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    In celebration of the remarkable talent and dedication within our community, we are thrilled to highlight the top 10 contributors to WomenTech Network's community articles. These exceptional individuals have consistently provided valuable insights, inspiring stories, and innovative ideas that enrich our network and empower women in technology. Their contributions span a wide range of topics, from cutting-edge advancements in AI and cybersecurity to personal journeys of overcoming challenges and breaking barriers in the tech industry. Each contributor brings a unique perspective, drawing from their diverse backgrounds and experiences, which not only enhances the depth and breadth of our content but also fosters a sense of solidarity and inspiration among our members. Through their hard work and passion, they have become role models and thought leaders, helping to pave the way for future generations of women in tech.

    Please find below the top 10 contributors, listed in order of the number of articles they have contributed.  

    1.Catherine Castillo

    Catherine Castillo is a Partner and Director at Codertal, Supertap, Machine Ventures, and MyKuya. Originally from Manila, Philippines, she now resides in Ängelholm, Sweden. Catherine is a global citizen with a diverse background in entrepreneurship, healthcare, performing arts, fitness, pole sports, scuba diving, and aviation. She oversees startups in Asia and leads a venture in Sweden expanding into the US and the Nordics. Beyond her professional life, Catherine enjoys self-care, crafting cocktails, and spending time with her blended family as a bonus mom to three children. She lives by the philosophy of 'In Permanent Beta,' embracing continuous growth and adaptation.

    Top contributions: Are Virtual Tech Forums Leveling the Playing Field for Women in Tech?Can Local Community Engagement Boost Women's Representation in Tech?Can Part-Time Tech Jobs Lead to Full-Time Success for Women?Can Personal Branding Make a Difference in Overcoming Career Stagnation for Women in Tech?How Can Mentorship Programs Shape the Flexible Career Paths for Women in Tech? | How Can Women Develop a Powerful Public Speaking Persona in the Tech Industry? | What Are the Benefits of Virtual Networking Events for Women in Tech? | What Are the Key Strategies for Building a Strong Personal Brand in the Tech Industry? | What Challenges Do Women Face in Content Creation and How Can We Overcome Them? | What Role Does Mentorship Play in Empowering Women Entrepreneurs? | What Strategies Can Women Use to Negotiate Work-From-Home Arrangements in Tech?

    2. Diana Nitescu

    Diana Nitescu is the CEO and Founder of OctogonHUB, specializing in deeptech, science, and research startups. With 22 years of corporate experience, she mentors startups and IT&C companies in CyberSecurity Policy, aiming to bridge the gap between advanced technology creators and corporate/government sectors. Her mantra is "look around and add a 1 where it doesn't exist."

    Starting her journey in the Faculty of Psychology, Diana launched an NGO for high-performance youth development. She has since organized over 300 global internships and events, impacting over 22,000 young individuals.

    Diana's numerous accolades include the 2024 PatriotFEST Gold Award and the 2023 BURJ CEO Visionary CEO of the Year. She is actively involved in organizations like IEEE Standards Association and WomenTech Network, mentoring and fostering innovation in the tech industry.

    Top contributions: What Steps Can Organizations Take to Ensure Their Cybersecurity Policies Empower Women? | Why Is Female Representation in Cybersecurity More Important Now Than Ever?

    3. Ayfar Khan

    Ayfar Khan is the Founder of Ayfar.tech and a Research and Communication Officer at the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) in Lahore, Pakistan. With over 21 years in graphic design and video production, she excels in creating compelling content and visual storytelling for global brands. 

    Ayfar holds a Bachelor's in Fine Arts and a Master's in Communication Studies, specializing in film and TV production. Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and Final Cut Pro, she leverages her extensive expertise to drive digital presence and marketing initiatives. 

    Active in networks like Forbes Technology, Forbes Women, and WomenTech Network, Ayfar is passionate about empowering businesses through creativity and seeks remote opportunities in graphic design and video editing.

    Top contributions: How to Adjust Your Freelance Rates Over Time as a Woman in the Tech Industry?

