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Monica Kumar

SVP Marketing, Nutanix; Board Member, Watermark at Nutanix

Less Perfection, More Authenticity!

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Angie Westbrock

VP of Global Operations at Lyft, Inc

Amplifying your Impact: don't just lean in, lock arms

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Caterina Rindi

Rindi headshot.jpg
Director of Community, Open-Source Team at G-Research, Open-Source Software Team

How a Kindergarten Teacher Ended Up Working at a Blockchain Startup

How does a bilingual, elementary school teacher go from the Kindergarten classroom of a public school to traveling internationally and speaking at conferences about bitcoin, blockchain, peer-to-peer technologies, and open-source software? Come hear about this non-linear journey tied together by curiosity, continual learning, and deep values in education and people helping people.

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Tracy Ragan

CEO at DeployHub, Inc.

Building a diverse open source community as a start-up strategy

Not every start-up needs a boat load of VC funding to be successful. The key to success is 'adoption.' Building a diverse open source community around an open source core is one way to build adoption without the need for outside funding. In this session we will walk through the decision making process to determine if your solution could be an open source winner.

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J. Michelle Maraj

Financial Systems Analyst at Lyft

Common Data Visualization Mistakes

As data visualization tools become easier to use, our charts become more misleading. While we may not all be designing dashboards that will be seen by hundreds, there’s a high chance in our jobs we will create at least one or two charts. Perhaps we try to fit too much detail on the page, or maybe our aggregations don’t make sense for the audience. This talk will go over common data visualization mistakes, and how we can stop ourselves from making them.

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Alaina Talboy

Design Researcher II at Microsoft

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

So many women I have the pleasure of working with tell me that they spend years trying to overcome imposter syndrome, or the feeling of not belonging in the role they earned. I myself have dealt with the difficulties of feeling like I don't belong or got into my role by chance. But that's not the case! These feelings are particularly salient for women in fields that are traditionally male dominated, and are compounded when women feel unappreciated or unsupported in the workplace. In this talk, I'll explain how I've personally overcome imposter syndrome and helped hundreds… read more

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Asma Khalid

Lead Product Developer at Crime Investigation & Prevention Lab - NCBC - ITU

Understanding RESTful API Lifecycle (Development, Testing, Deployment & Integration) using ASP.NET MVC

In my talk attendee will learn about basic lifecycle (Development, Testing, Deployment & Integration) of RESTfull web API using ASP.NET MVC. My Talk will have following agenda i.e.

1. RESTful Web API Introduction.
2. JSON Object Mapper.
3. RESTful Web API Development using ASP.NET MVC.
4. RESTful Web API Testing via REST Client.
5. RESTful Web API Deployment.
6. RESTful Web API Integration with C#.NET Console Application.
7. My Contact Details.

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Colleen Wtorek


You Need a Board of Directors. CXO yourself!

Master uncertainty and thrive in chaos.

Sound impossible? No Way! Having the skills to work with uncertainty and chaos is the path to massive personal, career, and business growth. In this talk, Colleen Wtorek will teach you how to master the C suite tasks you need to manage your life, career and/or business, and set you up with the tools to be successful no matter what life throws at you.

I have good news and bad news.
The good news is: covid will end, the craziness that came out of 2020 will end.
The bad news is: something will always be… read more

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Muazma Zahid

Principal Engineering Manger at Microsoft

Breaking through Bias in Tech

Unconscious Bias exists everywhere. In this talk, I would cover how technology often reflects the unconscious biases and prejudices we hold. What can we do when we are building the technology and how to de-bias our code and actions.

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Shruti Gandhi

Founder and Managing Partner at Array Ventures

The Future of Tech Innovation

2020 was a year of great digital tech transformation that changed the way we work and live. New business models and opportunities have emerged that will lead to further avenues for disruption across industries. This session will speak about how innovation in tech will impact and shape the future of business.

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Dilruba Malik

SQA Manager at Palo alto Networks

Transforming your QA team with Emotional Intelligence

Leading a team without meeting your team members in person is a very difficult task. Creating a bond with your team and create credibility require a little more effort during the remote settings. I will share the tricks and tips to make the journey easier with Emotional Intelligence.

In order to be successful as a QA Leader, you need to be an effective communicator, problem-solver, detail orientated, adaptable, and use your time efficiently. You need to be a confident team player who can negotiate for his/her team and unblock any obstacle your team might encounter. You have to… read more

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Ariel Solomon

Sr. Manager, Business Transformation & Analytics at Tesla

Your Reputation Precedes You

Ariel will describe her journey from finance to technology, where she harnessed the power of outcomes-driven work, professional storytelling, networking, and relationship building to advance in her career and ultimately find success in tech.

