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Communication technology is relevant for everyone. Every company uses it in some form or another, and every person has experienced communication issues as a consumer. At MessageBird, we’re helping companies talk to their consumers the same way we all talk to our friends - across the latest channels and in real-time — making the customer experience as seamless as possible. We prioritize building solutions all our customers need, helping them to save time because we know every second saved matters. 

Our team is growing — fast. We’ve come a long way as a company, and there’s so much runway ahead of us. You’ll be able to build your career in a massively growing market, causing impact at scale, and shaping the future of our industry. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with passionate, intelligent, and hardworking Birds, you’ll take part in building game-changing omnichannel solutions for some of the world’s biggest tech giants (like Uber, Facebook and Google). The best part? You’ll be part of an agile team that’s bringing customer experience to the next level. We’re not a Corporate, and we’ve got the strength of an incredible team with nearly over a decade of experience. 

So, if you’re interested in joining us for the ride, let us know. Let’s get shit done together.


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