C-level panelists at women in tech global conference 2024

    Explore how immersive technology, AI, and digital transformation are shaping new paradigms in opportunity, productivity, and innovation, as discussed by top CTOs and CIOs panelists.

    When: April 23, 2024 

    Where: Women in Tech Conference 2024, Chief in Tech Summit

    Dive Deep into: Leadership, innovation, and the transformative power of technology in reshaping industries and empowering future generations. 

    "CIO Perspectives on Everything, Everywhere, All at Once"

    Join a panel of veteran CIOs from Silicon Valley's premier tech companies at the Chief in Tech Summit 2024 for an enlightening discussion on the pervasive impact of AI, digital transformation, and innovation. This session is dedicated to exploring leadership from a female perspective within the tech industry.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Insight into how CIOs are shaping business strategies with AI to foster innovation.

    • Exploration of the roles CIOs play in guiding their organizations through digital transformations.

    • Discussion on how CIOs are driving innovation on a large scale across various aspects of their organizations, including technical, process, market, and financial innovations.

    Featured Speakers:

    Alvina Antar, Former CIO, Okta: Known for her dynamic leadership in spearheading digital transformations and advocating for diversity in tech. Built and led high-performing, diverse teams across Fortune 50 enterprises, high-growth companies, and start-ups. 

    Meerah Rajavel, CIO, Palo Alto Networks: Brings extensive experience managing global IT strategies and innovative solutions. Prior to joining Palo Alto Networks in 2022, Meerah was CIO at Citrix and held past leadership roles at McAfee, Forcepoint, Cisco, and Infosys

    Sharon Mandell, SVP and CIO, Juniper Networks: Leads with a strong focus on enhancing IT infrastructures to support company growth. Prior to joining Juniper in 2020, Mandell was the Chief Information Officer for TIBCO Software and previously developed her leadership strategy at Harmonic, Black Arrow (now Cadent), Knight Ridder and the Tribune Company.

    Wendy M. Pfeiffer, Managing Director, Box of Chocolates: A seasoned speaker focused on mentoring and advisory, with a rich history in IT leadership across major firms.  At Yahoo!, Cisco Systems, Nutanix, GoPro, and Robert Half, Wendy led executives and teams in large-scale hybrid infrastructure operations, Internet technology development, ML/AI-enabled business process transformation, and more.

    "Leveraging AI and Emerging Technologies for Competitive Advantage"

    This dynamic panel discussion at the Chief in Tech Summit 2024 delves into the critical role of Artificial Intelligence and emerging technologies in securing a competitive edge. Join CTOs from leading industries as they share their expertise on harnessing technology for strategic innovation, efficiency, and ethical considerations.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Strategies for integrating AI to drive innovation and leadership in the digital era.

    • Insights on overcoming technological challenges to sustain growth and innovation.

    • Understanding the importance of ethical considerations in the deployment of new technologies.

    Featured Speakers:

    Elaine Zhou, Co-CEO, SageCXO.com: A Silicon Valley veteran, Elaine has held leadership positions in the high-tech industry including three public companies and five start-ups with three successful exits. Previously, Elaine served as Chief Technology Officer at Change.org, a leading global platform for social change with over 600 million users.

    Fiona Tan, CTO, Wayfair: Oversees a team creating cutting-edge e-commerce experiences, with vast experience in tech leadership at Walmart where she served as Senior Vice President of Customer Technology and Vice President of Engineering.

    Michelle Grover, CTO, Slalom: Recognized for her transformative impact on business technology, focusing on IT strategy and global technology leadership. She has been named by Business Insider as one of the 100 People Transforming Business in Emerging Tech and she frequently is quoted in major technology and business publications.

    Sheila Jordan, SVP and Chief Digital Technology Officer, Honeywell: Leads digital transformation efforts, enhancing enterprise data management and platform adoption.  Sheila is the recipient of multiple industry awards and recognitions, including being inducted into the CIO Hall of Fame by CIO Magazine and being recognized on the Forbes 2023 CIO Next List.