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Sue Parker

Founder of ELiTe, Trainer, Coach & Female Tech Leader at Empowered Leaders in Tech

The 3 Essential Dimensions to Achieving Personal Growth

Why do some succeed in their professional goals, while others work hard and go unseen? What is it that makes some people strive to work on the best projects? The most valuable initiatives? Get recognised for promotion?
If you've ever felt that you are working hard, capable and full of ideas, and still not making progress, this talk is for you.
I used to believe that working harder than everyone else and long hours would help me climb a career ladder. When I got there I had something to prove and quickly suffered burnout. Personal development, coaching, and leadership… read more

Michelle Gyimah

Gender & ethnicity pay gaps consultant, Negotiation Coach, Keynote speaker at Equality Pays

How to negotiate away your personal gender pay gap

The current gender pay gap is going to take over 100 years to close at its current rate (and this was before the pandemic hit). A combination of opaque pay systems, pay secrecy in the workplace, lower numbers of women negotiating for better career benefits and higher pushback rates for women who do, will keep the gender pay gap thriving for many years to come. The pandemic has highlighted just how fragile gender equality is as well as how much of our career options have been decided by our employers and not by us. This talk will equip attendees with the skills to negotiate for more in their… read more

Katarzyna Tatomir-Rebeś

COO at Monterail

I’ve been a developer, a manager, and now a COO. This is what I’ve learned.

Not many people had the opportunity to go through so many roles in one organisation. I want to share the lessons I’ve gathered after my transition from a tech role - Ruby on Rails developer, to a manager and then to COO. I’d like to highlight what each role has taught me and what the important differences between being a developer and a manager are. I’d like to touch base in specific topics such as:
- Overcoming the obstacles of being the only female developer in the room
- Key differences between these roles
- The mindset needed in development and in management… read more

Yousra Mashkoor

Trainee Software Engineer at 10 Pearls

Why Freelancing is the Future and How to Start your Career as a Freelancer

Starting off with 4th industrial revolution and how freelancing with play a role in it, this talk will cover how freelance business have impacted the world during pandemic will millions and why it would stay that way forever. Some of the important points covered during the talk would be.
COVID revolutionizing work
Digital freelancing
What is freelancer
Freelance business
Great time to be a well-paid freelancer
How it works
Success stories
Freelancer contribution

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Yemurayi Chinyande

Payments Product Manager at Cassava Smartech

The Art of Getting Ahead: From Software Engineer to Product Manager

In this talk, I will share how I levelled up from a software engineer to a product manager. This session is specifically for those who are no longer satisfied with their current position and want to advance to the next, because there is always more!

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Eugenia Planas

Head of Digital Services at Bank of England

What Happens After Lockdown? Preparing For a Hybrid Working Model Post Covid-19

Covid-19 accelerated tenfold the Bank of England’s adoption of collaboration technologies, remote working practices and our focus on virtual team productivity. In the space of a few weeks, we transformed our ways of working and strengthened our technology to enable our workforce (5,500+ strong) to effectively operate even our most mission critical systems from home. As for so many organisations, this change has had a profound impact on the way the Bank interacts and collaborates today. In this session we will explore the key elements that made this a successful transition, and discuss the… read more

Parvi Agrawal

Founding Member, Country Leader, Influencing & Global Ambassador at Women Tech Network | Red Hat Academy Student Ambassador at A.P. Shah Institute of Technology

Impact of Surroundings on Mindset

Inspiring remarks derive from women of all walks of life. Now more than ever, women in tech, leadership, business are recognizing the importance of supporting themselves with like-minded individuals, mentors and lifting one another up, becoming successful. These women also understand the growing need to empower one another to be brave in the face of fear.

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Jean Alfonso-Decena

Founder & Managing Director, AI Consultant at In Silence

Nurturing Sovereign Women in AI through Spiritual Technology

Overview of how girls and women can become sovereign key players in the AI Space through the emerging Spiritual Technology.

