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Elena Goryunova

CHRO at Luxoft DXC

Developing women leaders: Luxoft's vision and approach

This talk focuses on Luxoft’s proactive approach to leadership development. Learn about fostering leadership skills, navigating careers, and overcoming tech-specific barriers. Explore the pivotal role that mentorship, coaching and networking play in helping develop successful women leaders. We'll discuss Luxoft's leadership development programs such as our High Performers Club and BRIDGE Mentoring — as well as the Tech Influencer Boot Camp — all of which are designed to help empower and propel our people toward leadership roles in the constantly evolving tech landscape.

Did… read more

Archana Jain

Group Chief Technology Officer at Zurich Insurance Group

Unleash the Power of Endless Learning

Peter Drucker, known as the "man who invented management," once said, "We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn." As a female tech leader, the concept of endless learning is something I deeply believe in - and also something I see as absolutely crucial for personal and professional growth. Let me tell you about what it means to commit to endless learning, the steps required to make it a reality, and the positive effects it can have on one's career - especially as… read more

Dora Csordas

HR Officer (Talent Outreach) at IAEA

How to prepare for a United Nations-style Interview

What to expect when applying to the United Nations organizations? Learn about the unique features of the process and how to stand out from the first step (writing your application) till the very last (interview).

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Anna Radulovski

CEO & Founder at WomenTech Network

Welcome to the Women in Tech Global Conference 2024 and How to Navigate Hopin

Welcome to the Women in Tech Global Conference 2024 (ET)

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Haiyan Song

Executive Vice President, Cloud Operations at NetApp

Spark the Future: A Fireside Chat on Women, AI, and the Data Revolution

Haiyan Song and Aditi Goyal will share about AI, Automation & Data Science. They will discuss driving innovation and focus on Data Science and the lack of girls or young women getting into this space. They will then focus on our Data explorers program within NetApp and how that leads to positive business and talent outcomes.

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Patricia Rodrigues

Business Process Management - Principal at Synopsys

Data is the Future, Future already started.

“A Fearless Flyer for forging ahead from the middle of nowhere to influencing the executive suite”
A reliable data management system is the foundation for sound decision making.
I’m a Finance person and my goal is not to replace a Data Scientist; I love numbers and my goal is to help other to understand how meaningful numbers are and how can they tell us a story to help transforming the business and defining next actions.
I’ll be sharing my experience on the best way to track usage metrics, keep information clear and helpful that can be easily adopted by your audience.… read more

Seyda Ülgen

Principal Product Designer at Zalando

Principles for Designing Generative AI-Powered Products

Join us on a reflective journey through the development of Zalando’s GPT-powered assistant. Discover the key learnings that shaped fundamental design principles, guiding your future challenges.

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Janina Bauer

Global Head of Sustainability at Celonis

Can Processes Save the World? - Navigating Sustainability in Hypergrowth

You've all heard of Artificial Intelligence, but what about Process Intelligence? Processes shape the trajectory of our lives, whether in our daily routines or within companies - determining the timing and execution of events. How do these processes impact us, both positively and negatively? And what role do they play in significant transformations like sustainability initiatives?

This talk will explore how Process Intelligence, which combines process mining technology with AI, presents companies with a living digital twin of their end-to-end processes. Through this,… read more

Tereza Driendl

Head of Delivery at LucaNet AG

Charting Your Course: Navigating Choices in a Fast-Paced Era

In the rapidly-evolving world of technology, the ability to make swift, effective decisions is not just advantageous – it's crucial. This talk delves into the strategic importance of quick decision-making for tech companies operating in high-velocity environments.

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Devi Kyanam

VP, Global Head of Data Engineering and Decision Intelligence at The Coca-Cola Company

Curiosity, Purpose, and Lifelong Learning: Key Pillars of an Impactful Career

Join us for an engaging presentation with Devi Kyanam, VP, Global Head of Data Engineering & Decision Intelligence at The Coca-Cola Company. With a rich background in data, engineering and machine learning and advanced degrees in genetics, statistics, software engineering, and an MBA, Devi has risen to be a tech industry leader and learned much along the way. She will share her journey, from academia to her role at a global brand, providing key insights from both her achievements and setbacks. This talk offers actionable advice for those seeking career growth in tech. Don't miss the… read more

Supriya Raman

SVP Data Engineering at JPMorgan Chase & Co

Generative AI in Financial Industry

In this session, we will explore about LLM and Generative AI use cases in Financial Industry. Session will brief about Gen AI project life cycle and various other ethical considerations. Even when we master how to design and train effective models, these may not be responsible. We will explore essentials of how models are designed without bias, how they can become explainable, and how to mitigate the ethical risks posed by them.

