Meet Extraordinary Women in Tech in Texas

    In the dynamic world of technology, Texas is increasingly becoming a hotspot for innovation and pioneering individuals. We invite you to meet some of Texas's remarkable women in tech who are reshaping the future of technology and challenging norms. These inspiring figures are not only making significant contributions in their fields but also motivating the next generation of women in tech. Join us as we delve into their compelling stories. 

    Anne Chow, Founder at The Rewired CEO 

    Anne Chow, founder of The Rewired CEO, is a seasoned business leader and board member with a rich history at AT&T, culminating in her role as the CEO of a $35B operating unit. As a strategic advisor and transformation expert, Anne has served on the boards of 3M and FranklinCovey. Her diverse experience spans technology, leadership development, and education, reflecting her commitment to driving innovation and positive change. With a focus on DEI and ESG initiatives, Anne continues to shape the business landscape with her macro-economic insights and customer-centric approach. 

    Barbara Vibbert, Solutions Engineering Manager at SonicWall 

    Barbara Vibbert, an accomplished professional with 25 years of experience in information security, currently serves as the Solutions Engineering Manager at SonicWall. Her leadership spans dynamic team transformations, notably raising NSP by 20 points in just six months. Barbara's extensive background includes roles at Dell Technologies and as an Information Security Manager at healthcare institutions. With a track record of success and a focus on creating respectful and thriving environments, she is a prominent figure in the field of information security. 

    Catalina Herrera, Field CDO at Dataiku 

    Catalina Herrera is a seasoned data and analytics leader with over 15 years of experience. As the Field CDO at Dataiku, she empowers organizations to harness the potential of AI and data democratization. Catalina is a thought leader, sharing insights through blogs and conference talks. With a background in senior roles at TIBCO and ThoughtTrace, she's passionate about advancing technology, promoting women in tech, and has diverse experience across industries, from energy to finance. As a proud seed investor at HiveTracks and a dedicated educator, Catalina's impact extends across data science, AI, and beyond. 

    Crystal Poenisch, Director of Product Marketing at Chainguard 

    Crystal Poenisch, Director of Product Marketing at Chainguard, is on a mission to make tech fun and accessible. With a decade of B2B and digital marketing experience, she's a certified professional in product marketing. Crystal excels in strategic initiatives, go-to-market strategies, and product positioning, drawing from her diverse background spanning community organizing, front-end development, and work with tech industry leaders. Her passion for transport protocols, cloud security, and the future of technology shines through in her dynamic career. 

    Devshree Golecha, Adjunct Professor at Southern New Hampshire University 

    Devshree Golecha, an Analytics Leader and Adjunct Professor at Southern New Hampshire University, is a prominent figure in the data and technology landscape. As a 40 Under 40 honoree, she's recognized for her exceptional work in advanced analytics, optimization, and machine learning. With 15+ years of experience, she's transformed healthcare, financial, and insurance systems, generating $25M in benefits. Devshree is a sought-after keynote speaker, an ambassador at Stanford University, and a driving force for women in data science. Her dedication to excellence and community leadership has earned her accolades worldwide. 

    Fern Johnson, CTO VP at PepsiCo 

    Fern Johnson, CTO VP at PepsiCo, is a senior executive with a unique blend of business, technology, and change management skills. With a focus on aligning tech solutions with growth objectives, she's a decisive leader known for fostering collaboration and achieving stakeholder goals. Her straightforward communication style and vision-driven approach empower her to drive change effectively, making her a standout leader in the fast-paced business world. 

    Graciela Perez, Chief Digital Program Officer at GE Healthcare 

    Graciela Perez, Chief Digital Program Officer at GE Healthcare, boasts 20+ years of executive leadership expertise. Her strategic acumen and commitment to diversity, sustainability, and inclusion have driven successful transformations in complex business operations. A hands-on leader skilled in servant leadership, Agile, and Lean methodologies, she's renowned for her global perspective and customer-centric approach, making her a force in digital transformation and operational excellence.

