hire tech talent


    Highly skilled tech talent that will be the perfect fit for your company can be hard to come by. As demand exceeds the number of qualified individuals, competition is tough and experienced professionals can be selective. The cream of the crop know they don’t have to settle for just any job offer. So, if you’re looking to employ the very best, what will make the top tech talent choose you?

    As an employer, you want an employee that offers the full package when it comes to fulfilling the role. Well, they expect the same from you. The total package, that means the right compensation, the right benefits, career prospects and a company culture they can fit into.

    Here’s what you can do to attract and retain the top tech talent for your company:

    1. Expand your search area

    If you’re struggling to fill positions from homegrown talent, then it’s time to look beyond the borders of the country. Thanks to EU mobility, freedom of movement, and the rise of remote workers, companies and recruiters have the option of hiring from anywhere there is a concentration of tech talent. 

    According to an article by Entrepreneur.com the top four European cities to find untapped tech talent are as follows: 

    • Stockholm, Sweden
    • Kiev, Ukraine
    • Tallinn, Estonia
    • Valletta, Malta

    If you’re looking for developers specifically, then the State of European Tech report for 2018 points you in the direction of Iceland, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden as the countries with the highest density of developers in all of Europe. There is no reason why your company has to lose out on experts just because of its location!

    2. Be present and visible in the local tech scene

    If prospective employees have never heard of you, then they aren’t going to see you as a viable or trustworthy option. The tech community is a close-knit and a thriving one. There are countless online and offline events, workshops, and community forums all across Europe and beyond. 

    For example, WomenTech Network is one such online community which brings together top tier female engineers, product managers, designers and marketeers. They hold events throughout the year where companies can meet with prospective employees.

    Get involved. They are not only a great opportunity for partnerships, but let you meet and find expert talent in whatever field you require. By participating and being visible in these events and communities, you’ll also put your company on the map in the minds of job seekers in tech space. 

    3. Use the right technology

    This is kind of a no brainer. You won’t attract the top IT professionals if you aren’t using the top equipment or technology. The top tier talent want to work with technology that interests and excites them. Chances are they have high-quality tech at home… you need to match that or better it! 

    The technology you use will say a lot about you, and a lot about how much you value your tech team. You may not be able to afford the latest gadgets or cutting-edge technology, but as long as you can show that you invest in your technology, that it is current and relevant to the field, then you can attract the type of IT candidates you seek.

    4. Provide flexible work schedules

    The 9-5 concept is pretty dated. The modern workforce expect more flexibility and a company that not only understands work-life balance but demonstrates it with policies that protects employees’ personal life needs. 

    Flexitime and work-from-home options are not only attractive to potential employees, but they benefit your company too, as they boost productivity, engagement, and increase employee retention. 

    5. Offer an attractive career path

    Top tech talent are the top because they have the drive and ambition to be the best in their field. If you want them to join your team, you’ve got to show them that they can continue to grow within your company. Lay out a road map for potential hires clearly showing how joining you will boost their career and help them achieve their professional goals.

    6. Tailor your compensation package

    Candidates aren’t only interested in the salary you can offer. If you can’t offer the highest salary, you can still be the most attractive employer. Set yourself apart from the other offers by tailoring a compensation package that appeals to the candidates' personal and professional priorities. 
    Lifestyle benefits such as relocation allowance, childcare assistance, on-site cafeterias, health and well-being facilities are a good place to start. Don’t forget benefits that will help advance employees' careers, such as continuing professional development and training opportunities.

    There is no one-size-fits-all compensation package, but if you can find the right balance between financial, lifestyle benefits and career opportunities you can attract the right talent to your team. 

    By focusing on what really matters to candidates and tapping into talent pools beyond your borders, you can attract the cream of the crop of tech talent for your business.