Breaking Barriers: Inspiring Stories of European Women in Tech Excellence

    In recent years, the tech industry has seen a notable rise in the presence of talented and influential women who are making significant contributions to the field. Today, we want to shine a spotlight on some remarkable women in tech who are based or who are making an impact in Europe and are not only breaking barriers but also inspiring the next generation of tech enthusiasts. 


    Akua Opong, Senior Associate, Service Management - EMEA End User Computing at LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group)

    Akua Opong, a dedicated Senior IT professional at LSEG, specializes in service management and project work, with a strong focus on accessibility and sustainability. She excels in providing high-quality IT service delivery and technical documentation while ensuring an excellent user experience. Beyond her role, Akua is a passionate STEM Ambassador, mentoring and coaching young talents in STEM fields. She actively supports social mobility, youth engagement, and employment opportunities. As an advocate for women in STEM, she aspires to be a role model and drive greater female participation and leadership in the industry. Akua is also involved in various charity and volunteering initiatives, including her role as Community Lead at LSEG's Women's Inspired Network (WIN) and as a Mental Health First Aider for Wellbeing and Culture. 

    Angelique Mohring, CEO & Founder at GainX 

    Angelique Mohring, Chairperson, CEO & Founder of GainX, combines her 25 years of diverse experience as an anthropologist, bio-archaeologist, Fortune500 consultant, and tech executive to drive sustainable growth through transformation. Recognized as one of the most powerful women in UK Financial Services by Innovate Finance and Forbes, she is a sought-after global speaker on topics including AI, digital transformation, and the future of work. With over 300 speaking engagements, Angelique's insights inspire audiences worldwide, including prominent institutions and organizations across the US, Canada, the UK, and Europe. 

    Anna J McDougall, Director of Product and Engineering at Axel Springer National Media & Tech 

    Anna J McDougall is a tech industry influencer known for her unique journey from opera singer to software engineer. As the Director of Product and Engineering at Axel Springer National Media & Tech, she combines her technical expertise with advocacy, promoting diversity and inclusion. Anna's engaging style and successful book, "You Belong in Tech," have made her a sought-after speaker, delivering insights on technical topics to diverse audiences. Her multifaceted background has helped bridge the gap between technology and people worldwide. Additionally, Anna serves as an Executive Member at WomenTech Network, further contributing to her impactful work in promoting gender diversity in the tech industry. 

    Barbara Fernandes, Global Leader of Client Leadership Team Community at Thoughtworks 

    Barbara Fernandes is a seasoned tech and business strategist with over 27 years of global experience. Her expertise spans various industries, focusing on Digital Platforms and SaaS for both B2B and B2C markets. Barbara excels in C-level relationship management, leading complex portfolios in diverse regions. She has a track record of success with large budgets and has made a significant impact in non-profit organizations. Barbara's leadership in digital transformation, mentorship, and public speaking reflects her passion for innovation and making meaningful connections across the world. 

    Carole Winqwist, CMO at GitGuardian 

    Carole Winqwist, the CMO at GitGuardian, is a dynamic marketing leader and a key member of the Management Committee. With a knack for crafting high-impact marketing strategies, she excels in team management, recruitment, and cross-market product promotion. Carole's expertise extends to developer marketing and technical products, fostering trust with stakeholders, and implementing robust reporting processes. Her contributions to the Management Committee underscore her strategic prowess, making her an invaluable asset to GitGuardian. 

    Didem Un Ates, Operating Advisor, Value Accelerator AI/ Generative AI Council at Goldman Sachs 

    Didem Un Ates, Operating Advisor, Value Accelerator AI/ Generative AI Council at Goldman Sachs, is a visionary leader fostering collaboration, open culture, and synergy. With a diverse global background, she excels in strategy, operations, and sales, aiming to responsibly scale cutting-edge technologies. She played a pivotal role in incubating Microsoft Business AI solutions, forged 1,500 partnerships, and implemented transformative AI programs, reflecting her commitment to inclusive tech advancement. Her ultimate goal is to create a better quality of life for all through disruptive technologies. 

