Top Talks on Continuous Learning

    In an era defined by rapid technological advancements and ever-evolving professional landscapes, continuous learning has emerged as a cornerstone of success and resilience. The Women in Tech Global Conference 2024 highlighted this critical theme, bringing together trailblazing women from across the globe to share their insights, experiences, and strategies for perpetual growth. This article delves into the top talks from the conference, spotlighting the wisdom and innovative approaches of leading women in tech who are shaping the future through relentless curiosity and learning. Whether you're an industry veteran or an aspiring technologist, these talks offer invaluable guidance and inspiration for navigating the dynamic world of technology.

    Amanda Spencer, Director, Solutions Engineering, ANZ at Cloudflare

    Amanda is an experienced IT professional with more than 25 years in consultancy, technical solutions architecture, and leadership, with top-tier certifications like CCIE and CISSP. Amanda has extended an impressive track record of bridging the gap between people, processes, and technology, aligning technical solutions with business goals.

    Key Takeaways from the session:

    • "Don't just lead the team, BECOME the team: How continuous learning builds trust and unlocks your full potential." This leaves a lasting impression with a clear call to action.

    • "Certs Aren't Just Paperweights: They're Keys to Unlocking Success in a Rapidly Evolving Tech Landscape." This emphasizes the long-term value of ongoing learning.

    • "From Solo Learner to Shared Journey: How continuous learning can transform your tech team into a powerhouse." This focuses on the collaborative aspect of learning.

    Archana Jain, Group Chief Technology Officer at Zurich Insurance Group

    Archana Jain joined Zurich Insurance as Group Chief Technology Officer in August 2022, bringing extensive leadership experience. Passionate about continuous learning and personal growth, she advocates for equal opportunities for women in STEM and promotes diversity and inclusion. 

    Previously, as VP for Global Technology Solutions at Verizon Consumer Group, she led planning and technology teams and drove cultural transformation. As CIO for Verizon Partner Solutions, she modernized enterprise billing platforms, consolidated systems for efficiency, and implemented design thinking and agile practices. 

    With a diverse background and a commitment to technological advancement, Archana is dedicated to ensuring secure infrastructure and fostering innovation and collaboration at Zurich.

    Key Takeaways from the session:

    • Why the concept of endless learning is more important than ever in today's changing times, both for personal and professional growth

    • How to go about perpetual learning while juggling other challenges (a 9/5 job, a family etc.), also - and especially! - in a tech environment

    • A step by step plan to go from concept to reality and a look at the potential of long-term learning

    Devi Kyanam, VP, Global Head of Data Engineering and Decision Intelligence at The Coca-Cola Company

    Devi is the VP, Global head of Data Engineering and Decision Intelligence at The Coca-Cola Company, where she drives the data strategy for the company and leads data engineering, data architecture and data science teams across the globe. Devi has a rich background in leading large-scale data organizations for companies such as Target Corporation, United Health Group, and Alight Solutions. Her experience ranges from leading cross-functional teams for Data Science and Analytics to working hands-on with Engineering teams.
     Based in Atlanta, GA with her husband (Chandra) and two adult children (Bhargavi and Karthik), Devi is a mindfulness practitioner and enjoys coffee, meditation, and hiking.

    Key Takeaways from her session:

    • Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning

    • Seek a purpose to impact the world around you

    • Pursue continuous learning in all areas of life

    Kim Curley, Vice President, Head of People & Organization Consulting at NTT DATA

    Kim Curley leads the People & Organization Consulting Practice for NTT DATA Services, focusing on helping leaders and organizations thrive through change. She delivers organizational change management and workforce transformation solutions and serves as Executive Sponsor for Women Inspire NTT DATA, the company's first employee resource group.

    Kim holds a BBA and MBA from the University of Georgia and an MS in Organization Development from Queens University of Charlotte, where she is also an Adjunct Faculty member. A passionate National Parks enthusiast, book lover, world traveler, and tennis player, she enjoys learning golf. Kim also guest lectures at the University of Georgia and UNC Chapel Hill.

    Key Takeaways from her session:

    • It is all in your head! What's happening in your brain.

    • Breathwork nobody has to know you're doing

    • The clarity of likelihood

    • The wisdom of serenity

    • The freedom of a growth mindset

    The Women in Tech Global Conference 2024 showcased the power of continuous learning through the inspiring stories and practical strategies shared by leading women in the tech industry. These talks not only highlighted the importance of staying curious and adaptable but also emphasized the collective strength of collaborative growth. As we look forward to the next year, the insights and lessons from this conference serve as a reminder of the endless possibilities that continuous learning can unlock.

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