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Elodie Lepaludier

ELODIE_picture IDC.jpg
Senior Concept Designer/ Technology Lead at The LEGO group

Learning about technology through play.

I'm passionate about new technologies. I believe that - through play - children can build a fundamental understanding of technology and develop skills that will benefit them later on in their life. I will talk about how learning through play is beneficial and see creative ways of applying it.

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Tavonia Evans

Data Scientist & Founder at Guap Coin

$Guap Coin, a platform built to support the black ecosystem (black owned businesses and institutions)

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Hannah Glass

Senior Associate at King & Wood Mallesons

Developing technology or building solutions?

We live in a world of ABCD - AI, blockchain, cloud and data. Whether it be AI helping scientific research, blockchain revolutionising supply chains, cloud computing helping governments manage tracing of Covid19 cases or the new data based economy, each of these technologies is heralded as the future of our society. But in our excitement about technology, we sometimes forget the true purpose of technology. Solving problems. This talk will consider how technology can be used to solve problems and the role of multifaceted, multi-disciplinary teams in making sure the right technology is used to… read more

Brittany Sherell

Coach + Speaker at Brittany Sherell Consulting

The Fulfillment Factor: Self-Care for Sustainability

Employee burnout costs businesses an average $300 billion yearly in missed work and increased healthcare expenses. The undeniable sting of burnout leaves companies clamoring for resources to plug the talent leak. But, in a spirited talk that will help your company understand how Fulfillment factors in to Employee Wellness like never before, Brittany Sherell reveals why Sustainability is all about stepping forward with a MOVE mindset.

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Noopur Gupta

Advisory Software Engineer at IBM | Co-lead of Eclipse Java Development Tools | Member of ACM Future of Computing Academy at IBM | Eclipse | ACM FCA

Unleashing the Java Tooling in Eclipse IDE - Tips & Tricks!

With faster Java releases, it is an exciting time to be a Java developer. The new features in Java are changing the way you write code and to give it a spin, you have the tooling support in your favorite open-source Eclipse IDE ready at your disposal.

To be productive, mastering your IDE is as important as mastering your source code. In this session, I will unleash many tips and tricks that will make your experience more convenient and pleasant while working with Java in Eclipse IDE.

During this talk, you will have many "Ah, I didn't know Eclipse can… read more

Delia Mensitieri

Motivation and Communication Coach

We start with Me: living your values to create a brave new world

When hearing about motivation, people often think about behaviors that motivates them. However, research shows that is not behaviors that drives us, but values. This is one of the reasons why companies are focusing now on company values. A defined set of values, creates a company culture with a precise set of behaviors. But by doing so, companies don't realise they are creating clones. Creativity and innovation are driven by diversity, not by uniformity. The difference between coherence and alignement is the key here. In this talk we will explore your values, link them to your behavior… read more

Linda-katerin Patiño

Subeditora of Technology at EL TIEMPO

Online violence against women and digital transformation

The absent of women in different tech areas is making them invisible in the new reality that development is creating. As it happened before, when women couldn't vote or go to school, if the voice of the half of the humanity is not being heard, then the discrimination will arise stronger with the current tools. In this talk I would highlight how normalized is the online violence against women in social media and how important is to create trust and safe environments to allow women to grow into the technical paths but also for the diversity of data, for the good of the society and the… read more

Megan Murphy

Director of Product Management at Hotjar

Emerging trends from today's rapidly changing world, and how they impact the products we build for tomorrow

The talk will focus on crucial signals emerging today that will affect the "why" behind which technologies we build for tomorrow. Some highlights include the following patterns that are surfacing as a response to the covid crisis: (1) Altruism everywhere, (2) The Darwinian effects of eCommerce favoring specific categories, (3) The shift from innovating on the new and frivolous to the necessary and value-based, and (4) opportunities presented from the largest work from home experiment in history.

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Merel van Empel

Developer at September Multimedia

The Drupal CMS: what it does and how to use it

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Yaliwe Soko

South Africa Ecosystems Lead at cLabs working on Celo

Purpose vs evolution : How to thrive

Every person has a unique purpose, but times and systems are constantly changing. How do you evolve without hurting your purpose?

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Neha Kumar

Director of Product

How to define culture and build teams

This session is for anyone thinking about how to build, hire, manage, mentor and retain a team. What happens when we go from 5 to 50 or 50 to 500? Attend this session for practical guidance on how to build and maintain culture.
Key Takeaways:
1. Learn what culture is (and isn't) and how it determines who you hire, fire, promote
2. Practical steps for how to define what type of company are you
3. Understand how culture, processes and systems are connected
4. Who is responsible for building and maintaining culture - is this a single person's… read more

Tricia Sciortino


Working Remotely, Effectively and Productively

In the midst of COVID-19, many businesses are rounding a new curve of their own, learning how to operate effectively and productively at a distance. With all sectors of business impacted by quarantine and shelter-in-place mandates, how can businesses thrive during these unprecedented times? Tricia Sciortino CEO of BELAY can share successful strategies and insights on leading teams remotely. BELAY has been 100% remote for almost a decade and has created a vault of resources and tools to help companies stay ahead.
Attendees will walk away with a better sense of:
*How to choose the… read more

Kavya Krishna

Co-founder at Society of Women Coders

Social Entrepreneurs and COVID19

Would be talking about the affect of COVID-19 on the biggest Tech+ social entrepreneurship projects of the world. It would be centered around case studies followed by the do's and donts.

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Agnieszka Swiatowa

IT HR Head EMENA at Nestle

Trust is the new black. Distant and diverse team engagement.