    Eliska Reznicek Dockalova, VP of Customer Experience at 

    Eliska Reznicek Dockalova, VP of Customer Experience at, has leveraged her 20+ years of expertise in aviation, hospitality, and tech to transform's customer service into an industry leader. Her roles at NetJets and The May Fair Hotel honed her customer-centric approach. Eliska's commitment to building a long-term CX strategy and advocating for sustainability makes her a prominent figure in the tech and travel industries. Her journey from Onsite Customer Representative to Senior Director exemplifies her dedication to enhancing customer experiences. In addition to her remarkable career, Eliska is a Founding Member at WomenTech Network, further showcasing her dedication to promoting gender diversity in the tech industry. 

    Eugenia Planas, Head of Technology Product Division at Bank of England 

    Eugenia Planas is a highly accomplished professional with extensive experience in Service Delivery Management and Consulting. She excels in optimizing support teams, ensuring efficiency and profitability, and managing multimillion-pound projects across geographies. Her expertise includes project management, change management, and strategic alignment, and she has successfully represented her organizations at the highest levels. Eugenia's strong commercial acumen, performance management skills, and focus on continuous improvement make her a valuable asset in complex business environments. 

    Floriane Gramlich, VP Instore Payments at kevin. 

    Floriane Gramlich is a seasoned leader with over 17 years of international experience in product management, strategy, growth, and business development. She excels in guiding teams through complexity and ambiguity, delivering billion-dollar products, driving revenue, and expanding global teams. Her expertise spans various domains, including Fintech and e-commerce. As a dedicated product manager, Floriane is passionate about solving customer problems efficiently and building high-performing teams. 

    Giuseppina Smith, Head of IT - UK & Ireland at Amazon 

    Giuseppina Smith, an accomplished IT professional with over 25 years in IT Service Management, currently leads Amazon's IT operations for the UK & Ireland. She excels in problem-solving and service delivery, emphasizing strategy implementation and exceptional customer service. Giuseppina's versatile career includes roles in business engagement, IT security, and management across diverse industries, showcasing her leadership skills. 

    Hana Ngo, Founder of Grow Future Leader 

    Hana Ngo is a dedicated and results-driven professional with a passion for personal development and lifelong learning. As an ICF Professional Certified Coach and Executive Coach, she specializes in leadership and team development. Hana's extensive certifications, including Agile Coaching and Design Thinking, reflect her commitment to holistic growth. She has shared her expertise as a speaker at prestigious events and is a Founding Member of WomenTech Network. Hana firmly believes in the power of teamwork and positive change, making her a valuable asset to any organization. 

    Ildiko Sas, Investor at The Fold London 

    Ildiko Sas is a versatile professional with a rich and diverse career spanning various sectors. She is currently an Investor at The Fold London, demonstrating her keen interest in the business world. Previously, Ildiko held prominent positions at Accenture and Xoomworks, where she excelled in technology leadership roles, fostering innovation and digital product launches. Her extensive experience also includes Non-Executive Board Membership and sales management roles at BRINEL and other organizations. Ildiko's career journey reflects her dedication to driving change and innovation in the tech and business landscape. 

    Joyce Chen, VP of Engineering at Zalando SE 

    Joyce Chen, VP of Engineering at Zalando SE, boasts a remarkable 25-year tech career journey, ascending from a programmer to her current leadership role. With expertise in large-scale architecture, cloud infrastructure, and full product development cycles, Joyce excels in delivering high-performance solutions. Her commitment to team building and community building for Women in Technology underscores her passion for diversity and inclusion in tech. Beyond her technical prowess, Joyce's innovative fusion of technology with art and fashion sets her apart in the industry. 

    Linda Rogers, CIO at Life Healthcare 

    Linda Rogers, CIO at Life Healthcare, is a transformation expert, adept at managing multimillion-dollar projects globally. She excels in project management, change management, budgeting, and regulatory compliance, ensuring project success in complex, cross-functional organizations. Linda's expertise lies in systems integration during infrastructure migrations and nurturing key stakeholder relationships up to the board level. Her extensive skill set includes program management, global business transformation, IT and digital change, finance, risk management, and international team leadership. 

