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Fiona Tan

CTO at Wayfair

How AI Can Enhance the Customer Experience

Initial success applying AI/ML to marketing, led to AI adoption throughout Wayfair in traditional and nontraditional applications. From marketing to search performance, personalization and more recently supply chain challenges, AI has helped the business grow and adapt to new challenges. Fiona Tan can speak broadly to these themes or focus specifically on one in depth to match one of the talking tracks above.

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Prerna Mahajan

Chief - Project Oversight and Technology Strategy at California Dept. of Social Services

Work with Purpose and Mindfulness

This will help you to find the WHY behind what you do for work and also being mindful of your needs while giving your 100%.

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Daniela Barbosa

General Manager, Blockchain and Identity, and Hyperledger Foundation Executive Director at Linux Foundation

Breaking the Internet: How open source, Web3 technologies can help level the playing field (and smash the tech patriarchy)

Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Jeff Bezos and, now, Elon Musk. These are the men at the center of the current Internet. Ironic given the network was very intentionally developed to survive and thrive as a distributed communications system. But, thanks to the evolution of web technologies, the data, and therefore the power, is largely centralized on a few key platforms. At first glance, that might seem okay. You can log in with a Facebook or Google account to sites around the world and go about your business without added effort. However, where the data goes, the money goes. And the influence… read more

Monica Bajaj

VP of Engineering at Okta

Identity: The foundation of Trust for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has fundamentally changed how businesses interact with customers and consumers. As each new technology expands, the threat landscape and managing these risks continue to get more challenging. Regardless of the north star for digital transformation being reduced operational cost or increased revenue, it is critical to manage the risks. And there comes the Identity which is one of the cornerstones of the digital economy. Organizations that continue to rely on traditional identity verification methods will find themselves playing catch up. Identity crosses the… read more

Asha Keddy

Former Corporate VP and GM, Intel; Independent Board Director Smith Micro Software

The Future is Now: CIO Panel on Emerging Technologies and Business Strategy

In this panel, CIOs from leading companies will discuss how emerging technologies are driving business innovation and transforming industries. The discussion will also touch on how CIOs can effectively balance innovation with business strategy and drive successful outcomes. Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights into how to leverage emerging technologies to drive business growth and competitive advantage.

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Poonam Garg

Vice President at U.S. Bank

CTO view on AI: friends or enemies?

When it comes to businesses like airlines and banks, artificial intelligence is a topic that fascinates & attracts companies to define automation & digitization as services to end-user customer

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Rebecca Schriver

Vice President Technology and Information Services, Gas Distribution at Enbridge

The Importance of the Customer Voice: Enhancing Your Digital Strategy Through Customer Feedback Insights

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing digital landscape, it's more important than ever for organizations to stay attuned to the needs and preferences of their customers. This is where the voice of the customer comes in - by gathering and analyzing customer feedback, organizations can better understand what their customers want and need and use this insight to inform and improve their digital offerings. In this session, we'll explore the importance of the voice of the customer in digital strategy and discuss best practices for gathering and acting on customer feedback. We… read more

Anu Bharadwaj

President at Atlassian

Long-term resilience: How to manage your energy to manage your time

From product manager and developer, to Chief Operating Officer and now President, Atlassian's Anu Bharadwaj has nearly two decades of experience thriving in high-growth, high-speed environments. With a track record of leading transformations, building billion-dollar businesses, and shipping blockbuster products, she is often pulled in about a hundred different directions. And while building for resilience in one's career is one thing, sustaining it is another aspect entirely. In this talk, Anu will share the crucial difference between managing time and energy – because they are not… read more

Uma Dama

Director, Cloud Operations at BlackLine

The Strategic Importance of Project, Program, and Portfolio Management in Today's Business Environment

This session will provide a comprehensive overview of project, program, and portfolio management, and explore the differences between each. Attendees will learn the key characteristics, responsibilities, and skills required for each level of management, as well as how they interact with each other to ensure successful project delivery. Additionally, this session will provide insights into the benefits of utilizing each management level in organizations, including how they can help improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

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Carole Winqwist

CMO at GitGuardian

Exposed credentials - How attackers find and exploit secrets in source code

GitHub is the largest platform for open-source code, more than 80 million developers are active on the platform and tens of millions of public repositories are created every single year. But public code distribution on this scale brings with it a serious security threat, the unwanted exposure of API keys, credentials, and other secrets, a problem known as Secrets Sprawl.

