Meet Top Women in Tech in Poland

    In the vibrant landscape of Poland's technology sector, there's a significant story often overlooked: the underrepresentation of women. Despite remarkable advancements in various industries, the share of women employed in tech stands at a mere 16.7% in Poland. This statistic not only underscores a glaring gender disparity but also emphasizes the urgent need for recognizing and empowering women in technology across the country. In this blog post, we unveil a list of extraordinary women in tech in Poland, aiming to serve as an inspiration for future female tech leaders. These women demonstrate unparalleled skill, innovation, and determination, showcasing why they have earned their place on this prestigious list.

    Agnieszka Kaczorowska, Head of GDC Poland at Eviden

    Agnieszka Kaczorowska is a seasoned IT professional with over two decades of experience. Currently leading Eviden GDC Poland, she has excelled in various roles, including BI operations at Atos and global system design at Nokia. Her expertise spans SAP, BI, analytics, and IT management, showcasing a track record of successful project leadership and strategic IT initiatives.

    Aleksandra (Olka) Tutaj, Director of Engineering at InPost Group

    Aleksandra Tutaj, Director of Engineering at InPost Group, brings a wealth of experience in software engineering and IT service delivery. With a background in law and economics, she has also excelled in voluntary campaigns. Previously with UBS and Sabre Corporation, her leadership spans diverse domains, showcasing a commitment to excellence in technology and community service.

    Aleksandra Ochwat, Sub-Section Manager of HPT Design Team for LEAP engines at GE Aerospace

    Aleksandra Ochwat is an aerospace engineer with over a decade of experience in customer support and product maintenance.  She leads the HPT Design Team, ensuring airworthiness certification. A dedicated advocate for women's empowerment, she also spearheads initiatives within GE Women's Network and shares insights as a keynote speaker, embodying a commitment to mentorship and professional development.

    Anna Adamowicz, SVP, Cyber Security at Standard Chartered Bank

    Anna Adamowicz is a dynamic leader with a passion for leveraging modern technology to solve complex challenges. With 30+ successful projects under her belt, she excels in building motivated teams and driving strategic initiatives. Adept at program and project management, she thrives on continuous learning and mentorship opportunities.

    Anna Niesłony-Wolny, Head of Operations at Capgemini

    Anna Niesłony-Wolny drives digital transformation for clients with a focus on top-notch project delivery. With a PMP certification and diverse experience in agile and classic projects, she leads a talented team of software experts. With a Master's in Computer Science and international experience, she blends technical expertise with managerial finesse.

    Anna Słyś, Engineering Manager at Nokia

    Anna Słyś leads 5G SW engineering teams in Mobile Networks Base Station projects. With expertise in project management and agile methodologies, she fosters team motivation and implements process improvements. A mentor, she actively empowers women in tech, driving diversity and inclusion.

    Barbara Gubsch, Product Manager at Star

    Barbara Gubsch is an innovative leader with a decade of IT experience, excelling in projects across startups and enterprises. With a passion for talent development and Agile methodologies, she drives delivery and fosters a culture of ownership. Additionally, she's a certified FRIS trainer and a lecturer in Business Data Analysis seminars and lectures in the field of International Management studies.

    Beata Klaudia Wilczek, VP Engineering at Yellow Card App

    Beata Klaudia Wilczek boasts 15+ years in finance, crypto, and e-commerce. With an MBA and Prince2/ITIL certs, she leads teams to innovate and optimize crypto exchange solutions. Passionate about fostering inclusive cultures, she drives excellence across global teams.

    Beata Stawiarska, CIO at OLX

    Beata Stawiarska is an internationally seasoned IT leader specializing in service support, delivery, and demand management. A supportive people manager, coach, and mentor with a strong focus on personal development. With a PMP certification and expertise in personal development coaching, she's driven by empowering teams. Her extensive experience includes managing projects for global clients and serving on boards, showcasing her commitment to innovation and growth.

