Women in Tech Mentoring Program

Hani Azam

Data Scientist

I am a Data Scientist working at Facebook with five years of industry experience. I'm particularly interested in Natural Language Processing and Recommendation Systems and spend my time thinking about how technology can redefine and advance human relationships and networks.

Outside of work, I have been a volunteer at organizations like Code for SF, Girls Who Code, and Delta Analytics to leverage my knowledge of data to advance the mission of non-profits and underprivileged communities.

In my spare time, I love spending my time brainstorming startup ideas, reading, sailing, and rock climbing.
  • Ishita Majumdar

    VP, Data Analytics Platform
  • Claudia Fabiola Amador Gomez

    COO & Executive Delivery Manager
  • Vidhu Dutt

    Global Sales Enablement & Growth Marketing Lead - Accenture Microsoft Partnership
  • Poonam Garg

    Vice President
  • Rebecca Gasser

    Chief Information Officer
  • Anisha Sekar

    Co-founder and CPO
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    SQA Manager
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    Director of Data & Insights - Global Marketing
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    Chief Information Officer
  • Hani Azam

    Data Scientist
  • Anida Haq

    Director - Sales
  • Oyoenisai Andrew-Essien

    Senior Marketing Manager & Data Analyst
  • Shikha Agarwal

    Solutions Architect (Presales)
  • Shelli Brunswick

    Chief Operating Office and Executive Leader
  • Dr J Harrison

    Harbinger of Change
  • Mara Carvalho

    Engineering Manager
  • Joy Emedom

    Senior Security Consultant
  • Priya Abraham

    Enterprise Architect - Strategy and M&A

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