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Welcome to the Women Tag Global Conference 2020

My name is Anna Deloy, and I am the co-founder and CEO at Women Tech Network. I am thrilled and excited to be your host for the next few days. We are joined by participants from various nations - hello, Cora from New Zealand, Sophie from London, Zakia from Afghanistan, Paula from Germany, Lena from Jordan, Ozma from Nigeria, Malak from Morocco and more!

Please continue to let us know where you're tuning in from in the chat. I am amazed to see the diversity of the countries represented here today.

A Truly Diverse Experience

We are expecting to reach 100,000 participants on our conference platform, our website and through social media channels from 181 different countries. Our conference is going to be filled with days of inspiration, empowerment, and skill development. We have an impressive lineup of speakers, offering a variety of talks for everyone.

I hope the conference proves interactive and engaging for you all. I encourage you to react with emojis, words and express your thoughts. We are going to be full of inspiration and insights focusing on various subjects like work revolution, tech innovation, purpose, humanity, and collaboration.

What to Expect?

  1. Day One: Focused on speeches, Q&As and panel discussions.
  2. Day Two: Community day includes practical tech talks, interactive workshops on enhancing soft skills, and discussions on business startup and funding.
  3. Day Three: Career and hiring day, attendees have the opportunity to directly interact with hiring specialists and explore career opportunities.

Thanks to Our Amazing Supporters

A special thanks to our 3000 global ambassadors who have helped us spread the word about the conference. Your immense dedication to our mission is humbling and greatly appreciated. Also, our incredible and supportive partners such as Twitter Oli group, char Swap, Moon Fiesta App, Check out message Bird, Eal and D Bar, thank you for investing in our conference and our vision.

We have also partnered with several supportive communities including Brown Girl Magazine, Bit Orbit, Future Designer Club, IEEE Women in engineering, TB, some care society, media plant, global opportunities, women tech makers, and much more. If you are joining the conference from this community, please give us a shout out in the chat!

Our Backers and the Women Tech Network Team

Thank you to our 100 backers who supported us on Kickstarter, especially our top backer Madeline Shona. Also, I would like to express my deep gratitude to my co-founder, Iva Aoki, and the Women Tech Network team who have been tirelessly working on making this conference happen. Your efforts and dedication are genuinely unparalleled.

Thank you to everyone who supported us and participated in bringing about positive global impact through this conference.

Tips to Make the Most of the Conference

  • Engage in the chat by asking questions, sharing ideas and thoughts.
  • Explore our partner booth area to discover their exciting projects.
  • Connect with others in the networking area during breaks. Who knows, you might make a valuable connection!

Our First Speaker

Now, without further ado, I would like to introduce our first speaker - the eminent Emerald Delo, a Privacy and Data Ethics Specialist at Logitech. Emerald is also a celebrated founder at EmeraldDelo.com. She will enlighten us on why we need to think beyond privacy and security in human tech and data ethics. So, let the conference begin!

Video Transcription

Hello, everyone and welcome to Women Tag Global Conference 2020. My name is Anna Deloy. I'm co-founder and CEO at Women Tech Network. I'm super excited to be here with you today. I'm going to be your today's host and the host for the next two days.Let us know where you're joining from in our live chat. Good evening, Cora from New Zealand. Hello, Sophie from London. Hi, Zakia from Afghanistan. Hi, Paula from Germany. Hi. Hello. Hi, Lena from Jordan. Hello, Ozma from Nigeria. Hi, Malak from Morocco. Hi. Hello, everyone. Thank you. Continue writing.

Hi, Adriana. Continue writing where you're tuning in from. I'm super excited to see the diversity of the countries. As mentioned. I'm going to be your today's host. We are going to have three days of inspiration, empowerment and skills development. We have amazing speakers with the diversity of talks for everyone to learn something new, to get inspired, to receive practical advice and actionable tips to find career opportunities and more. I am happy to share that our conference is truly diverse in its nature. We have participants from all over the world to be precise, 181 countries can you believe that during the three days, we are expecting to reach 100,000 participants on our conference platform on our website and through our social media channels. How are you feeling today? Write me in the chat. How are you feeling today? Are you feeling motivated? Hello, Bessie. Hello, Marina. How are you feeling today? Hello. Hello, good morning, Sweden. Uh Excited. Fabulous, excited, amazing, excited, inspired, motivated, happy, great. I'm very happy to hear. I feel your positive energy.

I hope since we are, you know, we are connecting word show and I can see your faces but you can react with emojis, you can react with uh words and express yourself. I want to keep us this conference very interactive. I want you to talk to me as I am talking to you. So as I mentioned today, we are going to be full of inspiration and you're going to hear lots of insights. Many talks will be on work, revolution, tech innovation, purpose, humanity, and collaboration. Tomorrow. We have our community day with practical tech talks, workshops on building and improving your soft skills and discussions and tips on starting a new business, getting funded and more. And on Friday, we are going to have our career and hiring day where we can get directly in touch with hiring specialists and ask them questions and explore career opportunities. I'd like to thank our amazing global ambassadors. We have 3000 plus global global ambassadors. Worldwide.

And it's just wow, literally, we have almost all the country in the world we represented on our conference and people who are tuning in are coming from all over the world. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us spread the word about the conference. You did this amazing job sharing uh the conference on social media, inviting your friends, your colleagues and being truly dedicated to the mission of the conference. I want to know if you have global ambassadors here. Let us know ambassadors if you're here and which country you're presenting you're representing? Hello, Jana from Poland. Hi, from Mumbai. Hi, from Bangladesh global ambassador. Say hi. Yes, Andrea. Yes. Hello, Andrea. Hello, Smith. Hi, Paula from Colombia.

