due to exceptional growth possibilities. Having worked with renowned companies like AIG, IHG and Delta Air Lines she has successfully bridged people together for amazing outcomes.

    She's currently serving as SVP at Equifax.

    Ebony (Frelix) Beckwith

    Salesforce Chief Business Officer & Chief of Staff to Marc Benioff / CEO Salesforce Foundation:

    Ebony Beckwith is Salesforce's Chief Business Officer and Marc Benioff’s right-hand woman. She connects the company with its core values, leads strategic projects, fosters relationships and initiates major initiatives for the Office of the CEO. Moreover, she spearheads global philanthropic efforts as CEO of the Salesforce Foundation - a role that empowers her to drive unprecedented growth across all departments in an ethical manner.

    Ebony brings a deep well of technical and operational knowledge, along with her specializations in ESG, DE&I, and Philanthropy. During her time at Salesforce she was able to empower the company to donate an astonishing $500 million plus 7 million employee volunteer hours! Presently Ebony is on boards for Poshmark (NASDAQ: POSH) and Warriors Community Foundation while also serving as advisor for - combining all these capacities in each venture she takes part in.

    Edwige A. Robinson

    SVP, T-Mobile

    Edwige is an esteemed Technologist with 25+ years of comprehensive experience in the tech industry. She has a remarkable history of leading and directing intricate technology transformations, transitioning Fortune 500 companies from archaic systems to more versatile operations that emphasize operational excellence, personnel management, cost-optimization efficiency and income expansion. Edwige occupies an intersection between innovation, finance and modern technology; she assists organizations manage their integration processes throughout large scale changes. Her ingenuity for business acumen as well as her enthusiasm for constant development are renowned by many. 

    She currently serves as SVP at T-Mobile.

    Jamika D. Burge

    Head of Enterprise Design Research & Insights Strategy (Senior Director) Capital One

    Jamika D. Burge, PhD is a pioneer in the field of technology and computing, having co-founded INC - an esteemed non-profit organization that works to empower Black women and girls with computational thinking tools. With over $1 million raised through philanthropic efforts, this extraordinary organization has forged powerful partnerships with established industry names for more far reaching initiatives within their mission statement. Dr. As the Founder and Principal of Design & Technology Concepts LLC, Jamika Burge brings expertise in computer science education research and inclusive design. Additionally, she serves as Head of Enterprise Design Research at Capital One where her team draws on human insights to develop Eno – its cutting-edge conversational AI system.

    Jewel Burks Solomon

    Head of Google for Startups, US Google

    As Head of Google for Startups in the US, Jewel Burks Solomon is committed to providing underrepresented startup founders and communities with opportunities to access Google's products, people, and best practices. Her work strives towards furnishing even more avenues into the technology innovation ecosystem - creating a world where everyone has an equal chance at success.

    Her impressive contributions to tech have earned her numerous accolades such as Forbes 30 Under 30 (2016), Ebony Magazine's Power 100 (2018) and Atlanta's 100 Most Influential People (2020).

    Joy Fitzgerald

    SVP, Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer at UnitedHealth Group

    Joy Fitzgerald is a distinguished Human Resources executive with more than two decades of experience in providing human capital solutions for exceptional organizations. She is an inventive leader on topics including leadership/executive development, strategy, diversity and inclusion, integrated talent management, succession planning and learning & development. As a global authority on talent management as well as a sought-after lecturer she has devoted her professional life to improving the lives of individuals one person at a time. Joy is recognized as a "transformational leader" and an inspiring champion for creating significant change in diverse communities. Before joining UnitedHealth Group, Fitzgerald was the Chief DE&I Officer at Eli Lilly. Furthermore, at Rockwell Collins she worked as chief diversity officer while also holding leadership roles related to learning and organizational development.

    Kameelah Benjamin-Fuller

    Chief Diversity Officer & CSR Leader @ PTC

    Kameelah Benjamin-Fuller (she/her) is an inspirational activist, ardent advocate for equity and diversity, passionate musician and loving mother. In her role of Chief Diversity Officer at PTC, she spearheads transformational change in the corporate social responsibility arena by providing a myriad of opportunities to people from all walks of life.

    For over two decades, Kameelah has been leading the way in ED+I and CSR initiatives within entertainment, financial services, technology and travel industries. She is passionate about equipping individuals, organizations and communities with the tools to make an impactful difference through strong brands that promote a healthy environment as well as clear objectives.