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Rika Nakazawa

Group VP, New Ventures & Innovation at NTT

Are You Ready to Sustainably Create and/or Consume, and at the Speed of Light?

As Gen AI technologies proliferate across governments, societies, and industries (especially Web 3, XR, Metaverse) the demand for computing infrastructure to power digital systems and economies will skyrocket. Data volume globally is expected to 16X in the bookends of 2018 and 2030, with commensurate energy demands to multiply 13X in the same window. This will mean more data centers, equipment, cabling, servers, GPUs, and power - MUCH more power - that is already unevenly distributed globally. This is not sustainable. But there is a way forward by moving from Electronic to Photonic… read more

Alexia Proulx

Manager of Technological Expertise Development at Petal

Onboarding or How to Train Your Champions of Tomorrow

Effective onboarding is not just about welcoming new hires; it's a strategic investment that yields significant benefits for everyone involved. Not only does it play a pivotal role in reinforcing company culture, it’s also a key factor in increasing job satisfaction, engagement and retention. Discover with us how you can upgrade your onboarding to support the growth of your company and unlock the full potential of your tech teams.

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Anjali Bhangay

Manager, Strategic Planning at Enbridge

Beyond Bits and Bytes: The Strategic Role of Digital Platform Leaders

In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, digital platform leaders emerge as transformation architects. Leaders must champion the navigation and convergence of three critical platforms: DevOps, No-Code, and Generative AI—each driving tangible business value. With the DevOps platform, such as GitHub, organizations are witnessing agility through rapid development cycles, allowing us to respond swiftly to market demands. DevOps isn’t just about productivity; it’s a collaboration platform. We’re no longer merely writing code; we’re co-creating solutions. DevOps security integrations are… read more

Lucinda Cross

Founder at Activate Worldwide LLC

Reinventing Yourself: Empowering Women in Tech

The presentation is designed to convey the idea of personal growth, empowerment, and embracing transitions as opportunities for positive change. The aim is to inspire and motivate women in tech to discover their inner strength, overcome challenges, and achieve their fullest potential.

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Siri Chilazi

Senior Researcher at Harvard Kennedy School

Redesigning the Playing Field for Real Results

Despite lots of talk and well-intentioned activity, our current approaches to creating diverse, equitable, and inclusive companies have not translated into real, measurable results. In this thought-provoking keynote, Siri will share why that is and offer an evidence-based blueprint for the way forward so that we can focus our efforts on what works to create more equitable workplaces.

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Judy Dinn

EVP & CIO at TD US Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank

Diversity, Empathy & Balance: Fostering Inclusivity in a Modern Workplace

o Judy will discuss her passion of using her executive position to build inclusive workplaces founded upon empathy, inclusion and inspired creativity. Judy believes that a successful workplace environment is built upon inclusion in which all employees have a voice, feel valued and are inspired to create and innovate openly. Judy would like the audience to walk away knowing more about navigating non-inclusive workplaces in the technology sector, and how they have the power to take an active role in making their workplaces more inclusive. She wants listeners to understand the tangible results… read more

Stephanie Domas

CISO at Canonical

Responsible consumption of open source

Open source software represents a majority of the most commonly used software in the world. Odds are you have open source software in your environment, or are looking to incorporate it. In this talk well some of the key tenants leaders need to be thinking about in the responsible consumption of open source, to make informed decisions.

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Cindy Diogo

Head of Talent,, at CEO, Consoul

Empowering Women in Tech: Navigating the Intersection of Career Growth, Sustainability, and Entrepreneurialism

In this session, we will explore the multifaceted landscape of opportunities and challenges faced by women in the tech industry. From breaking barriers to fostering inclusion, sustainability, and entrepreneurial spirit, we'll delve into practical strategies for personal and professional growth. Drawing from real-world experiences and industry insights, we'll uncover pathways to success in a rapidly evolving tech ecosystem.

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Dr. Kristin M. Gilkes

Global Quantum Leader at EY

Intersection of AI + Quantum Computing

Dive into the future of technology in this forward-thinking session as Dr. Kristin M Gilkes, Global Quantum Leader at EY, explores the groundbreaking convergence between artificial intelligence and quantum computing, outlining how this powerful synergy is set to revolutionize industries, redefine problem-solving, and unlock new realms of possibilities. Discover the potential impacts on cybersecurity, healthcare, finance, and beyond as we delve into complex concepts made accessible through Dr. Gilkes' expertise and clear explanations. Attendees will gain an understanding of current… read more