You will join the Gurugram and Bangalore office and will be part of a product team in QuantumBlack Labs. For over ten years, QuantumBlack has been at the forefront of AI and Machine Learning solutions for Advanced Analytics business applications. Our teams in QuantumBlack Labs are responsible for designing products that can explain complex data landscapes and insights to our users.

You will work with software engineers, product managers, data scientists, data engineers and designers to create innovative products and new technologies that facilitate, accelerate and enable the development and deployment of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning solutions at scale in production. 

Operating like an “internal start-up”, we build software that facilitates, accelerates, and enables the development and deployment of AI/Machine Learning solutions. These tools draw on the latest insights from our client work and research & development efforts and deliver solutions as part of delightful experiences. We’ve already done a lot to be proud of, such as building frameworks and libraries for data scientists and data engineers to work on large-scale, complex analytics projects (we open-sourced our award-winning Kedro); creating an “internal open-source” platform to share and reuse machine learning models and other technical assets; designing products that can explain complex data landscapes and insights through novel visualizations; codifying the methodology by which we deliver advanced analytics projects to our clients


At QuantumBlack you will collaborate with a wide range of people from different backgrounds and disciplines whilst drawing on the support and benefits of the wider McKinsey community. You will have a front row seat at the cutting edge of technology research and development areas including machine learning, artificial intelligence, and analytics-powered business transformation across many industries, applying your new knowledge to develop first-to-industry solutions.

What our developers particularly love about QuantumBlack Labs: 

  • Autonomy – Your users sit on the desk next to you, giving you unparalleled insight into key problems and the ability to design solutions iteratively, with literally rapid feedback. The fact that our developers have such good access to users make them great candidates to feed into the product lifecycle and suggest the next big thing!
  • Variety & growth – You’ll be part of an ecosystem of different products, providing unique learning and development opportunities. You're also supported to develop your career through first-class learning program, conference visits and more.
    • Our teams include machine learning engineers, creative technologists, product managers, and designers with various experience spikes who work collaboratively and are passionate about their work. 
    • Creativity, insight and passion come from being balanced. We cultivate a modern work environment through an emphasis on wellness, insightful talks and training sessions.
    • With colleagues from over 40 nationalities, we recognize the benefits of working with people from all walks of life.


You will help the tech lead plan, drive and monitor the delivery of the work and produce high-quality code that allows us to put solutions in production. You will act as a mentor for a group of engineers in a product team.

You will be responsible to translate business problems into engineering solutions, looking at solutions that reach across our tech stack. You will also suggest and build new product features and lead code reviews and lead on refactoring when needed. You will contribute to design decisions while working in a collaborative way with your team members and technical lead advocate. You will be prototyping and exploring novel solution to hard problems, and seeing them through to production. You will also drive the adoption of our engineering best practices and high software engineering standards. You must strive to continuously improve and apply engineering best practices and standards

You will also take part in code reviews and paired-programming sessions

Our Tech stack:

We are currently leveraging Python, Kedro, AWS, Azure, Databricks, Docker, Kubernetes, Django, Flask, and MySQL / Postgres across our product suite.

However, we advocate using the right tech for the right task. Technology evolves and the engineering is responsible to stay up to date with the latest technologies and ensure we make the relevant changes when needed.


A core value at QuantumBlack is fusion and at the heart of our multi-disciplinary teams is the belief that the impact of the entire team is greater than the sum of its individual parts.

You are a highly collaborative individual who can lay aside your own agenda, who can listen and learn from other colleagues and challenges thoughtfully and constructively.

Trust between colleagues is paramount here – you are an individual who can always be trusted to work in the best interests of all colleagues and to achieve the best outcome for QuantumBlack and our clients.

You are naturally enthusiastic and enjoy sharing your passion with others.

You search for ways to improve things, believe in iterative change, experiment with new approaches, learn and improve to move forward quickly


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Bachelor's degree in tech/masters in computer science or equivalent knowledge acquired through work experience

Experience working as a senior individual contributor in small to medium-sized product teams

Experience providing technical mentorship to junior engineers

Ability to write production level code in Python and in-depth knowledge of its ecosystem

Experience designing, building, deploying or maintaining pieces of systems in production

Experience in contributing to the development of small to medium-sized projects such as libraries, frameworks, APIs and software development tools

In-depths knowledge of computer science algorithms, data structures and their time-space complexity

Understanding of highly scaled data problems or ML based products is an advantage

Technical Skills
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Hybrid (Remote with required office time)
Employment Type
Full time

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