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Anna Radulovski

Anna Radulovski.jpg
CEO & Founder at WomenTech Network

Welcome to the WomenTech Global Conference 2020

Introduction to WomenTech Global Conference 2020. Join us on a tour of the event, how to navigate and what to expect.

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Farah Saad

CEO & Mindfulness Consultant at Be Kalm Mindfulness Consulting Co.

Intention Setting

Farah will be taking you through an energetic warm up, followed by a grounding meditation focused on intention setting for the day.

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Tina Hang Ridley

Associate Software Engineer & Graduate Student

Testing your Software with OWASP ZAP

A large part of designing software, big or small -- enterprise level or a simple create-react-app, is user and data security. Without secure software, even using the latest or newest technologies may not keep or attract users. I will be demonstrating how to use OWASP ZAP against a simple Ruby on Rails application.

What you'll need:
- Website (Need to get permission beforehand)
- Or OWASP Juice Shop
- Or a throwaway application (Ruby on Rails app)
- OWASP ZAP (Zed Attack Proxy) (

Did you like… read more

Amy Wu

Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners

Consumer & Enterprise Trends Through Covid

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Nicole Trick-Steinbach

Global Career Coaching & Change Management Consultant at Trick Steinbach LLC

How to Build Your Brave

To create the career – and life - of your dreams, we will need to take chances, mess up, fail, succeed, learn, and be ever more brave. This is even more true in the time of Covid19, as we navigate a situation that is new to every single one of us.
In this interactive session, you will learn one, simple, reusable framework for how to build your brave, with an emphasis on how to bravely navigate change over time.
Please bring a topic or goal that you are committed to working towards so that you can gain a working understanding of the model AND a personalized, specific action… read more

May Wang

Sr. Distinguished Engineer, Founder & CTO of Zingbox acquired by Palo Alto Networks at Palo Alto Networks

E2E: from Engineer to Entrepreneur

Dr. May Wang went through the whole journey herself: from being a quiet engineer, to starting her own cybersecurity startup in Silicon Valley, to selling it to a public company. In this talk, she will share her experience in this roller coaster journey, challenges in fundraising, team building, product creation, customer acquisition, deal negotiation, work life balance, … Her lessons learnt will inspire more women to come out of their comfort zone to fulfill their own dreams.

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Rana el Kaliouby

Rana el Kaliouby.png
Author of "Girl Decoded" | Co-Founder & CEO at Affectiva | YGL at WEF | Fortune 40 under 40

Bringing Emotional Intelligence to Technology

During this session, Dr. el Kaliouby will share her life's work: to humanize technology before it dehumanizes us. She'll discuss the technology category she's pioneered, Emotion AI, and how her company Affectiva is enabling technology to have not only IQ, but EQ, or emotional intelligence. Emotion AI is already being applied across industries like automotive, mental health, media analytics and more; and now, amidst the global pandemic, Dr. el Kaliouby envisions future use cases for Emotion AI to help us maintain meaningful connections as we work, learn and socialize online.… read more

Tavonia Evans

Data Scientist & Founder at Guap Coin

$Guap Coin, a platform built to support the black ecosystem (black owned businesses and institutions)

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Kanika Tolver

Senior Project Manager at Department of Treasury

Be a Brand Not an Employee in Tech

Title: Be a Brand and Not an Employee in Tech

When you go into professional organizations, you need a solid personal brand that looks and feels good, too. Sometimes to get the salary you desire or get promoted to a higher level, you have to enhance your personal brand to stand out at work. Employees find a way to only do what’s asked of them, but personal brands find a way to market themselves through their education and professional experiences. This personal branding can be experienced in the way you deliver your task, how you dress, or how you conduct yourself in meetings.… read more

HimaBindu Vejella

Sr Manager at OpenText

Spotlight on Digital Forensics

This talk focuses on case studies and stories of digital narration of forensics and the myriad of opportunities, This domain is perceived as very complex , will try to make it simple to get more passionate women into security which is very rare.

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Katrina Julia

Creator & CEO at FIT Life Creation

How to Create Online Course in a Week Like a Boss

5 Steps to Create an Online Course in a Week
Overview, Themes, Tools, Videography, Promotion
#Createit in a Week

Familiarity at least at a glance of Course tools:
Skillshare, Wix, Kajabi, and/or Teachable will help

Promotion Tools of: Canva, IG, Blogs, Podcasts, Emails, Patreon,
Substack and more will be shared.

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Emerald de-Leeuw

Emerald de Leeuw.png
Privacy & Data Ethics Specialist at Logitech

Privacy and Data ethics

I will be sharing how advertising tech works, how the design of social media services is eroding our relationships, our mental health and societal fabric and what you can do to protect yourself and design products/services that are humane and ethically sound.

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Katherine Mimnaugh

Beckman_2016_Photo (1).jpg
Doctoral Researcher in Virtual Reality and Robotics at University of Oulu, Finland

Opportunities to Support Mental Health with Virtual Reality Nature Videos

This talk will present scientific research exploring the mental and physical effects of being immersed in a panoramic nature video in virtual reality. I will explain the theories relating nature to human health, discuss the findings from research that was part of my master’s program and offer suggestions about opportunities for you to engage with this exciting new technology.