These secrets are the crown jewels of our applications and if leaked can grant attackers access to our application's core infrastructure and data. This includes access to databases, cloud… read more

Divya Anand

Associate Vice President of Marketing at Tata Communications

The Future of Work: Navigating the Intersection of Technology and Human Potential

What are the odds that AI will revolutionize the career trajectory for women? Will hiring and retention have more biases, or is there a way to neutralize the gender divide with the march of automation?

The question being asked is how we will be able to prioritize women's career growth in a world with AI by leveraging technology to create more inclusive and equitable workplaces. One of women's most significant challenges is the potential for gender biases to be perpetuated or amplified by automated systems.

The other is the gender digital divide, which… read more

Deb Cupp

President at Microsoft, North America

Creating a Winning Culture

A lifelong athlete, Deb Cupp approaches everything with a team-first attitude and the mindset of a coach. She puts employees, customers, and partners first, fostering a community where individuals are encouraged to create a journey that is meaningful to them. Deb is deeply passionate about building a culture for her team where everyone can show up as their true authentic selves and are free to be curious, to experience, and to share the things they learn.

In her talk, Deb will highlight the value of creating a positive and inclusive team culture, share how she’s done it, and… read more

Lauren Van Wazer

Vice President, Global Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs at Akamai Technologies

Breaking Barriers: Climbing the Ladder and Breaking the Glass Ceiling for Women in Tech

Using the presenter's own career, the session will explore some of the techniques that might be helpful and offer insights on some of the ongoing professional challenges faced by women in technology. It also offers perspective on the opportunities for women pursuing a STEM and cybersecurity career.

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Anna Radulovski

CEO & Founder at WomenTech Network

Welcome to the Women in Tech Global Conference

Welcome to the Women in Tech Global Conference 2023! This full-week virtual event will be packed with inspiring talks, engaging panel discussions, and hands-on workshops dedicated to advancing the female presence in the tech industry. Through this conference, you'll have the opportunity to network with influential women from around the world who are leading the charge for gender equality in tech. Join us and experience a week of learning, empowerment, and collaboration!

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Claire Barrett

Deputy CIO at NIST

Who Me? A CIO? How I Got Here and Where I'm Going

Unconventional path into the IT field to the C-suite; how I got here, what worked, what didn't, what I'd do differently, what I'm doing now, and what I'm working towards for my future.

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Cindy Goldberg

VP Silicon Alliances at Canonical

The Next Breakthrough in Open Source

Open source has been a magical accelerant for innovation in software; with the mesmerizing sophistication of AI chatbots, as the latest example. Developers from every corner of the planet can contribute and benefit from open source projects. A given open source package could have a hundred dependencies- each of those dependencies has a version that is subject to updates and security patching. So how can you be sure that your open source project and all of its dependencies will work and be secure for a decade? The next frontier in open source will be eradicating the hidden… read more

Denise Lee

Vice President, Cisco Engineering Sustainability Office at Cisco Systems, Inc.

Mobilizing a Movement for Good: Accelerating Sustainability

Sustainability is the challenge of our times. We have the opportunity, responsibility and obligation to our future generations to make a real impact through the trifecta of private, public and non-profits. The future is ours to shape and technology, together with data, can incite and accelerate the journey to net zero.

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Yasemin Cengiz

Global Senior Manager Data & Analytics at PEPSICO DIGITAL HUB

PepsiCo's Digital Transformation : Data Analytics meets Service Design

Conversation around the role that Data Analytics and Service Design play in Digital Transformation and how the two complement each other.
The conversation will be led by Yasemin Cengiz, Senior Data Engineering Manager, and Caterina Conte, Service Design Manager, in the PepsiCo Digital Hub in Barcelona.

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Vicky Mackie

SVP of Talent Operations at Toptal

How To Prepare Your Talent Pipeline for Turbulent Times

Everyone in tech is navigating a topsy-turvy labor market and a potential global recession. Those in hiring and leadership positions are also coming up against ongoing, global skill shortages that are predicted to keep getting worse. Vicky Mackie, Toptal’s Senior Vice President of Talent Operations, offers insights to help leaders manage their talent pipeline during this challenging time.

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Christy Schumann

Chief Customer Officer at Toptal

Borderless Hiring: Tap Into a Global Remote Workforce To Gain a Competitive Edge

Given the current macroeconomic environment, impactful, efficient, and cost-effective access to the best talent is critical. Christy Schumann, Toptal’s Chief Customer Officer, will speak to how both talent and business leaders can benefit from a borderless hiring mentality and remote work.

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