Barcelona Women in Tech Ecosystem

    Barcelona is rapidly emerging as a supportive hub for women in tech. However, we've noticed that many in the tech community are unaware of the specialized resources available to them here. 

    In our ongoing commitment to support and elevate women in technology, the WomenTech Network, in partnership with local leaders and advocates like Laura Mária Kaššovicová, Ariadna Trueba is proud to present the updated Barcelona Women in Tech Resource Canvas (Version 1). Companies and Organizations interested in sponsoring this Resource Canvas contact us here

    While we've poured hours into creating this resource, we believe in the power of collective knowledge. Hence, we invite you to share your insights on this collaborative document, aiding us in refining and broadening our list. 

    If you're a woman in tech looking to make a significant impact in Barcelona, we encourage you to join the WomenTech Network today! 

    About WomenTech Network 

    WomenTech Network is one of the world's leading communities for women in tech with more than 8,000 Global Ambassadors representing 172 countries. 80,000 tech leaders have collaborated with the network to date in order to cultivate a diverse global network that reaches 3.7 million people. WomenTech Network strives to empower women in tech through leadership development, professional growth, and mentorship programs. WomenTech Network hosts regular career networking events and a global tech conference for members to connect with like-minded professionals and learn about job opportunities at leading companies that value diversity. 

    Women in Tech Events and Conferences

    Women in Tech Events & Conferences in Barcelona

    Highlight events in Barcelona focused on or prominently featuring women in tech. 

    • International Conference on Women in Science, Engineering, and Technology (ICWSET)  

    • WE Local Barcelona  

    • Women in Tech Barcelona by WomenTech Network (Meetup) 

    • WTM International Women's Day Barcelona (Meetup) 

    • SheCommerce Barcelona (Conference) 

    Women in Tech Communities and Organizations

    Communities and Organizations in Barcelona

    Local organizations and groups dedicated to or offering dedicated programs for women in tech in Barcelona. 

    • AllWomen: Offers practical courses in data science, UX/UI design, and product management for women. 

    • adaJS: Organizes meetups and workshops for women interested in web development, especially JavaScript. 

    • Barcelona Women’s Network: Fosters friendship and understanding among women of various nationalities living in Barcelona, with monthly meetings and business networking sessions. 

    • Women in Mobile (WIM): Aims to increase the visibility of women in tech by supporting women to take the stage at tech events. 

    • CodeWomen: An empowering and supportive community for tech women+ in the Greater Barcelona area. 

    • WomenTech Network Barcelona: A chapter of the global community for women in tech aimed at bridging the gender gap and promoting women's involvement in technology.

    • #TechBcn4Women: Represents Tech Barcelona's commitment to gender equality in the technological and digital sectors of Barcelona. 

    Coworking Spaces

    Coworking Spaces Barcelona

    Shared work environments that promote collaboration, especially those supportive of women tech professionals in Barcelona. 

    • Aticco Coworking  

    • Cowork Rambla Catalunya 

    • Makers of Barcelona 

    • Meet BCN 


    Media Women in Tech

    Media in Barcelona

    Media outlets, publications, podcasts, blogs, and channels highlighting the achievements, challenges, and perspectives of women in tech in Barcelona. 

    • Barcelona Metropolitan 

    • Barcelona Startup News 

    • Catalan News 

    • EU Startups 

    • Hubbub Labs 

    • OneCoWork 

    • The New Barcelona Post (NBP) 

    Companies and Employers Supporting Women in Tech

    Companies and Employers Supporting Women in Tech / DE&I in Barcelona

    Businesses recognized for their efforts in promoting gender equality and broader diversity initiatives in Barcelona. 

    Mentorship Programs Women in Tech

    Mentorship Programs in Barcelona

    Initiatives and women in tech mentorship programs in Barcelona aimed at guiding, supporting, and empowering women in their tech careers through mentor-mentee relationships.

    Government Organizations, Professional Associations and Programs

    Government Organizations, Professional Associations and Programs in Barcelona

    Official entities and industry bodies that have chapters or segments specifically for women or are known to actively promote gender equality in Barcelona. 

    • Barcelona City Council 

    • Generalitat de Catalunya 

    • LIDERA (Barcelona Activa) 

    Education & Training Women in Tech

    Education & Training in Barcelona

    Technical universities, courses, coding schools, boot camps, and training programs in Barcelona, with some specifically tailored for women in tech. 

    • AllWomen Academy 

    • BCN Fem Tech Program 

    • codebar Barcelona 

    • CodeOp 

    • Codeworks 

    • STEAM BCN (Science, Technology, Art, Engineering, and Mathematics) 

    Women in Tech Advocates & Leaders

    Advocates & Leaders in Barcelona

    Individuals and influencers in Barcelona championing the cause of women in technology, setting examples, and paving paths. 

    Funding, Grants & Scholarships Women in Tech

    Funding, Grants & Scholarships in Barcelona

    Grants, scholarships, or funds aimed at supporting women in tech or female-led startups in Barcelona. 


    Diversity Consultants & Coaches

    Diversity Consultants & Coaches in Barcelona

    Professionals who promote diverse work cultures and offer training, consultations or workshops in Barcelona to companies aiming to improve their gender diversity and inclusivity. 

    • Shine Coaching Barcelona
    • Toni Segarra Torres
    • WomenTech Network DEIB Consulting & Training
    Accelerators, Innovation Hubs & Labs Women in Tech

    Accelerators, Innovation Hubs & Labs in Barcelona

    Programs and Spaces in Barcelona where entrepreneurial women can innovate, experiment, and develop their tech products or ideas. 

    • Conector Startup Accelerator 

    • IMPACT Accelerator 

    • Intelectium 

    • Itnig 

    • SeedRocket 

    • Ship2B 

    • The Founder Institute 

    Global Women in Tech and DEIB Resources