Hi, Andrea from Mexico. Hello, from Poland, India. So many comments. This is super exciting. Hi, Hannah from Germany. Hi, New York. I'm hi. I cannot even read. Hi, Paula from Germany. Hi, Mega from Luxembourg. Super excited ambassador. Thanks for saying hi. I also would like to thank our incredible and supportive partners, Twitter Oli group char Swap. We, we Moon Fiesta App. Check out message Bird, Eal and D Bar. Our partners are also going to share about their exciting projects they're working on and what makes that company a great place to work for women and minorities from all the people from different nationalities and different countries. I want us to give a virtual round of applause, virtual clap to our partners. Let's clap them for supporting our conference and for enabling all the deserving people to be able to get a free access to the conference. Let's clap for our partners. Amazing. Hi. Hello, I see people are tuning in. Awesome clap. Clap, clap. I'm going to clap because you can clap too. I see your clap. Thank you very much. Thanks. Thanks for your clap. Super, super, super excited. We also have so many supportive community partners. It makes me very happy that we are seeing this conference and many of us out there as a joint forces collaborations. And I want to say a few to name a few supportive partners out there. Brown Girl magazine, Bit Orbit, Future Designer Club.

IEEE Women in engineering, TB, some care society, media plant, global opportunities, women tech makers, aga women take makers uh Sophia. We have so many women tech makers communities represented at the conference, Frankfurt Valley DG girls just to name if you can see all of them on our website.

Is there anyone joining from this community say? Hi. Hi, all. Hi, Anna Clap Club. Let's clap to our community partners for helping us spread the word about the conference. Hi. Huge. Thanks to our amazing 100 lost backers who supported us on Kickstarter. And thanks to them, our Kickstarter has been successful. I want to mention and thank especially our top backer Madeline Shona and other people for helping us provide free access to all the deserving individuals. Very special thanks to our women tech network team and my co-founder, Iva Aoki, who has been supporting and helping a lot during this journey that was, you know, the journey before the conference, but it was very intense and we've been working on the evenings on the weekends overtime and almost without having, you know, a free minute to rest.

I want to thank all the women Tech Networks team. Uh, Adriana Velina Todor Ivan. Thank you very much. Thank you, everyone who supported us and thank you everyone who dedicated and put lots of efforts and energy. What makes me feel very happy how people see the conference, they see it as our conference as a global conference and that how they are truly, how they truly want to make a global impact before I dive deeper. I'd like to share with you how to make the most of your time at the conference. So tip number one as you can, you, you have already made use of our chat. Continue using it for asking your questions for sharing ideas, for sharing your thoughts. Whenever something resonates with you, I want you to share in the chat, please respect others and, and um, and say what you think in a way that won't offend anyone, check out our partner booth area and find out the exciting projects they're working on during the networking breaks.

You can go to the networking area and make use out of uh out of one on one networking. It's like in real life, you know, you meet a person and you start having a chat, just enjoy it. I know nowadays you really miss this uh face to face interaction. But with this video and this uh virtual conference uh platforms, it's possible. So I want you to enjoy this, this benefit that the platform has to offer. And before I will introduce our first speaker, I'd like to share with you a little bit more about my journey and how we got started with women tech network and how it came, how women tech global conference came to life. So some years back, my journey got started with Coding girls. Coding Girls is a global nonprofit helping girls and women to get into technology. We do that by organizing inspirational meetups, practical workshops and courses for beginners. Before starting with coding girls, I found out that there is a problem that there are just a few women attack. And I was, and I thought to myself at first, probably there is a problem like in the childhood when girls and boys are treated differently and we girls are often seeing lots of female role models intact and that also contributes towards them later deciding to get into more female like careers.

And girls from early ages are often called, called princesses and boys are called brave and that also shapes their mindset. So I thought probably, probably, probably the problem starts in the childhood. And then we started to organize different workshops for kids and girls, girls focused and they love them. And they were super excited, they started to share with their parents the project that they've been working on. And that time we started working with uh one with scratch.

And uh one of the people who also helped a lot during that time was one of our, one of our team members at Coding Girls. Maria Toda. I'd like to say thanks to her and um co-founder, I will help a lot also. Um also other people who have tuned in as um mentors as uh as ambassadors uh from, from all over the world. And the most proud moment I I I'd say in moody girls was to the, the moment we expanded to um uh to Kampala in Uganda. And that was a totally different experience, but we really love the impact it has made. And many thanks to people who supported us on the very supportive companies, ambassadors. Thank you very much. And then, you know, we have uh many, many women started to get in touch with us to help them find uh a job where they can thrive. And many companies started to get in touch with us to help them create a more diverse and inclusive environment and help them attract and retain more women and technology. And that's how the women tech network was born and we want you to use all the opportunities that it has to offer to support each other to collaborate and to thrive. And are you ready for the first speaker to announce?

Are you ready for the first speaker to join on this stage? I am super excited to share with you that the first speaker who who is going to join us is going to be Emerald Delo Privacy and Data Ethics specialist at Logitech. Emerald is also a founder at Emerald delo.com. She will share why we need to think beyond privacy and security. So all things human tech and data ethics. Emerald. Hi Emerald.