We are the digital heartbeat of the Schwarz Group

We - Schwarz IT Bulgaria - are IT service providers for the divisions of the Schwarz Group. These include the production companies, Kaufland, Lidl and PreZero. The Schwarz Group is a leading international trading company with 458,000 employees worldwide and over 12,500 stores in more than 30 countries. It is made up of the two retail divisions Lidl and Kaufland and is based in Neckarsulm in Baden-Württemberg.

In 2020 we united Kaufland Service IT Hub and Lidl Digital Center of Expertise into One IT, getting together 350 experts of the Schwarz group under one even stronger employer.

Schwarz IT is the strong technology partner of the entire Schwarz Group. As a central IT service provider, Schwarz IT is responsible for the selection and provision of IT infrastructure, IT platforms and business applications. By continuously taking into account current technological developments, Schwarz IT identifies innovative options for action. In close cooperation with the departments, Schwarz IT develops professional and efficient IT solutions. In total Schwarz IT is responsible for IT at more than 12,500 locations throughout the Schwarz Group in over 30 countries en route to trading 4.0. Schwarz IT is the digital heartbeat of the Schwarz Group. Efficiently, fast and flexible.

What makes your company unique?

Our Mission

We secure the diverse, global day-to-day business of the Schwarz Group with stable, secure and high-performance IT solutions. Through forward-looking developments, we enable the departments to put new business ideas into practice. We see ourselves as a partner on an equal footing who sets standards with a strong team. We are independent specialists who are passionate about IT at the Schwarz Group and strive for the best and most economical solutions.

Our Vision

Enthusiasm for innovation, proximity to people, understanding of the business. As a leading technology partner, we are the digital heartbeat of the Schwarz Group.

Efficient, fast, flexible.

High Five - Our Leadership Guidelines

Act responsibly

Our managers take their responsibility seriously. You are aware of the social responsibility of our company, promote systematic work and continuously improve our organization.

Develop decision-making employees

Our managers give their employees the freedom they need to make decisions. They develop their own skills in a targeted manner and support their employees in further developing their skills in a requirement-oriented manner.

Lead with appreciation

Our managers create trusting relationships by getting to know themselves and their employees better. When working together, they take into account the responsibility of everyone involved. They also communicate openly and appreciatively and express praise and criticism directly.

Shaping the future in an exemplary manner 

Our managers strengthen the future viability of our company. To do this, they open up new avenues and inspire their employees. They also provide orientation and inspire change. They themselves exemplify this future orientation and openness to change.

Be strong together 

Our managers consider everyone to be important. You involve your employees comprehensively and at an early stage. They also help shape the game based on common rules. They are equally involved in leadership at all levels: self-management, team management and corporate management. This is how we ensure long-term results at a high level. 


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