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Unfold is amplifying the capability of vertical farming to delight/fully feed people from “seed to table.”

It starts with providing an integrated offering of superior seeds and digital services, coupled with shared learning and agronomic insight.

Everything we do is in service of making plants better, more resilient, easier to grow, more accessible, more nutritious, and more flavorful. And it’s all responsively attuned to the particular needs of the vertical farming industry.

We’re working within an interconnected community to reimagine the nature of how we sow, grow, and know plants. Join us in creating a world in which the freshest, most nutritious, most delicious produce is available to every person on our planet.

Our principal investors, Leaps by Bayer and Temasek share our HOPE/full vision to expand the boundaries of what’s possible for our collective tomorrow by working hard on what can be done today.

What makes your company unique?

Our blend of technology, agronomy, genetics, and passion for improving the food system has put our team on the cutting edge of innovative solutions for food production. 


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