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Barbara Rogoski

Executive Speaker Coach and Mentor at Successful Speaker Now

Executive Presence for Women in Tech - How to Present Yourself Confidently

Executive Presence is a skill that women need at every level of their career development, where they are conscious and intentional in everything they do at work. It is about building confidence in oneself and being able to communicate this in a variety of situations. In this presentation, executive speaker coach and senior TEDx speaker coach Barbara Rogoski will discuss what Executive Presence is, how to develop your own style and how we, as women can sabotage ourselves without even knowing it. It is an entertaining and empowering session with practical tips and insights for all who attend… read more

Dr. Jenny Lind Elmaco

Regional Coordinator at Euraxess worldwide

A Feminist Science Diplomacy in Tech and Research

Closing the tech gender gap and increasing women’s representation in research needs an honest look at the challenges and opportunities of the tech sector which on one hand still has visible gender disparities that stifle innovation but has the potential to give the tools and capacity to create evidence-based solutions to bridge the space. In this session, we celebrate the broken glass ceilings but also address the leaky faucets by looking at entry points for collaboration and growth within the women tech community.

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Lade Tawak

Experience & Service Designer, Career Coach. at 54gene

How to Grow a Career in Tech

As the tech industry expands, growing your career goes beyond just showing up and doing great work, people have to know about what you do. Like I say, it's not about who you know or what you know, but who knows you know what you know.

Whether it's starting a new job, wanting a promotion, entering a new field of tech, a tech event where you can network, it's not always easy to pitch yourself.

How do you do this without feeling icky? How do you overcome your imposter syndrome? Self-promotion can be very helpful for growth but talking about yourself… read more

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Victoria Perez Mola

Analytics engineer

How I became an Analytics Engineer

Have you ever heard about Analytics Engineer?
Data roles keep appearing on daily basis and makes it hard to keep track of them. At the end of this talk you should be able to identify what are the tasks and responsibilities of the Analytics Engineer... and maybe even want to become one.

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Joanna Otmianowska

Frontend Engineer at OLX Group

Surprising skills that will make you a better software developer

Is a non-technical background always bad for a software developer?
How you can embrace your previous work experience and make use of it in a coding job? Even if this previous experience we are talking about is being a mystery shopper.
Is it possible to master programming skills better thanks to learning a foreign language?
What sales job has in common with your demo meeting?
During my talk I would like to take you on a journey of surprising skills that will make you a better developer. By answering questions above, I will show you what you can do to be a programmer… read more

Mansi Mittal

Senior Software Developer at Visa Inc.

Tricks & Tips to Navigate the Tech World

In my sociology class in college I learnt about the theory of intersectionality, simply put it means that a person being of a certain gender, coming from a certain socioeconomic background, being in say a certain industry so on and so forth determines the experience he/she has and also the lens through which he or she perceives this world. So, as I was pondering on what message do I want to convey, I just thought what could be better than the lessons I have learnt because of my positionality of being a woman in the tech industry for 7 years. So hop on as we unravel the tricks and tips of… read more

Salwa Mahmoud Abuzeed

Chemistry Professor ,Coorganizer at GDG and WTM Delta and Motivational Speaker

Stop wasting your life

It's going to be about how to stop wasting your life on work that you don't find yourself in and you just keep going for no reason only for the money and not only the work maybe your feild of studying, maybe a difficult relationship, a lot of things that we let ourselves suffer for no reason and now it's time to get all over everything that puts alot of load and pressure on us and stop wasting our lives, for a brighter lovely future full of passion and happiness.

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Jo Riches

Founder | Life Coach | Mentor at Ayres Consulting Ltd

Standing Tall - A mindset, not a measure

In this session I will share insight and experiences from women in the IT/tech space, together with my own personal experiences, about what it means to lead with confidence, to have self-awareness and to know when you walk in a room, you totally own it from within.

Looking at what experience has taught us; how we’ve overcome imposter syndrome, lack of self-belief, what we’ve learnt from our mistakes and the advice we wished we’d had earlier in our careers.

