At Delivery Experience, we build technology that makes deliveries from Allegro easy, cheap, fast, and predictable. We take care of crucial services for the Allegro customer journey. Our most important services are responsible for:

  • estimated delivery time, calculated with statistical algorithms and ML. Its predictions are updated over 12,000 times per second,
  • selection of the delivery method best suited to the customer: traffic up to 1000 rps, response in 200 ms,
  • integration with courier companies, which operates, among others, Free Smart! Delivery: Up to 500 shipment status changes per second.

The Delivery Experience area is also one of the fastest-growing in Allegro, in which we implement new, complex, and ambitious projects:

  • Allegro Fulfillment, in which we offer full logistic service in our warehouses
  • Allegro Last Mile, i.e. monitoring of collection points and parcel machines.

We place emphasis on work in an autonomous and interdisciplinary team and cooperation with product managers, data analysts, and UX. We also value the impact on technology - the team is responsible for the architecture of the solution. We have the influence on what the Allegro customer sees - from the first design, mock-ups, research to implementation. Great responsibility comes with great power - that is why we focus on the quality and failure-free operation of our solutions. You implement into production what you have coded, yourself and you are responsible for its efficiency and stability.

Why is it worth working with us?

  • Our technology stack includes Kotlin or Java;  React or Angular on the frontend;  we store the data in MongoDB, Cassandra, Couchbase, Elasticsearch;  we process data using Spark, Jupyter, Hadoop, GCP. 
  • We operate on a large scale: architecture composed of over 1000 microservices divided into domains, asynchronous communication with the Hermes data bus based on Kafka (100,000 rps of incoming traffic),  traffic between services, measured by Service Mesh, is almost 2 million rps
  • Possibility of development in BigData - data counted in petabytes and Machine Learning used for production
  • We use Code Review, Continuous Integration, Scrum / Kanban, Domain-Driven Design, Test Driven Development, Pair Programming, Event Storming
  • We have an internal ecosystem based on self-services and widely used tools such as Marathon, Docker, Consul, Bitbucket, or Bamboo. Thanks to this, in the first days of work you will be able to create software in the language, architecture, and scale that will be limited only by your imagination
  • We actively participate in the life of the largest groups of users related to technologies in which we work (Java, Python, DevOps) in Poland, organizing trainings/workshops and presentations in Poznań, Warsaw, Toruń, and Kraków
  • We work in an environment combining our two private Data Centers (10,000 servers) and the Public Cloud.
  • You will get a laptop with i7, 32GB RAM, SSD - MacBook Pro 16 '' or 13 '' or an analogous Dell with Windows (if you do not like Macs), two external monitors and all the gadgets you need

We are looking for people who:

  • Program in at least one of the languages ​​running on JVM: Java / Kotlin / Scali / Groovy
  • Expect work that has a deeper meaning and want to enjoy its results
  • Want to be proud of the code they create.
  • Willingly accept feedback and share knowledge during code reviews
  • Have ideas and a willingness to get involved in designing solution architecture
  • Can look for effective solutions to the requirements of users
  • Want to constantly develop and update their knowledge

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