Shannon Nash Women tech network awards

Upon winning the esteemed Women in Tech Global Awards, more specifically the Speaker Award. How did it feel to be recognized for your hard work? 

I'm incredibly honored and grateful. I really value Women in Tech for their efforts to lift up girls and women around the world. I'm very fortunate to be surrounded by so many supportive colleagues and friends, including at Wing, who have supported me throughout my career. 

Also, please share with us about your background, journey into technology, and what inspired you along the way. 

I've always sought out companies whose mission I believe in and that are poised for growth. 

I am intentional about encouraging diversity because I was often the only person in the room who looks like me. Bringing new and helpful technology to market benefits from bringing diverse viewpoints and experiences together. 

I'm energized when I'm part of building and growing companies. 

I'm pleased to be at Wing where we're building an entire new industry around drone delivery, transforming the transportation space, and continuing to expand drone delivery worldwide. In just the last year, we've expanded our operations in the United States, Europe, and Australia. 

Lastly, do you have any advice for other women in tech who may like to pursue a career in this field that could help them on their own journey? 

No one is going to care about your career more than you - be your own best advocate, have a plan, and stay active in your journey. I recommend people create their own board of directors - people you can call on at any time, who care deeply about you and can provide different perspectives on your career and how to advance it. Lastly, find companies and work environments where you are valued. And when you do, be a good steward of that culture and extend a helping hand to others.