    Joanna McDaniel Burkey, Former CISO of HP Inc 

    Joanna McDaniel Burkey, Former CISO at HP Inc, is a distinguished cybersecurity and digital transformation leader. With a career spanning over two decades, she has held key roles at Siemens and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, demonstrating expertise in strategy, risk management, and engineering. Joanna is also an Independent Director at Overstock and ReliabilityFirst Corporation, contributing to boardrooms with her wealth of experience. Passionate about diversity in technology, she serves as a mentor, embodying a commitment to security, innovation, and fostering inclusivity. 

    Kimberly Storin, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Zayo Group 

    Kimberly Storin, the Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Zayo Group, is a transformational CMO known for her strategic leadership and ability to drive growth. With a track record of successful turnarounds and numerous acquisitions, she's guided organizations to achieve long-term value. Her impactful career spans from revitalizing AMD to shaping market strategies for companies like RapidDeploy and IBM Cognitive Systems. Beyond her professional achievements, Kimberly is deeply involved in the community and has a strong presence as a public speaker. 

    Lucy Mariappa, Chief Information Officer at International Leadership of Texas 

    Lucy Mariappa, an award-winning CIO with 23 years of global technology leadership, currently serves as the Chief Information Officer at International Leadership of Texas. Recognized for transformative leadership, she spearheads digital business and technology evolution, ensuring strategic IT planning, and driving innovation. Lucy's expertise extends to ERP/SAP, digital transformation, and managing end-to-end IT initiatives, exemplified by her achievements in automating processes, saving millions, and receiving the "Employee Excellence" Award. A certified CIO from Carnegie Mellon University, she is also a sought-after speaker at technology conferences. 

    Michelle Carbone, Senior VP of Operations at BMC Software 

    Michelle Carbone, Senior VP of Operations at BMC Software, is a dynamic leader known for driving global growth and profitability. With a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, she fosters high-performance teams. Her journey at BMC, from financial analyst to leading strategic revenue operations, reflects her instrumental role in the company's transformative phases. As the executive sponsor for BMC's Women in Technology and Business, she champions networking and community outreach. Michelle's background in business administration and accounting underscores her financial acumen. 

    Nono Bokete, CEO and Founder of Data Sentinels 

    Nono Bokete, the visionary CEO and Founder of Data Sentinels, is a trailblazing leader in tech and a revered ambassador for Transformation Leader (T4L). With over a decade of expertise, she champions large-scale transformations by seamlessly integrating AI and Data Science into business strategies. Nono excels in workplace transformation, advising diverse organizations on adapting to the modern workforce's evolving needs. Renowned for optimizing workplaces across sectors, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, she emphasizes data-driven decision-making and innovative tech solutions. A dynamic speaker, Nono shares actionable insights drawn from her extensive career and the latest workplace transformation trends, leaving a positive impact with her philosophy of sustainable change.

    Pinky Hajra, Senior Managing Partner at Infosys 

    Pinky Hajra, a seasoned digital technology and business leader, brings over 20 years of experience driving enterprise transformations in Utilities, Oil & Gas, Energy, and Medical Industries. Pinky's innovative thinking, strategic growth focus, and expertise in team leadership have consistently propelled organizations to new heights. Pinky is renowned for her achievements in client management, P&L leadership, and fostering inclusive and diverse teams. She has received accolades, including being a finalist at the Women in Tech Global Awards 2020, showcasing her commitment to digital technology transformation and women's participation in the tech industry. 

    Roja Boina, Software Engineering Senior Advisor at Cigna Healthcare

    Roja Boina, a Software Engineering Senior Advisor at Cigna Healthcare, excels in providing data-driven solutions using tools like Apache Spark and Python. Her expertise in healthcare data and claims, coupled with her talent for identifying high-impact KPIs, makes her a valuable asset. She's also a passionate writer on tech, leadership, and data analytics topics, contributing to prominent platforms. As a mentor and chapter co-lead for WomenTech Network, she's dedicated to empowering women in the tech industry. Roja's extensive toolkit includes Linux, Git, Tableau, AWS, and more, reflecting her commitment to innovation and problem-solving. 