This talk will provide you with 3 takeaway techniques to help you feel more resilient, have greater… read more

Ronke Babajide

Senior Solution Engineer NSX at VMware

"The Only One in the Room"

Being a woman in a STEM field and then working in IT for over 20 years, I was often the only woman in the room.
Living in Austria, most of the time I was not just the only woman but often also the only person of color in the room.
By telling my story and talking about the inner and outer obstacles I faced, I would like to illustrate why „being the only one in the room” can be hard sometimes, is sometimes funny but really isn’t as scary as many women may think.
And I would like to talk about the fact that being different can be your advantage. Diversity is a driver of… read more

Victoria Ortigosa

Senior Manager - Core Voice Strategic Initiatives at BT

Can women have it all?

Short presentation .
What does having it all mean?
Do we feel there is a checklist that as women we must achieve?
Are we made to feel guilty for making choices?
How do we measure this?
Have we ever thought that Having It All could be really simple?
How can we motivate ourselves to feeling that we have achieved everything and that we have it all?
What can we do to making it happen?

Will include the following:-
- Personal experiences about juggling the guilt of being a mother and having a career and personal hobbies… read more

Veronika Homolka

Office Manager & HR Generalist

New generation with resilience plan? Let´s begin!

If you were with me, you´d see that I was waiting for help to overcome the results of toxic working environment, relationships, adversity and cross-cultural nuances. The only help came wih AHA moment: you will master it by yourself!

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Caroline De Vos


Women in Space

In a sphere typically dominated by men, a female COO is spearheading one of the most significant disruptions to the satellite connectivity industry. Caroline De Vos is co-founder of SatADSL, the creators of neXat, a disruptive satellite service aggregator billing itself as the first “” of satellite services – a marketplace for teleport and satellite operators to resell their satellite capacity.

In this talk, Caroline will discuss the challenges she overcame to achieve her goals and what it means to represent women in the space industry. From breaking into the ‘boys… read more


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Keynotes & Sessions​​​​

This track is focusing on how work will evolve and how COVID-19 will influence the way we work. Some of the topics are: remote work, talent acquisition and retention, new jobs, job automation, home office, freelance, coworking and co-living, virtual assistants, 0 waste offices and more.

The career track is all about growing and succeeding professionally. Some of the topics are: work-life integration, family-work balance/integration, “side hustle”, career break, workforce reintegration, leadership, relocation and more.

Company culture is such an important yet often neglected topic. The talks and discussions will focus on: diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging, company values, cultural fit, talent, equal pay, generation gap, toxic job, supporting tech communities, employer branding, job interviewing and more. 

Frontier technologies are often cutting-edge and can provide large scale disruption and solutions to the burning issues or real-world problems at the same time. Some of the main categories and topics: Robotics and AI, Machine Learning, AI for Good, Drones, Blockchain Technology, Face Recognition, IoT, VAutonomous Vehicles and more.

Cloud computing is already an essential part for the majority of the businesses across the world, thanks to a high flexibility, little to no maintenance costs and a higher level of security. The three main areas of discussion are: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS.

Many believe that the current crisis will boost digital marketing in the near future.  Every business is moving online and some will never return offline due to the transformational effect on social attitudes, habits, lifestyles and how people work and shop. Some of the topics will evolve around digital transformation, marketing and growth opportunities during and after the crisis.

Technology has changed the way we communicate and live at the same time history has shown that our own progress can be threatening to humanity. Some of the topics we want to focus on are UN sustainability goals, renewable energy, global warming, mobility, ethics, data protection, cybersecurity and more. 

What scientific breakthroughs will impact our lives tomorrow? And as remote learning has become the new normal, has the transformation of education started? Some of the topics we want to look into are Neuroscience, Edtech, Data science, distance learning and more.

Social distancing, isolation, rapid change, unemployment, imposter syndrome, emotional stress, and other factors can cause severe harm to our overall state of being. How can we program our mindset to cope with these challenges and how can we ensure the social well-being and overall well-being of people while dealing with crisis, fear and grief.

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Microservices, NOSQL, Tech Debt, APIs, Infrastructure, Open Source, Fullstack vs the rest, Scaling Tech, Drupal / Wordpress, Symfony, Micro Frontends. Coding for beginners / as essential skill for future work and other related topics.

Soft skills, leadership, networking, personal branding, productivity, salary negotiation and personal financial planning/management and other related topics.

Pitching, fundraising & equity, hiring, Branding & UX, customer development, revenue, legal, product development and other related topics.


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