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Riteka Murugesh

Founder/President/Executive Director of CodELEVATE; High School Senior at Saint Francis High School at CodELEVATE

Highlighting the Hidden ‘A’... STEM to STEAM?

With my talk, I will bring a perspective from the student-side on STEAM. From a young age, I’ve looked to and delved into elements of my Indian culture to learn and implement essential computer science concepts such as recursion and fractal designs. This blend of culture and artistic design that my culture involved was essential to my journey with CS and STEM. Perhaps I don’t do justice to my journey by calling it my journey with STEM. Perhaps I need to—and we need to—highlight the hidden ‘A’. It’s my STEAM journey, as I imagine it is and should be for a plethora of others.

I… read more

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Jyo Shukla

Customer Success Leader

Using the Power of Data to Transform Your Customer's Experience

With SaaS businesses striving to elevate customer experience and influence buying cycles, the power of telemetry data is now greater than ever. This talk focuses on how to effectively use telemetry data points to enable your customers for success.

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Chitra Madhwacharyula

DIrector, Customer Success at Couchbase

Building Consulting Services to maximize Customer Value and Success

How do you make your customers successful by bridging the gap between your company's product offerings and your customer's needs. How do you apply a consultative approach to identify patterns and build service offerings. How do you make your Customer Success and Services Org a differentiator for your company. These are some of the topics we will discuss in this presentation by reviewing some real life examples, best practices and methodologies.
This session will provide insights and value for anyone who is interested in building a successful career working with customers and… read more

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Mamta Suri

Senior Engineering Manager at Workday

Art of Tooting Your Own Horn - Be Visible and Succeed

Why are men promoted more often than women? Why are there more men in the C-suite than women? Women and other genders often assume that hard work alone will get them noticed and advance their careers. It’s important to recognize that along with hard work, it’s crucial to share our strengths and contributions. This talk is not about bragging but owning our accomplishments. It’s about being proud of those accomplishments rather than deflecting them or undermining them. I’ll cover the vital role of self-promotion in advancing one’s career, common misconceptions regarding self-promotion and clear… read more

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Graciela Perez

Founder / Principal at Lean Sigma Tech LLC

Focus your energy on what really matters

Do you find yourself spinning your wheels, being super busy yet not always reaching your desired goal(s)? There is a simple tool you can use to ensure your energy and time are focused on delivering value. It's easy, quick and will help you eliminate the things that are getting in the way of you achieving what really matters,

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Aji Oliyide

Lead Program Manager at Google

Charting a Path to Leadership as a Program Manager

A career in program management is often unknown or forgotten for women early in their career. Many professionals focus on specific industries such as Finance or Marketing without truly understanding that lucrative and varied opportunities lie in the field of Program Management. This talk will share the twists and turns of my journey, including the "what", "why's" and "how's" of becoming a thought leader in Program Management.

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Claudia Galvan

Principal Technical Program Manager at Oracle Corporation

From Local to Global presence

Covid brought many changes last year and was a tipping point for technology. Industries like Education, Health and the workplace were pushed to the limits finding themselves reaching a global audience overnight. The global software development process requires not only changes in the code but changes in the business processes. This talk covers the end to end process of preparing a software product for the world.

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Naomi West

Email Marketing Manager at Invoice2Go

Applying Empathy to Your Email Marketing

What is the true value of email marketing? Is it a medium of batch and blast sends that "help" build relationships with your audience? Is it a 15-series automation that encourages users to complete certain actions? Naomi discusses the true value of applying empathy when shaping email marketing programs, and how you can often see more success by doing less.

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Cloud computing is already an essential part for the majority of the businesses across the world, thanks to a high flexibility, little to no maintenance costs and a higher level of security. The three main areas of discussion are: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS.

Many believe that the current crisis will boost digital marketing in the near future.  Every business is moving online and some will never return offline due to the transformational effect on social attitudes, habits, lifestyles and how people work and shop. Some of the topics will evolve around digital transformation, marketing and growth opportunities during and after the crisis.

Technology has changed the way we communicate and live at the same time history has shown that our own progress can be threatening to humanity. Some of the topics we want to focus on are UN sustainability goals, renewable energy, global warming, mobility, ethics, data protection, cybersecurity and more. 

What scientific breakthroughs will impact our lives tomorrow? And as remote learning has become the new normal, has the transformation of education started? Some of the topics we want to look into are Neuroscience, Edtech, Data science, distance learning and more.

Social distancing, isolation, rapid change, unemployment, imposter syndrome, emotional stress, and other factors can cause severe harm to our overall state of being. How can we program our mindset to cope with these challenges and how can we ensure the social well-being and overall well-being of people while dealing with crisis, fear and grief.

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