    4. Zanel Viljoen

    Zanel Viljoen is the Head of IT Recruitment at Bluegrass in Johannesburg, South Africa. With a diverse background in MMA, psychology, medicine, marketing, recruitment, tech, and retail, she brings a unique skill set that enhances her adaptability and leadership. She holds a BA in Health Sciences and Social Services (Psychology) and an Honors degree in Psychology from the University of South Africa, along with extensive professional development in tech and leadership.

    Zanel is passionate about advocating for women in tech and promoting gender inclusivity. Her commitment to continuous learning and innovation drives her to empower other women and shape the future of the tech industry.

    Top contributions: How Can Online Communities Empower Women in Tech to Break the Glass Ceiling? | How Do Local Tech Groups Empower Women in Their Professional Growth? | How Do Virtual Collaboration Spaces Drive Innovation Among Women in Technology? | What Are the Benefits of Virtual Networking Events for Women in Tech? | What Are the Key Strategies for Building a Strong Personal Brand in the Tech Industry? | What Strategies Can Women Use to Negotiate Work-From-Home Arrangements in Tech?

    5. Veronika Lukyanchuk

    Veronika Lukyanchuk is a Learning and Development Specialist at Forte Group with over six years of experience in service training, English instruction, and EdTech product development for international software companies. As a Google-certified coach, she seamlessly blends teaching and technology. Veronika is passionate about adult education, upskilling, and staying current with learning and development trends. 

    She excels in HR and L&D Business Partnering, advocating for Learning In The Flow of Work (LIFOW), Blended Learning, and Designed Experience. Veronika is an author of customized educational programs that enhance company branding and promote a unique learning culture. Her background in English coaching has honed her people skills, making her adept at understanding and meeting people's needs through collaborative learning sessions. Her core values include constant learning and personal and professional growth.

    Top contributions: How Can Learning Management Systems Better Serve Women in Leadership Positions in Tech? | How Can Women Leverage Peer-Led Learning Groups for Career Advancement in Tech? | How Important Is Personal Branding in Networking for Female Entrepreneurs? | How to Overcome Procrastination: Are There Unique Strategies for Women in Tech? | What Are the Benefits of Virtual Networking Events for Women in Tech? | What Are the Essential Steps for Women to Take Before Making a Major Career Change? What Innovative Leadership Strategies Are Women in Tech Utilizing? | Why Are Strategic Networking Skills Crucial for Women in Tech Leadership Positions?

    6. Neelima Mangal

    Neelima Mangal is a Delivery Tech Executive, Forbes and MIT CIO Council Member, author, podcast host, and co-founder of Spectrum North in Milton, Ontario, Canada. With 25+ years of experience in the USA and Canada, she holds a Master's in Computer Science and is recognized as a top leader in tech.

    Her accolades include Forbes Tech Council 2023 Top 20 Member and Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Tech 2022. She hosts "The Power of Women in the World of Tech" podcast and has worked with companies like Apple, AT&T, and Wells Fargo.

    Neelima is known for building high-performing teams, driving tech innovation, and solving real-world problems. Her book, "Climb, Lead, Succeed," is featured in the Forbes Executive Library. Passionate about supporting women in tech, she is a WomenTech Global Ambassador and a keynote speaker.

    Top contributions: How Important Is Personal Branding in Networking for Female Entrepreneurs?Is Generative AI the Key to Achieving Gender Equality in Tech Roles? | What Challenges Do Women Face in the Generative AI Space, and How Can We Overcome Them? | What Role Does AI Play in Bridging the Gender Gap in Education? | What Strategies Can Women in STEM Adopt to Enhance Their Creative Problem-Solving Skills? Why Is Female Leadership Crucial in the Evolution of Generative AI?

    7. Yamini Harikrishnan

    Yamini Harikrishnan is a Six Sigma Black Belt and Scaled Agile Product Owner/Product Manager with two decades of experience in consumer financing, revenue operations, and sales enablement. She has successfully managed over 300 multi-million-dollar projects for 70+ high-profile clients, holding roles such as Assistant Vice President, Senior Consultant, and Innovation Partner. 

