Veneta Limberova

    Veneta Limberova will be working closely with Anna Radulovski, the Global CEO of WomenTech Network and Chairperson of the Board of Directors at the Coding Girls & WomenTech Global Foundation


    Can you tell us about your background and how it led you to your current role?

    From a young age, I gained an understanding of privilege, resources, and inequalities in society through my interactions with diverse individuals. This awareness led me to a 12-year-long legal career, driven by a desire for a just and accepting world. However, it was the birth of my child in a society rife with discrimination against non-heteronormative families that spurred me to leave my secure job as a legal consultant in pharma and become an LGBTQ+ activist.

    Establishing the organization “LGBTI Action”, we provided legal support and advocacy, leading to significant progress in the acceptance and equal treatment of LGBTQ+ families across Europe. As our organization grew, I recognized the need for efficient tracking of our work and delved into the world of technology, despite my initial lack of knowledge. I pursued courses and programming language classes, determined to bridge the gender inequalities prevalent in the tech industry.

    Joining WomenTech Network and Coding Girls felt like a natural extension of my activism. Alongside my colleagues and the global community, I am dedicated to creating an inclusive environment where girls and women from all backgrounds can thrive in the world of technology. Together, we strive to challenge exclusionary practices, empower individuals, and foster a future where everyone can find their place in the evolving technological landscape.

    At the EU Parliament

    Veneta Limberova and her team from LGBTI Action at the EU Parliament in Brussels 

    Career Journey Cornerstone

    As a member and activist promoting the LGBTQ+ community could you share more about your journey and how it has shaped your perspective in the tech industry?

    In 2009, the birth of my child had a profound impact on both my personal and professional journey. It was during this time that I became acutely aware of the glaring lack of rights and opportunities for LGBTQ+ families and their children. In 2015, driven by a passion for promoting inclusivity and equality, I joined the “LGBTI Action” organization with a mission to advocate for the rights and integration of LGBTQ+ individuals in all aspects of society, utilizing the power of the law.

    During my tenure, I had the privilege of spearheading the establishment of a groundbreaking LGBTQ+ legal program. Through this program, we provided vital legal consultations and led groundbreaking cases at both local and European levels, making significant strides toward advancing LGBTQ+ rights.

    In the process of restructuring the organization, I delved into the world of technology, realizing how captivating and transformative it can be for personal and professional growth. Driven by my passion, I took the leap at the age of 43 and enrolled in tech frameworks and programming courses, fueling my desire to actively engage in today's dynamic tech landscape.

    While pursuing my newfound passion, I couldn't ignore the stark gender imbalance prevalent in the tech industry. Despite encountering exceptional female instructors, I observed a predominantly male-dominated environment, characterized by language and experiences that often excluded women. This realization further motivated me to address the existing gender disparities in technology and actively work towards creating opportunities for women to contribute their unique perspectives and expertise to the tech world and the solutions it creates.

    Leading a protest against homophobia

    Veneta Limberova leading a protest against homophobia 

    Visionary Future Plans

    What are your key priorities and goals as the new CEO of Coding Girls & WomenTech Global Foundation? How do you plan to leverage your background and experiences to drive positive change and empower women, particularly those from underrepresented communities?

    In my new role, my focus is on driving positive change and empowering marginalized women. To achieve this, I have developed a strategy with several key elements.

    Firstly, I am committed to enhancing accessibility through expanded scholarship and financial support programs. This ensures that women from diverse backgrounds can participate in our events without financial barriers.

    Additionally, I will actively promote diversity and inclusion in the tech industry by inviting speakers who embody these values, and sharing their stories and solutions.

    To strengthen our efforts, I will seek partnerships with patrons and sponsors who share our mission, both within and beyond the tech industry.

    Launching impactful campaigns will be another priority, addressing specific needs such as providing equipment or scholarships for girls and women in technology.

    Collaborating with the WomenTech Network, Coding Girls, and our partners, our goal is to empower women from underrepresented backgrounds and create a more inclusive tech industry that offers equal opportunities for all.

    EU Strasbourg

    Veneta Limberova at the European Parliament in Strasbourg

    Initiatives to Empower Women in Tech

    Please share some of the initiatives and programs you are planning to execute.

    We have an exciting lineup of programs and initiatives targeted at various segments within our communities. We plan to conduct workshops that offer hands-on, practical learning experiences to help participants stay updated with current industry trends. These programs will incorporate mentorship and networking opportunities, allowing individuals to interact with industry leaders and professionals, enhancing their learning and growth.

    We also plan to host events in different tech hubs, aiming to attract a diverse group of participants and provide them with real-world exposure. Post-event support will continue through follow-up resources, facilitating continuous learning and networking. 
    We are also working towards partnerships with employers to facilitate job placements and provide comprehensive career guidance and counseling. Through work-based learning opportunities, we aim to bridge the gap between academia and the industry, preparing individuals for their professional journey. 

    Recognizing the need for role models, we are establishing mentorship initiatives aimed at young girls, providing them with inspiring real-world projects and challenges that foster creativity and problem-solving. 

    Additionally, we are offering resources for career advancement post-transition, along with practical hands-on training for those transitioning into a new career or returning after a break. We are dedicated to supporting moms in tech by providing resources for skill development and creating a supportive community. Our structured mentorship program will pair mentors and mentees based on shared interests and career goals, ensuring regular check-ins and feedback sessions for a productive relationship. Through these initiatives, we aim to tackle skill gaps, lack of career opportunities, and underrepresentation of women in tech leadership roles. We are confident that these programs will empower our communities and inspire them to be role models in the tech industry.

    WomenTech Network: Inspiring Purpose

    Why did you choose to work for WomenTech Network specifically, and what drew you to this organization? Can you share what motivated you to be a part of the community and contribute to its mission of empowering women in technology?

    I was drawn to the WomenTech Network because of its genuine commitment to empowering women in technology through actions, not just words. The leadership of Anna, and her initiatives like workshops and educational programs in Uganda and the Philippines, inspired me deeply. Attending the Women in Tech Global Conference 2023 further solidified my belief in their mission as I witnessed diverse individuals coming together to share knowledge, support each other, and address professional and personal challenges. The organization's inclusive environment and holistic approach deeply resonated with me, motivating my desire to contribute to empowering women in technology within this truly global and diverse community.

    In today's technology-driven world, it is disheartening to witness the decline in girls' interest in coding as they transition into their teenage years. At Coding Girls, our mission is to empower girls to pursue coding and technology, increasing women's representation in tech, leadership, and entrepreneurship. We focus on equipping girls with the necessary skills and mindset to become role models, shifting the paradigm, and fostering a more balanced tech industry. Through our global events, workshops, and courses, we strive to empower more girls and women in tech, making a collective difference in the world with the help of code.