3 Inspiring Books That Women in Tech Should Read

    There are plenty of books out there about women in tech, but if you're looking for something that's inspiring, informative, and just plain good to read, these three titles should be at the top of your list. They're all excellent resources for anyone who wants to learn more about the challenges women in tech face, or simply need some inspiration to help them reach their professional goals.

    Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez

    Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez is exploring the significance of data bias in a world designed for men. WomenTech Network feels strongly about some of the key ideas outlined in the book and wishes to share these with its supporters from all over the world:

    1. We tend to assign the male gender to complex phenomena, such as the tech industry. However, there is a tendency to ignore female experiences.
    2. It is a common practice to leave women out of the data set and thus offer a skewed perspective.
    3. Women are harmed by data that does not take into account female experiences.
    4. Globally, the majority of products that we use every day are designed with men in mind - from pianos to smartphones.
    5. Women's health is unnecessarily put at risk when safety procedures are only designed with male bodies in mind.
    6. Women's health outcomes are affected by data that fails to address the female body specifically.
    7. The widest gender disparity is seen in GDP, and the economy is suffering as a consequence.
    8. Women are disadvantaged by political systems, and public policy suffers from the gender data gap.

    Innovating Women by Vivek Wadhwa and Farai Chideya

    Innovating Women by Vivek Wadhwa and Faria Chideya exposes the technology industry being a boys’ club. The primary idea behind the book is to celebrate exceptional women overcoming daily difficulties. The very same women who are innately magnificent businesspeople, high academic performers, and social engines - not to mention also Mothers. The book's secondary idea is to explore today's tech industry and to try to spread the word about its gaps.WomenTech Network wholeheartedly agrees with many of the key concepts in the book and desires to share these messages with its followers across the globe:

    1. Women are important technological innovators, yet we hear about males more frequently.
    2. Women have been found to do better as entrepreneurs than males in numerous studies.
    3. Although female-led technology businesses are highly successful, they continue to be underfunded in comparison to their male counterparts.
    4. Women technology professionals have driven incredible social change.
    5. There is a significant gender bias at all levels of the technology industry.
    6. Being a mother and running a family presents its own special set of challenges for the female entrepreneur.
    7. Workplace sexism is, unfortunately, still common in the technology industry.
    8. If we acknowledge and understand the unique challenges that women encounter, we can adapt our hiring policies to support them.

    Power Up by Magdalena Yesil

    Power Up by Magdalena Yesil explains that breaking glass ceilings in the tech industry, or the New Economy at large, comes with its own set of challenges for women. Nonetheless, never see challenges as things that hold you back from achieving your goals. Powering up is about believing in yourself during difficult times, making sure others hear your voice, and creating opportunities for yourself even when it seems like there are none. The New Economy doesn't operate under the traditional guidelines, so there's a lot of room for people to be themselves and define their own version of success. WomenTech Network agrees with the key principles in the book and wants to share these messages with its followers worldwide:

    1. You must endure mistakes, maintain a humble demeanor, and remain confident in order to power up your career.
    2. Work for an established company to gain practical expertise and skills before starting your own firm.
    3. Know how you contribute to your firm and get compensated accordingly.
    4. Cultivate "gravitas" and don't be afraid to be direct when dealing with workplace gender discrimination.
    5. Having a professional network of both women and men can be beneficial for your career.
    6. Though it may seem daunting, it is still possible to find success after quitting or being fired from your job.
    7. The greatest methods to help organizations grow and thrive are to encourage equality and diversify their talent.


    We hope these pre-selected books have inspired you to lead the change and share your story as a woman in tech. If you wish to support our mission: empower women in tech, apply to our ambassador program here: /women-tech-conference/global-ambassadors