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    On May 21, 2024, Synopsys hosted an inspiring networking event for women in tech at Digital Village Paris. This was the first event for the WomenTech Network Paris Chapter, marking a significant milestone in creating a dedicated space for women in technology to connect and support each other. 

    The event brought together a diverse group of professionals, providing a platform to share experiences, build connections, and discuss the unique challenges and opportunities faced by women in the tech industry. 

    The evening began with a vibrant networking session where attendees enjoyed drinks and snacks while mingling with fellow tech enthusiasts. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation and excitement as women from various tech backgrounds gathered to exchange ideas and stories. 

    Helena Krupnova, Group Director of Emulation R&D at Synopsys, kicked off the speaking sessions with an inspiring leader talk. Helena shared her remarkable journey from being a computer science engineering student in Estonia to earning a PhD in France and becoming a key figure at Synopsys. She emphasized the importance of passion and hard work in both technical and managerial roles. Helena also highlighted the significant impact Synopsys technology has on the global tech landscape, proudly stating, "I can say that your phones have chips that I have designed!" Her message to the women in the audience was clear: believe in yourself and don't hesitate to speak up in unfair situations. 

    Nesrine Nasraoui, a Senior Application Engineer at Synopsys, followed with a captivating career talk. She began by posing the question, "Why am I here today?" and proceeded to recount her professional journey from Tunisia to France, detailing her rise from a consultant to a senior engineer at Synopsys. Nesrine discussed the challenges she faced, especially balancing work and life after becoming a mother. She shared her experiences with product validation and quality assurance, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and leadership development. Nesrine concluded with a powerful call to action, encouraging women to take steps to provoke change in the tech industry. 

    The highlight of the evening was the panel discussion moderated by Luc Elman, Executive Director and Chief of Staff at Synopsys. The panel featured esteemed speakers, including: 

    - Nathalie Zaghlan: Nathalie discussed the challenges of being recognized as an individual contributor and the importance of competence and hard work in overcoming biases. 

    -  Vincent Bouly de Lesdain: Vincent shared his approach to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, emphasizing communication, motivation, and understanding each team member's work-life balance. 

    - Martine Antonio: Martine spoke about the transition from technical roles to sales, highlighting the need for perseverance, passion, and technical expertise in today's market. 

    The panel also addressed questions from the audience, including discussions on how father figures support their partners in achieving career goals while balancing family responsibilities. The insights provided by the panelists were both enlightening and empowering, offering practical advice and personal anecdotes. 

    Imane Laib, Industrial Data Scientist at SIAAP and WomenTech Network Paris Leader, also provided valuable insights during the event. Reflecting on the significance of this inaugural event for the Paris Chapter, Imane stated, "This event marks the beginning of a strong and supportive community for women in tech in Paris. It's about creating spaces where we can share our journeys, support each other, and collectively push the boundaries of what women can achieve in technology.


    The event concluded with another networking session, giving attendees the opportunity to further connect and reflect on the discussions of the evening. The sense of community and mutual support was evident, leaving everyone inspired and motivated to continue advocating for inclusivity and diversity in the tech industry. 

    Final Thoughts:

    The Women in Tech Networking Event in Paris provided a supportive and empowering environment for women to share their experiences, build professional relationships, and gain valuable insights from industry leaders. Events like these are crucial in driving change and fostering a more inclusive tech industry. As Helena Krupnova aptly put it, "You should believe in yourself." This event was a testament to the power of belief, hard work, and community in shaping the future of women in tech. 

    Connect with the local WomenTech Paris community on LinkedIn and stay tuned for future events that continue to celebrate and empower women in technology. 
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