Celebrating the stalwarts who have taken the helm of leadership within the WomenTech Network, guiding it towards new horizons of success and inclusivity.


Nominations are now open.

Competition Overview

The WomenTech Network Leader of the Year Award is a prestigious accolade that recognizes a woman who has shown significant leadership within the WomenTech Network. This award honors those who have driven initiatives, fostered community engagement, and actively promoted diversity and inclusion within the network.

The award recipient will be chosen by a jury composed of WomenTech Network leaders and members. Nominees will be evaluated based on their leadership skills, positive impact on the community, and demonstrated dedication to the organization's goals.

How does it work?

  • Complete the application form, demonstrating your leadership within the WomenTech Network and your positive impact on the community.
  • Applications will be reviewed by a jury comprising WomenTech Network leaders and members.
  • The winner will be celebrated and recognized at our Global Awards ceremony featuring the WomenTech Network Leader of the Year Award.

Who is it for?

  • Active members of the WomenTech Network who have taken on leadership roles.
  • Individuals who have successfully led initiatives and fostered community engagement.
  • Champions of diversity and inclusion within the WomenTech Network.

Interested in applying?

Have you been the torchbearer, leading the way in the WomenTech Network? Is your leadership marked by innovation, community building, and a relentless pursuit of diversity and inclusion? If you are a lighthouse guiding the WomenTech community through the stormy seas towards a brighter future, this award could be yours. Embark on the application journey and let your leadership be recognized, celebrated, and etched into the annals of WomenTech history.

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"I really value WomenTech Network for their efforts to lift up girls and women around the world.
I'm very fortunate to be surrounded by so many supportive colleagues and friends, including at Wing, who have supported me throughout my career."

Shannon Nash, Chief Financial Officer at Wing (an Alphabet Company)

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