    Certified in AI and Emerging Technologies from the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, Yamini combines business insights with advanced technology. She is a Guinness World Record holder and recipient of the Exceptional Leadership and Bold Value Award.

    As a global ambassador and mentor in the WomenTech Network, Yamini has guided young innovators and entrepreneurs to success in national and global competitions, including events by the United Nations and UNESCO.

    Top contributions: How Can Women Drive Sustainability Through Product Lifecycle Management? | How Do Senior Women Leaders Identify and Nurture Potential Mentees? | How Do You Build Trust and Transparency in Remote Teams? | What Are the Benefits of Virtual Networking Events for Women in Tech? | What Are the Best Practices for Women in Tech to Handle Q&A Sessions Confidently?

    8. Chaquinta Fisher

    Chaquinta Fisher is the I.T. Support Manager at McLennan County in Waco, Texas, USA with over two decades of experience in government technology. She holds an AAS in Microcomputer Technology and multiple micro-certifications, including Corporate Cybersecurity Manager and Incident Management. Recognized as a 2021 and 2022 ELGL Top 100 Local Government Influencer, she is also a guest columnist, advisor for Texas A&M Texarkana Digital Marketing Program, and WomenTech Circle Leader.

    Chaquinta is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in IT, particularly for women and the BIPOC community. Known for her helpfulness and calm demeanor, she enjoys improving best practices in technology support and making people laugh. Her contributions to the IT community include speaking engagements and mentoring, and she is passionate about fostering teamwork and driving positive change in technology.

    Top contributions: Can Technology Bridge the Gender Gap in STEM Worldwide? | What Are the Benefits of Virtual Networking Events for Women in Tech? | What Are the Best Practices for Women to Engage and Inspire Their Audience? | What Makes a Mentorship Program Successful for Women in Technology? | What Role Do Male Allies Play in Promoting Inclusion for Women in Tech Education? | What Strategies Help Women in Tech Maintain a Healthy Family Life While Climbing the Career Ladder? | What’s the Best Way for Women in Tech to Showcase Their Skills on LinkedIn?

    9. Sripada Manasa Lakshmi

    Sripada Manasa Lakshmi is a seasoned Cybersecurity Instructor with extensive hands-on experience and multiple industry-recognized certifications, including CEH, Security+, CySA+, and CASP+. She has a proven track record of developing and delivering comprehensive training programs for students, equipping them with essential cybersecurity skills. Sripada's experience spans both corporate and government organizations, making her well-versed in the latest cybersecurity trends and best practices. She is committed to helping individuals and organizations protect their systems and data from cyber threats, and is known for her ability to deliver customized training programs tailored to specific client needs. Passionate about sharing her knowledge and expertise, Sripada is a valuable resource in the cybersecurity community.

    Top contributions: Can Robotics and Automation Be Feminist? Exploring Women's Impact | What Are the Essential Skills Women in Tech Need for Future-Proofing Their Careers? | What Challenges Do Women Face in Quantum Computing and How Are They Overcoming Them? | What Does It Take for Women to Thrive in Male-Dominated Tech Fields?

    10. Aditi Godbole

    Aditi Godbole is a Senior Data Scientist at SAP in Bellevue, WA, with over 11 years of extensive experience in data science. She has played pivotal roles at GE Power, Nissan, and Qualcomm, consistently showcasing strategic leadership and delivering impactful, data-driven solutions. At SAP, Aditi shapes AI and machine learning strategy and leads large-scale AI/ML projects.

    Her notable achievements include contributing to research articles, holding patents, and actively mentoring others in the ML and Data Science field. Aditi is also a thought leader, known for composing technical articles and delivering impactful presentations to executive leadership.

    Top contributions: Are Virtual Tech Forums Leveling the Playing Field for Women in Tech? | How Can We Foster More Inclusive Communities with Natural Language Processing? What Future Opportunities Does Natural Language Processing Hold for Women in Tech? | What Role Do Mentorship Programs Play in Empowering Women in Technology? | What Role Do Women Play in Bridging the Gender Gap in Data Science? | Why Is Female Leadership Crucial in the Evolution of Generative AI?

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