    Shinesa Cambric, Principal Product Manager at Microsoft 

    Shinesa Cambric, a Principal Product Manager at Microsoft and Cybersecurity Innovator, brings over a decade of experience crafting solutions for global organizations to combat emerging threats against identity and access. With a background spanning roles in leading companies like Vistra Corp., Fossil Group, Inc., and Rockwell Collins, Shinesa has demonstrated expertise in security architecture, SAP security, and business integration. As a published author, she shares her knowledge through a book on Enterprise Cloud Auditing, reflecting her commitment to advancing cybersecurity practices globally. 

    Sushma Sanketh, IT Leader at Dow 

    Sushma Sanketh, an IT Leader at Dow, boasts over 15 years of expertise in designing, developing, and maintaining automated software applications. As a Process Automation Leader, she drives global teams in developing distributed control system-driven automation, optimizing processes, and implementing innovative solutions. Passionate about people and process improvement, Sushma's leadership spans various roles, from Data Analytics and Visualization to .Net Development, demonstrating her commitment to fostering innovation and building high-functioning teams. 

    Tessa Kriesel, Head of Platform Developer Relations at Snap 

    Tessa Kriesel, Head of Platform Developer Relations at Snap, is a seasoned developer and DevRel expert with over 14 years of experience. Passionate about community growth, she shapes Snap's developer ecosystem, driving innovation in Camera Kit, Minis & Games, & Snap Kit. As a self-employed consultant and founder of Devocate, Tessa's impact spans advising startups, heading developer relations at Lacework and Fast, and managing Twitter's developer community. Known for her advocacy, educational content, and community building, Tessa is a prominent figure in the tech landscape.  

    Tieisha Smith, Head of Tech Partnerships, Acceleration & Culture Transformation at TIAA 

    Tieisha Smith, Head of Tech Partnerships, Acceleration & Culture Transformation at TIAA, is a visionary tech leader with over 18 years of experience. She excels in building strategic partnerships, driving culture transformation, and leading innovation initiatives. Tieisha's impactful journey includes roles at Marsh McLennan, where she served as Chief Administrative Officer, Director of IT Service Delivery, and VP of Regional Technology. A DEI champion, she has successfully led initiatives fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within the tech industry. Her leadership at TIAA continues to shape the future of technology through collaboration and innovation. 

    Uma Dama, Director of Program Management Office at BlackLine 

    Uma Dama, Director Program Management Office at BlackLine, is a dedicated technology leader with 15+ years of experience. She excels in strategic program management, fostering a culture of transparency and collaboration. Uma's expertise spans OCIO functions, enterprise transformation, and technology business management. Her skill set includes continuous improvement, financial management, and cloud migrations, making her an invaluable asset in achieving business objectives and operational excellence. 

    Upasna Gautam, Senior Product Leader at CNN 

    Upasna Gautam, a dynamic Senior Product Leader at CNN, boasts a rich background in digital news platforms, e-commerce, and search strategy. With a career spanning diverse industries and roles, including Director of Digital Strategy at Geek Powered Studios and Manager of Search at Ziff Media Group, Upasna has honed her expertise in product development, content management systems, and digital journalism. Upasna's passion for innovation and strategic vision continues to drive impactful advancements in the digital media landscape. 

    In conclusion, these women are trailblazers in their respective fields, effectively utilizing their knowledge and skills to make significant strides in the tech industry. Their dedication, leadership, and commitment to excellence serve as an inspiration for the upcoming generation. They remind us that with determination and a spirit of innovation, we can shape the future. Their collective efforts underscore the importance of diversity and inclusivity in driving tech-forward solutions that shape our world. 

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