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Software for people who care

Cliniko is dedicated to having the best team possible. No matter what your background is, or how you identify, we encourage you to apply. We know that having a diverse team is necessary to have different perspectives, and is how we’ll continue to find new ways to make Cliniko better. We are committed to the continual diversification of the team as well as constantly improving our inclusivity that is core to how we work.

We're a team of 49 considerate and friendly people, spread around the world. We work completely remotely, although our base is in Melbourne, Australia. We care much more about finding the best person for the job, rather than looking for someone that lives nearby.

We don't have managers, we don't have meetings, there are no time-sheets to complete. We're responsible, autonomous, creative, and proactive in doing our best for our customers.

We're focused on making great software and providing great support. We take pride in doing our best work, and enjoy bettering ourselves and each other. We strive to make the world a bit better, both personally and through our work.

If you want to know more about how we work, our founder, Joel, gave a talk about it which you can find below! 

What makes your company unique?

Great work environment

We want people doing their best work with us. We know that needs a great work environment, and we don't mean a flashy office. Here are some things we do a little differently to enable people to do their best work and live a happy life:

  • 30-hour work week.
  • Complete autonomy.
  • Work from anywhere.
  • Unlimited annual leave (minimum 4 weeks per year).
  • Supplied computer equipment.
  • Ergonomic furniture.
  • Fresh organic fruit delivered weekly to your home.
  • Overseas trips for full team meet-ups (family invited and paid for, too).
  • No managers.
  • No meetings.


Culture at Cliniko

Cliniko was created with the goal of being profitable and ethical at the same time, two things that aren’t mutually exclusive! Many people know that we donate 2% of all customer subscription fees to charity but our values go so much further than this. 

We have a fabulous article that goes over all things related to values and ethics at Cliniko! Check it out: