Meet Extraordinary Women in Tech in San Francisco

    San Francisco City serves as a thriving hub for the tech industry, attracting numerous remarkable women who have left an indelible mark in this dynamic field. Despite facing various challenges, these women have not only risen above the competition but have also established themselves as trailblazers. In this blog post, we will explore the achievements of ten extraordinary women in the San Francisco tech scene who are pushing boundaries, leading the way, and making a significant impact in the world of technology.


    Christina Singh, VP of Customer Success,

    Christina Singh, VP of Customer Success at, is a dedicated tech executive with a passion for customer success. With a background in leadership roles at companies like UserTesting and AKQA, she excels in creating exceptional customer experiences. Christina's expertise lies in optimizing organizations for efficiency and growth, with a talent for breaking down complex problems into actionable solutions. She is a relentless advocate for improving the customer experience and has a proven track record of transforming teams into high-performance organizations. Outside of work, Christina enjoys exploring San Francisco with her family, biking through the city, and discovering new venues. 

    Deirdre Toner, Managing Director WW Data GTM, AWS (Amazon Web Services)

    Deirdre Toner, Managing Director of the AWS Worldwide Specialist Data Team, is a seasoned executive with 25+ years of experience in software and cloud technology. Her impressive career spans from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, including Amazon, DataStax, SAP, and more. Deirdre excels in leading high-growth sales teams and business development, running multi-billion-dollar businesses, and is a sought-after speaker on data industry trends and women in technology. She is also actively engaged in community non-profit efforts. 

    Divya Rajagopalan, Senior Director, Digital Partner Transformation, ServiceNow

    Divya Rajagopalan, Senior Director at ServiceNow, is a dynamic channel sales and marketing professional with over 10 years of experience. She plays a pivotal role in shaping product strategy to boost channel partner revenue. Beyond her corporate success, Divya is a dedicated CASA volunteer, mentoring foster care teens in their pursuit of education and careers. Her innovative approach to operations and strong leadership skills makes her a driving force in achieving corporate growth and revenue objectives. 

    Elaine Zhou, CTO,

    Elaine Zhou, the CTO of, is a technology visionary known for turning business visions into reality. With a 15+ year track record in digital transformation, she excels in building AI-based products and leading complex projects across various sectors. Elaine thrives in dynamic, ambiguous environments, using transparent development processes and a "Moneyball" recruiting approach to drive innovation and high-quality talent acquisition. She fosters a collaborative and competitive engineering culture, delivering products that resonate with customers and drive revenue growth.  

    Isha Chhatwal, Staff Product Manager, Walmart  

    Isha Chhatwal, a Staff Product Manager at Walmart, is a dynamic tech professional with a passion for empowering users and solving complex problems. With a background in Computer Science and Information Management, she has made a significant impact in the tech industry. Her notable achievements include pioneering Trust and privacy-enhanced advertising technologies that benefit millions of internet users. Isha has a record of accomplishment of building innovative products, advocating for data engineering productivity, and enhancing identity solutions. She is a versatile leader involved in coaching and speaking on diverse topics like DEI, immigration, and data privacy. Her career spans both startups and big tech companies, reflecting her adaptability and expertise. 

    Jae Sook Evans, Global CIO, Oracle

    With over 20 years of experience, Jae Sook Evans is a global technology leader specializing in cloud infrastructure services. At Oracle, she drives the launch and operation of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure regions, serving both internal and external customers. She is a highly sought-after panelist in renowned conferences. Her passion for diversity and inclusion is evident as she leads DE&I initiatives and champions these causes in the tech industry. Jae Sook's expertise spans telecommunications, gaming, retail, and more, making her a valuable resource for anyone seeking advice in the tech world. 

    Monica Bajaj, VP of Engineering, Okta

    Monica Bajaj, VP of Engineering at Okta, is a seasoned technology executive with 20+ years of experience. She excels in scaling products, teams, and technology globally, with a diverse industry background spanning Consumer, Enterprise, DevOps, and Security. Monica has a record of accomplishment of building high-performance, secure software systems for millions of users. She leads Okta's Developer Experience portfolio, focusing on identity solutions at scale. With an M.S. in Computer Science from IIT Mumbai, Monica is also passionate about mentorship, diversity, and community engagement. Her achievements have earned her numerous accolades, including Women in Tech ERG Leader of the Year in 2023. She is an artist and outdoor enthusiast, active in various board and ambassador roles, supporting women in tech and engineering leadership. 

    Praveena Ayyadurai, Manager, Business Consulting - Transformation Design & Execution, EY

    Praveena Ayyadurai is a passionate leader with a talent for solving complex problems in large-scale digital initiatives. With diverse experience across multiple industries, including technology, consumer products, marketing, financial services, e-commerce, healthcare, and manufacturing, she excels at bridging the gap between vision and execution. As a first-generation graduate and immigrant to the US, Praveena is driven by a commitment to making a positive impact, both professionally and through pro bono consulting for non-profit organizations. She is dedicated to sharing her knowledge through actively participating in forums, speaking engagements, and mentoring.  

    Sharda Kumari, Tech Lead Manager, Airbnb

    Sharda Kumari, a seasoned Global Business Technology leader, boasts 15+ years in CRM and Enterprise Architecture. Currently a Tech Lead Manager at Airbnb, her impactful career includes roles at Salesforce, Wells Fargo, and Avaya. Sharda is an innovative force, recognized as a finalist in tech accolades and a respected judge for international awards. A thought leader in CRM, she contributes through authored literature. Beyond tech, Sharda is active in community service and mentors underrepresented groups. Specializing in business strategy, Salesforce, and IT governance, she excels in programming languages and data solutions.

    Vivienne Wei, COO, Salesforce Security

    Vivienne Wei is the Chief Operating Officer of Salesforce Security, known for her exceptional leadership in scaling and transforming the security organization. With global strategy and product expertise, she excels in partnering with engineering teams for business vision, executing M&A deals, optimizing costs, enhancing cybersecurity, and managing infrastructure transitions. Vivienne is a certified cybersecurity expert and a passionate advocate for women in tech. She is also the author of "Labor Force," offering guidance for professional women navigating motherhood. Her clear thought leadership and cross-functional team leadership make her a rare visionary in the industry. 

    These remarkable women are not only shattering the glass ceiling in the tech industry but are also pioneering the path for the upcoming generation of women in technology. Their significant contributions have laid the foundation for other women to tread in their footsteps and leave their mark in the tech sector. San Francisco is fortunate to host such a diverse and dynamic group of women who are steering the course of the tech industry's future. We eagerly anticipate witnessing their future accomplishments. Join our community of extraordinary women in tech and become a part of this journey!