Breaking the glass ceiling women in tech executive and founding members

    Amidst the ever-shifting terrain of technology, a fresh narrative emerges—one of empowerment, unwavering resilience, and triumphant breakthroughs. Step into the invaluable insights shared by three exceptional women who have triumphed in the face of adversity within the male-dominated tech industry. Through their wisdom gems, we'll uncover the pivotal skills that propelled these executive-level leaders to greatness. Their experiences offer not just inspiration for all navigating the dynamic realms of technology, but also some hands-on tips, ready to apply, as of today. 

    Dr. Denise Turley is an influential leader known for driving large-scale business solutions, leveraging third-party SaaS platforms, COTS software, and in-house solutions. At the core of a dynamic organization, she leads a high-performing team dedicated to supporting an extensive suite of enterprise applications. 

    With a proven track record of blending business acumen and technical expertise, Denise fosters seamless collaborations with stakeholders from diverse departments. Passionate about driving positive change through technology, she eagerly spearheads initiatives that leave a lasting impact. 

    Denise's focus on nurturing her team empowers them to deliver remarkable results and make a lasting organizational impact. Her deep passion for fostering growth and driving change through technology inspires her team to explore new ideas and lead progress.  

    Dr. Denise Turley is a Vice President, Corporate Systems at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

    Perseverance and Risk-taking

    As a female executive in the tech industry, I have encountered numerous obstacles. However, I have discovered that certain skills have been crucial for my career growth. Perseverance, continuous learning, and taking risks have proven to be pivotal in my journey. Overcoming self-doubt has also been essential, as it takes time and experience to develop the confidence necessary to assert oneself and be heard. I am fortunate to have found a career that I am passionate about; the long hours I put in seldom feel like work. 

    Listening is another vital skill that I have cultivated. I have learned to contribute only when I have something of value to offer. Respect is earned, particularly in a male-dominated industry. By becoming well-versed in my subject area and being a reliable source of information, I have been able to gain the trust and respect of my colleagues. 

    In the ever-evolving tech industry, learning from both successes and failures is crucial. Staying up-to-date with the latest advancements and trends is essential. 

    My journey has not been without its challenges, but the unwavering support of my family has been my rock. They have consistently encouraged me to pursue my dreams, regardless of any obstacles that may arise. 

    Determination and Continuous Learning

    Ewa J. Kleczyk, PhD is Senior Vice President of Operations at Target RWE. She has nearly 20 years of experience in healthcare analytics and operations, leading high-performing teams and delivering innovative solutions. Her expertise spans real-world evidence, data science, health economics, outcomes research, brand and managed market analytics, digital and media analytics, and forecasting. Dr. Kleczyk is a renowned conference speaker, having presented at major industry conferences, and she has also published in academic and industry journals and served on the boards of peer-reviewed publications. Prior to her current role, she held the position of Vice President of Advanced and Custom Analytics at Symphony Health, ICON, plc, where she led commercial analytics applications, privacy compliance, and data operations. Ewa is also an esteemed member of The Women in Tech Executive Network.

    In my own journey, I've found that triumphing over challenges requires unwavering determination and continuous learning. Embracing my passions and tenacity has propelled me into leadership roles, allowing me to excel.  

    One significant hurdle I faced was navigating the complex world of healthcare data management and analytics. Through constant learning and deep expertise, I emerged as a thought leader, providing valuable insights into my field. Simultaneously, advocating for women's advancement in male-dominated spaces demanded adept communication, empathy, and strategic thinking. I broke barriers and emphasized the importance of women's networks, empowering others and paving the way for aspiring female leaders.  

    Utilizing social media, my adaptability and digital literacy enabled me to connect with a global audience. Sharing my experiences as a servant leader and women executive, I aimed to leave a lasting impact.  

    In essence, my diverse skill set not only shaped my personal journey but also positively influenced industries and individuals. My technical expertise, communication skills, strategic acumen, and adaptability empowered me to overcome challenges, leaving a legacy of positivity and inspiration. Remember, embracing challenges with passion and perseverance can lead to transformative growth and impactful leadership. 

    Self-awareness and Resilience

    A design pioneer whose career has already included influential contributions to business, design, marketing, software, and user experience, Kelly Jura is driven by the way that people experience ideas. Her deep knowledge of how consumer behaviors, perceptions, and user interaction with technology affect design has led to multiple design patents, industry accolades, and the publication of her thinking in journals and magazines, including the Design Management Institute Journal and User Experience Magazine. Under her leadership, she helped brand and launch an innovative health-tech company and is currently focused on making communication and knowledge-sharing more accessible through video at ScreenPal. Kelly is a Founding Member of WomenTech Network. She is VP, Brand & User Experience Research & Design at ScreenPal.

    As a woman in the technology field, where change, uncertainty, and failure (with iterative improvements) are inevitable, I have found that two essential skills are self-awareness and resilience

    Self-awareness is a valuable skill for us all to possess. It involves comprehending your motivations, unique personality traits, and strengths, enabling you to evaluate situations more effectively and contribute meaningfully. Being self-aware can also enable you to identify areas for improvement, encouraging you to seek opportunities for growth and learning. Moreover, understanding your unique perspective can also help you better communicate the value of your contributions and empower you to advance and grow within an organization. 

    Individuals who possess resilience, the ability to adapt to and overcome challenges, are better equipped to confront the dynamic nature of technology and tech teams. Having this quality allows us to face obstacles with grace and ease, bounce back from setbacks, challenge biases, and maintain a positive outlook. Resilience is crucial in today's constantly evolving world. Those who embody it are better prepared to thrive in any environment. Be resilient–embrace change, take on challenges, and advance. 

    In conclusion, the triumphant journey of women in the tech industry is paved with the unwavering qualities of perseverance and risk-taking, determination and continuous learning, and self-awareness and resilience. These attributes serve as the compass in the ever-shifting terrain of technology, guiding women toward their goals and propelling them past the obstacles that may arise. As the tech world continues to evolve, these qualities remain essential, offering not only a path to success but also a testament to the strong spirit of women in the field.