WomenTech Global Awards 2021 Winners: Speaker of the Year

    👏 Another round of applause for winners of the WomenTech Speaker Award of the Year 2021!

    🏅 Lucinda Cross, President at ActivateWorldwide
    🏅 Kesha Williams, Principal Training Architect at A Cloud Guru
    🏅 Nicole Scheffler, Enterprise Engineering Manager at VMware

    Congratulations, winners! 👏 🎉🤩

    Join the WomenTech Global Conference 2022 to hear their talks.

    Congratulations to the finalists as well:

    ⭐️ Jossie Haines, VP of Software Engineering at Tile
    ⭐️ Kamila Wosińska, Group Client Compliance Manager, Accredited Coach and Business Mentor at GFT Group
    ⭐️ Kristina Maria BrandstetterAstrid Wieland (she/her) & Doris Schlaffer, Board Members & Founders of #thenewITGirls
    ⭐️ Maria Korneeva, Frontend Technology Lead at Aleri Solutions GmbH
    ⭐️ Sarit Pinhas, Senior Software Engineer at Duda
    ⭐️ Shelli Brunswick, Chief Operating Officer at Space Foundation​​​​​​​