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Avanti Sharma

Pre teen Technology Specialist, Workshop4Me a.s.b.l at Workshop4Me

How a virus is changing our perception of technology

Digital Technology has been here for the last decade. But we kept it on the fringe, as an unwanted outsider not to be allowed to come and take us over under its grip before enslaving and destroying humans to finally create an empire of robots. However, the reality turned out to be far from it. The change of script was controlled by a tiny 400 microns with no processing power at all, rather than robots. The virus needed no intelligence to come along and destroy the empire of humans like a castle of cards making them run and seek refuge wherever they could. If this period were to be examined in… read more

Divya Hegde

Founder & CEO at The Integrated Penguin

Interweaving Design, Tech & Social Impact.

The Intersection of Ambition, Social Impact & Technology - developing a path for people to use technology, arts & culture for the public good. How will this play out in the post COVID world? Are women upskilled and ready for Post Covid lifestyles and jobs? Will work from home finally level the playing field?

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Filipa Castro

Lead Team at Data Science for Social Good Portugal

Data Science for Social Good

I'll bring my perspective on the potential of data science for social impact. I'll mainly share my experience on social data projects done with Rotaract and Data Science for Social Good Portugal . The presentation will mainly cover:
- the journey of a data for good project, from scoping to delivery of results;
- the impact of data analysis on social good, with a case study;
- the current projects of Data Science for Social Good Portugal with different kinds of NGOs;
- the amazing work done by Data Science for Social Good Portugal on fighting COVID19.… read more

Jemima Abu

Front End Developer at Telesoftas

Defining A Career Path in Technology

Trying to establish a career in tech may be daunting to some, especially if you come from a non-technical background. Whether you're an absolute beginner or you have some level of experience, there's always the pressing question: what do I do next?
In this talk, we'll cover how to properly define a career in technology. From deciding which area of technology works best for you to finding your first job and developing soft skills that would be useful to you.
I will be speaking about my personal experience with a career in frontend development, from self-learning to… read more

Astrid Bonk

Yoga Teacher & Coach / Member Experience Lead at the female factor

Morning Stretching & Meditation

Join me for some energizing stretches, followed by a guided meditation to boost your mind-body connection and start the conference day right!

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Floriane Gramlich

Director Product and Managing Director at Naspers GmbH / OLX

OLX Group Info Session: What Covid-19 helped us to learn about leadership

Leadership is now more important than ever. In times of crisis, you clearly see the good leaders or the absence of it. I look at difficult times as opportunities to learn - from good and bad examples - and to take the output to find your own leadership style and right values.

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Annie Jean-Baptiste

Head of Product Inclusion at Google

Building for Everyone: Designing Inclusive Products

Diversity of background, experience, age, location, gender, ethnicity and ability (and more!) in the workplace necessitates that teams create products that work for all walks of life. Learn how Google builds seamless products that celebrate the diversity of the human race.

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Random order. More speakers to be announced soon. 


Keynotes & Sessions​​​​

This track is focusing on how work will evolve and how COVID-19 will influence the way we work. Some of the topics are: remote work, talent acquisition and retention, new jobs, job automation, home office, freelance, coworking and co-living, virtual assistants, 0 waste offices and more.

The career track is all about growing and succeeding professionally. Some of the topics are: work-life integration, family-work balance/integration, “side hustle”, career break, workforce reintegration, leadership, relocation and more.

Company culture is such an important yet often neglected topic. The talks and discussions will focus on: diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging, company values, cultural fit, talent, equal pay, generation gap, toxic job, supporting tech communities, employer branding, job interviewing and more. 

Frontier technologies are often cutting-edge and can provide large scale disruption and solutions to the burning issues or real-world problems at the same time. Some of the main categories and topics: Robotics and AI, Machine Learning, AI for Good, Drones, Blockchain Technology, Face Recognition, IoT, VAutonomous Vehicles and more.

Cloud computing is already an essential part for the majority of the businesses across the world, thanks to a high flexibility, little to no maintenance costs and a higher level of security. The three main areas of discussion are: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS.

Many believe that the current crisis will boost digital marketing in the near future.  Every business is moving online and some will never return offline due to the transformational effect on social attitudes, habits, lifestyles and how people work and shop. Some of the topics will evolve around digital transformation, marketing and growth opportunities during and after the crisis.

Technology has changed the way we communicate and live at the same time history has shown that our own progress can be threatening to humanity. Some of the topics we want to focus on are UN sustainability goals, renewable energy, global warming, mobility, ethics, data protection, cybersecurity and more. 

What scientific breakthroughs will impact our lives tomorrow? And as remote learning has become the new normal, has the transformation of education started? Some of the topics we want to look into are Neuroscience, Edtech, Data science, distance learning and more.

Social distancing, isolation, rapid change, unemployment, imposter syndrome, emotional stress, and other factors can cause severe harm to our overall state of being. How can we program our mindset to cope with these challenges and how can we ensure the social well-being and overall well-being of people while dealing with crisis, fear and grief.

Summits & Training

Microservices, NOSQL, Tech Debt, APIs, Infrastructure, Open Source, Fullstack vs the rest, Scaling Tech, Drupal / Wordpress, Symfony, Micro Frontends. Coding for beginners / as essential skill for future work and other related topics.

Soft skills, leadership, networking, personal branding, productivity, salary negotiation and personal financial planning/management and other related topics.

Pitching, fundraising & equity, hiring, Branding & UX, customer development, revenue, legal, product development and other related topics.


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