    Kamilah Taylor

    Head of Financial Products Engineering Gusto

    Kamilah Taylor is a force to be reckoned with: an engineer, writer, entrepreneur and public speaker originally from Jamaica but currently based in San Francisco. Over the last decade she has been co-authoring books such as Women in Tech and Swift For Good while also advocating for underrepresented minorities to pursue STEM fields - all of this alongside her current role at Gusto developing mobile apps and robotics. 

    Kimberly Bryant

    Founder Black Girls CODE

    Kimberly Bryant drives the mission of Black Girls CODE, an organization devoted to transforming technology by providing girls of color (ages 7-17) with computer science and tech knowledge while emphasizing entrepreneurship. By encouraging these young women to innovate in this male dominant industry, Kimberly is empowering them for success.

    With an impressive 25+ years in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, Kimberly has held a number of technical leadership roles with renowned companies such as Genentech, Merck, and Pfizer. Additionally, since 2011 she has been responsible for elevating Black Girls CODE from just a local Bay Area organization to one that now spans globally across seven countries! This marvelous endeavor continues to grow everyday; presently impacting more than 3000 students worldwide through its inspiring programs.

    Lakecia Gunter

    Vice President, Device Partner Solution Sales, Microsoft

    As the Vice President, Device Partner Solution Sales at Microsoft Corporation, Lakecia N. Gunter extends its reach to generate more revenue, foster technical adoption and accelerate markets in a significant way. Before joining Microsoft, she was Vice President at Intel Corporation where she held several leadership positions such as Chief of Staff & Technical Assistant to the CEO. Throughout her career with Intel Corp.,Lakecia has been instrumental in driving innovation across many teams and projects for successful results. After graduating from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, Ms. Gunter continued her educational growth and obtained a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

    Laura Weidman Powers

    Operating Partner Base10

    Laura Weidman Powers is a respected social sector leader with more than 10 years of experience in Silicon Valley. Her goal is to create positive change within and beyond organizations, while also inspiring businesses that merge sustainable practices with corporate objectives. A popular speaker on topics such as equity, inclusion and social entrepreneurship, her work has received recognition from leading publications including The New York Times, Forbes, Fortune Magazine NBC News Bloomberg Businessweek Fast Company NPR and many others.

    On the side, she has authored Unstuck Together: Reflections on Parenting, Partnership and Packing from 303 Days of Travel with a Baby - her inspiring chronicles of life on the road.

    Lexi B

    Chief of Staff, Twitter

    With a lengthy, impressive career spanning over 10 years in the Tech space, Lexi B is an outstanding Strategy & Operations Leader with notable experience solving complex technological problems for global organizations such as Twitter, Facebook, Airbnb and Netapp. She has earned her credibility amongst C-suite executives due to her elevated level of emotional intelligence and impeccable discretion when handling confidential data. Additionally she boasts 6+ years of leading diverse teams and critical company wide operational programs that reduce risk while simultaneously driving revenue growth.

    Lisa M. Coleman, Ph.D.

    Senior Vice President, Global Inclusion and Strategic Innovation at New York University

    As NYU's Senior Vice President for Global Inclusion and Strategic Innovation and Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Lisa M. Coleman is leading the charge to promote inclusivity, belonging, and innovation throughout all of NYU's global campuses. Before joining NYU, she had a successful tenure as Harvard University’s pioneering first-ever Chief Diversity Officer from 2010 - 2017. Her mission was –and still remains–to create an environment where every individual feels accepted regardless of their background or identity. She has obtained a Doctorate in Social and Cultural Analysis, American Studies from NYU as well as three Master's degrees from Ohio State University in African & African American Studies; Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies; plus Communication studies respectively. Additionally, she majored in both Sociology/Anthropology and Computer Science for her undergraduate degree.

    Mamuna (Oyofo) Oladipo, MBA

    VP of Product at Shopify

    Mamuna (Oyofo) Oladipo, MBA is a tech product executive who has built products that have been adopted by millions of users. She boasts the ability to both devise broad and imaginative strategies for expansion, establish fruitful partnerships that yield results, and recognize lucrative openings in expansive markets. On top of this she also understands how to navigate the tactical side; managing design, development & marketing while optimizing processes & initiatives - all whilst using analysing quantitative/qualitative data towards creative solutions.

    Her recent work was devoted to assembling product teams and introducing methods within extremely complex organizations in order to accomplish overall strategic plans.

    Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins

    Co-Founder Promise

    Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins is a passionate American social justice advocate, committed businesswoman and experienced labor organizer. She has held the powerful position of Executive Officer at South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council, where she represented over 100 unions and 110,000 members in California's Santa Clara and San Benito counties. Additionally, before cofounding Promise - an organization dedicated to creating meaningful change for those most affected by injustices - Phaedra ran revenue and operations at Honor. With her formidable experience advocating for economic equity on many levels, it's clear that Phaedra will continue to make positive impacts across industries in the years to come! As Executive Director of Working Partnerships USA - a coalition of diverse individuals and organizations striving for economic equity in California's Silicon Valley- and the CEO of Green For All, an anti-poverty organization, she has worked tirelessly to ensure social justice.

    Shirley J. Knowles, Dr.

    Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer, Progress

    As Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer at Progress, Dr. Shirley Knowles is responsible for fostering a respectful and equitable work environment by partnering with the executive leadership team, chairing an employee-led committee on inclusivity, and collaborating closely with the company's ERGs to create strategies that support inclusion. Additionally, she spearheads the company’s initiatives to recruit, maintain and nurture a diverse workforce while also executing strategies that uphold inclusivity and equity within our practices. Moreover, she acts as an ambassador for these measures when engaging with people from both the local area as well as those involved in technology-related industries.

    Stacy Brown-Philpot

    Formerly CEO TaskRabbit

    Stacy Brown-Philpot, a Detroit native with a B.S. from the Wharton School of Business and an M.B.A from Stanford University, made her mark in business after spending nearly ten years leading online sales and operations at Google before joining TaskRabbit in 2012. Under Stacy's leadership, TaskRabbit has grown to be present across 45 markets including the U.S., UK & Canada; boasting 140,000 taskers ready to get your job done! She's currently a member of the Board of Directors of HP, Nordstrom, StockX and more.

    Stephanie LeBlanc-Godfrey

    Global Head of Inclusion for ​Women of Color, Google

    Stephanie LeBlanc-Godfrey serves as the Global Head of Community Inclusion Programs for Women of Color at Google.

    From her beginning in Brooklyn, NY to graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology, she had already made strides in the finance industry before transitioning into digital media. She then spent more than 10 years honing her skills as an Advertising Operations expert for powerhouse organizations such as Forbes Media, FOX News Digital and NBC News Digital.

    Right now, her work with Google is all about helping women of color and parents/caregivers create a supportive community where it doesn't otherwise exist. Moreover, she's working to shape policies, programs and processes that can help foster feelings of belongingness and inclusion at the company.

    Traci Mack

    Global Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Meta Family of Apps 

    Traci Mack serves as Global Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Meta Family of Apps since October 2022.

    Traci Mack’s professional experience began in 2000. Since then Traci spent nearly 20 years in various roles at ESPN. In 2020 she joined Google first as a Global Strategy Lead, Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Partnerships Lead.

    Tyrona (Ty) Heath

    Director, Market Engagement, The B2B Institute at LinkedIn

    Tyrona Heath is a renowned B2B marketer and keynote speaker who artfully intertwines topics of behavioral science, diversity, equity, inclusion and transformation. She currently serves as the Director of Market Engagement for The B2B Institute at LinkedIn - an unparalleled think tank funded by LinkedIn that looks into areas such as upcoming trends in B2B marketing and decision making. In addition, Ty is the co-founder of TransformHer – a conference that's dedicated to professional women of color in technology. To promote growth and ignite development, he engages with well-known leaders within his industry like Cannes Lions, ANA and IPA for research purposes as well as to enlighten people through marketing effectiveness insights.

    Vernā Myers

    VP, Inclusion Strategy at Netflix

    Vernā Myers, an acclaimed inclusion strategist and cultural innovator, is renowned for her vivacious keynotes that are loaded with pertinent insights. Her expertise lies in helping people bridge the divide between diverse backgrounds and foster more meaningful connections.

    With a law degree from Harvard, Vernā Myers created The Vernā Myers Company and became Netflix's first Vice President of Inclusion Strategy in 2018 to lead the efforts for promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity around the world. She now heads an eclectic group of talented individuals working towards making these values integral parts of all operations within the organization.

    Vernā is the proud author of two chart-topping books published by the American Bar Association: Moving Diversity Forward: Going from Well-Meaning to Well-Doing and What If I Say The Wrong Thing? 25 Habits for Culturally Effective People. Both have seen tremendous success, propelling Vernā into an esteemed position in her field.