Now even more than ever we need to think about the new normal. Is remote work going to become common. How can we engage distant and diverse teams to work towards common goals. Trust and Empathy - skills associated mostly with women and treated before as weaknesses now become the key enablers of engaging people working remotely. Join me in discovering "the new normal" way of working. Remotely!

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Rinku Gupta

Business Analyst at Ryanair Labs

Journey from Quality Assurance to Business Analyst

Started my career as Quality Assurance Engineer and being working in this area for about 7 years but meanwhile developed interest in Business Analysis. Explored it and studied more about it and now finally I am working as a Business Analyst and already handled 4 products. I would like to share my journey from being a QA to BA and also would like to speak about why it is essential to use and select the best Business Analysis Technique which will cover some of below:
SWOT Analysis
MOST Analysis
Business Process Modelling (BPM)
These techniques are really useful in… read more

Elena Melashchenko

0 (4).jpg
Team Leader at Moonfare

Bring the harmony with Domain-driven design (DDD)

Building a big enterprise project can be quite a challenge, especially when the wrong direction has been taken from the very beginning. The reasons why projects might fail can be various. Amongst the most frequent ones lack of communication and engineers failing to understand how problems need to be solved can be listed. As a result - the written code is difficult to adjust and refactor, tasks are not finished on time and in general the code does not reflect what it was meant to.

In “Domain Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software” written by Eric Evans… read more

Yada Pruksachatkun

Machine Learning Researcher

Machine Learning + Healthcare: Opportunities and challenges

Healthcare has become a hot application topic for machine learning researchers and practitioners in recent years. From breast cancer detection to detecting depression on twitter (public health) to mining for insights in the massive archives of COVID-related literature on the internet, there are a myriad of ways that machine learning has been employed to help aid healthcare workers and scientists. However, because of the complex and critical nature of healthcare, there are many challenges to deploying models in real time, including mitigating risk and providing sufficient explainability. In… read more

Lieke Ypma

Designer & Engineer / User Centered Innovation / Mobility Geek

Female Mobility, New Ideas for Everyone

People that pursue multiple purposes in life, have different needs and behaviors when it comes to transportation. Mobility is not gender neutral, and may have a male bias. Women's mobility is more multi-modal and intermodal than men’s.
Understanding their perspective can lead to new ideas and new markets. Let's collaborate to improve mobility for everyone!

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Mevish Aslam

Founder sprinters, Marketing Mentor at #500 startups at sprinters

Low Budget - HIgh Impact Marketing

Put simply, you will get inspiration to blow up your marketing! Get actionable tips, insights on real-life examples of tried and tested marketing approaches on a limited budget. At the end of the session you will walk away with clarity and a handful of marketing resources to get you up and running.

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Ime Linus Brown



My goal is to help women in technology build their career while they evolve with satisfaction. Technology is revolving, women can be part of the circle even with their kids, they can build their career in technology and stand out too. Every 8 women out of 10 women give up daily because they are overwhelmed, perhaps not accepted or they can not find the solution to that projects. There are easy steps to strike that balance and stay on top.

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Keynotes & Sessions​​​​

This track is focusing on how work will evolve and how COVID-19 will influence the way we work. Some of the topics are: remote work, talent acquisition and retention, new jobs, job automation, home office, freelance, coworking and co-living, virtual assistants, 0 waste offices and more.

The career track is all about growing and succeeding professionally. Some of the topics are: work-life integration, family-work balance/integration, “side hustle”, career break, workforce reintegration, leadership, relocation and more.

Company culture is such an important yet often neglected topic. The talks and discussions will focus on: diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging, company values, cultural fit, talent, equal pay, generation gap, toxic job, supporting tech communities, employer branding, job interviewing and more. 

Frontier technologies are often cutting-edge and can provide large scale disruption and solutions to the burning issues or real-world problems at the same time. Some of the main categories and topics: Robotics and AI, Machine Learning, AI for Good, Drones, Blockchain Technology, Face Recognition, IoT, VAutonomous Vehicles and more.

Cloud computing is already an essential part for the majority of the businesses across the world, thanks to a high flexibility, little to no maintenance costs and a higher level of security. The three main areas of discussion are: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS.

Many believe that the current crisis will boost digital marketing in the near future.  Every business is moving online and some will never return offline due to the transformational effect on social attitudes, habits, lifestyles and how people work and shop. Some of the topics will evolve around digital transformation, marketing and growth opportunities during and after the crisis.

Technology has changed the way we communicate and live at the same time history has shown that our own progress can be threatening to humanity. Some of the topics we want to focus on are UN sustainability goals, renewable energy, global warming, mobility, ethics, data protection, cybersecurity and more. 

What scientific breakthroughs will impact our lives tomorrow? And as remote learning has become the new normal, has the transformation of education started? Some of the topics we want to look into are Neuroscience, Edtech, Data science, distance learning and more.

Social distancing, isolation, rapid change, unemployment, imposter syndrome, emotional stress, and other factors can cause severe harm to our overall state of being. How can we program our mindset to cope with these challenges and how can we ensure the social well-being and overall well-being of people while dealing with crisis, fear and grief.

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Microservices, NOSQL, Tech Debt, APIs, Infrastructure, Open Source, Fullstack vs the rest, Scaling Tech, Drupal / Wordpress, Symfony, Micro Frontends. Coding for beginners / as essential skill for future work and other related topics.

Soft skills, leadership, networking, personal branding, productivity, salary negotiation and personal financial planning/management and other related topics.

Pitching, fundraising & equity, hiring, Branding & UX, customer development, revenue, legal, product development and other related topics.



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