    Manon Rahamatoulla, NFT Marketing Manager at iExec 

    Manon Rahamatoulla is the NFT Marketing Manager at iExec, a leading Web3 Marketplace for computing resources and applications. With a background in IT consulting at CGI, she brings a wealth of experience. Manon holds degrees in Business Administration and Competitive Intelligence, showcasing her strong educational foundation. Committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity in tech, she's a dedicated advocate. Her versatile skills encompass Blockchain, NFTs, Web3, and more. Manon's career journey reflects her adaptability and passion for innovation, making her a valuable asset in the tech industry. 

    Monica Garza Viejo, Global Vice President of Product Creation at adidas 

    Monica Garza Viejo is a dynamic IT professional with a unique blend of strategic and interpersonal skills. Currently serving as the Global Vice President of Product Creation at adidas, she leads technology initiatives for product development worldwide. With a strong track record of aligning technology with business objectives, she's adept at fostering innovation and change management. Monica's previous roles, including leadership at kloeckner.i GmbH and Quadpack, demonstrate her prowess in driving digital transformation and global IT strategy. 

    Nadine Thomson, Global Chief Technology Officer, GroupM at WPP

    Nadine Thomson, an award-winning global digital business leader, currently serves as the Global Chief Technology Officer at GroupM, part of WPP. With a strong track record in cross-sector transformations, she excels in leveraging technology to drive business growth and forming high-performing teams. Nadine's career spans various industries, from media and retail to entertainment and insurance, earning her accolades such as CTO of the Year and European Technology Leader of the Year. She is also a dedicated advocate for technology careers and serves as a Non-Executive Director for VisitEngland, contributing to the UK's tourism industry. 

    Prasanna Gopalakrishnan, Group Chief Technology Officer at Sky 

    Prasanna Gopalakrishnan, a seasoned digital executive and Group Chief Technology Officer at Sky, brings over 20 years of expertise in client-focused transformation and operational excellence. With a strong focus on innovation, he leverages technology and strategic thinking to drive digital business transformation. Prasanna excels in building high-performing teams, fostering a culture of innovation, and is a trusted partner for stakeholders, known for his thought leadership and agile execution. His extensive expertise spans areas like blockchain, AI, cloud strategy, cybersecurity, and promoting diversity in technology and Asian leadership. 

    Tayana Bellis, VP Customer Experience at Egress Software Technologies 

    Tayana Bellis is a seasoned product leader and VP Customer Experience at Egress Software Technologies, specializing in global Customer Support and Operations. She brings expertise from her career in financial services and cybersecurity, with a focus on product strategy, data analytics, and agile methodologies. Her leadership spans across high-performing teams, emphasizing a data-driven and UX/UI-focused approach to problem-solving. Tayana's dedication extends to promoting diversity and mentoring, making her an influential figure in tech. 

    Tomi Olopade, Vice President and Global Salesforce Institutional Product Owner at Nuveen 

    Tomi Olopade is the Vice President and Global Salesforce Institutional Product Owner at Nuveen, a TIAA company. With a solid background in financial services and technology, Tomi brings over a decade of experience in roles spanning project management, technical leadership, and business analysis. In her current role, she is responsible for shaping and enhancing institutional products on the Salesforce platform. Tomi's dynamic career journey reflects her expertise in client technology, program management, and innovation within the financial sector, making her an asset to the organizations she serves. 

    These inspiring European women in tech are not only making waves but also breaking down barriers in their respective fields, significantly reshaping the industry. They serve as exemplary role models, passionate advocates, and pioneering innovators, motivating and empowering the next generation of women to embark on careers in technology and persistently challenge the limits of what's achievable in the tech world. We wholeheartedly celebrate their extraordinary achievements and eagerly anticipate the enduring influence they will exert on the tech industry and beyond. Join our thriving community of extraordinary women in tech and be part of this dynamic journey towards progress and inclusivity.