    Bozena Lesniewska, EVP - Chief Enterprise Officer at Orange Polska

    Bozena Lesniewska, a leader in digital transformation at Orange, mentors teams to thrive in the fast-paced digital landscape. With 17+ years of experience, she spearheads B2B initiatives and serves on boards. Passionate about empowering women, she also serves as a mentor, driving diversity and inclusion in tech.

    Eliza Stasińska, IT director & CTO@SSC at mBank S.A.

    Eliza Stasińska is a seasoned IT leader with expertise in digital transformation and agile methodologies. With a focus on building secure IT services and leading large teams, she excels in core banking systems and client relations. Stasińska is known for her assertiveness, goal-oriented approach, and leadership skills.

    Kamila Wosińska, Head of Group ESG/CSR Data Governance at GFT Technologies

    Kamila Wosińska brings 15 years of expertise in ESG integration and sustainable business practices. As an accredited CCA Coach and mentor, she empowers ESG/CSR leaders through coaching and workshops. Recognized as a Strong Woman in IT, she's a motivational speaker and author, advocating for sustainable innovation globally.

    Katarzyna Banaś (Czekaj), Engineering Team Leader at Ocado Technologies

    Katarzyna Banaś is a visionary leader sculpting innovative teams. With a background in software engineering and coaching, she fosters creativity and problem-solving. Kasia's passion for neuroscience and psychology enriches her approach, creating dynamic workspaces akin to fun labs. Additionally, she shares her insights and experiences through her blog at

    Katarzyna Sołtyk, Head of Product at Nordcloud

    Katarzyna Sołtyk brings extensive experience in IT product management, notably with Klarity Cloud Management Tool. With a master's degree from Wroclaw University of Economics and Business, she has a strong foundation in business management, computer science, and finance.

    Katarzyna Wszola, Director of Innovation at Veolia Poland

    Katarzyna Wszola, Director of Innovation at Veolia Poland, is a seasoned expert with over 11 years of experience in innovation and R&D. As a Global Shaper at the WEF, she mentors, trains, and collaborates across sectors, fostering a culture of innovation. With a diverse background including roles in academia and international programs, she's committed to lifelong learning and empowering others through knowledge-sharing initiatives.

    Lucyna Chwastowska, Global Director Alexa Text To Speech at Amazon

    Lucyna Chwastowska  is a seasoned Senior Engineering Manager in telecommunications. With expertise in operational planning, IT strategy, and agile transformation, she drives innovation. Lucyna holds a degree from Stockholm School of Economics, showcasing her strong leadership and strategic acumen.

    Magda Dziewguc, Country Director at Google Cloud Poland

    Magda Dziewguc is a dedicated leader and co-founder of Digital University, empowering digital education. As a founding member of LiderShe and a member of various boards, she fosters growth in education and leadership. Her extensive voluntary contributions reflect her commitment to societal advancement.

    Magda Zabrocka, Chief Information Security Officer at Fujitsu Poland

    Magda Zabrocka is a seasoned Security Manager with several years of international IT services experience. Certified in ISO standards and knowledgeable in ISAE 3402/SOC 2 and NIST Framework, she excels in risk management, patch & vulnerability management, and business continuity. Magda is skilled in threat modeling and business process improvement, ensuring robust security protocols.

    Magdalena Jabłońska, Vice President, Adtech & Adoperation at TVN Warner Bros. Discovery

    Magdalena Jabłońska is a seasoned leader in marketing, e-commerce, and media. With a knack for driving strategic marketing sales solutions and building efficient revenue organizations, she excels in change management and fostering proactive environments. Magdalena's strengths lie in her communication skills, creativity, and adaptability. She holds expertise in digital market strategy, e-commerce, and revenue generation, with a focus on business development and leadership.

    Maria Falkiewicz-Gancarz, Vice President at Kyndryl

    Maria Falkiewicz-Gancarz has a rich background in business strategy and leadership development spanning over two decades, Maria fosters engaged teams through her empathetic and communicative approach. She champions mentorship for women's empowerment. As a mentor, she embodies a two-way learning approach, driving mutual growth and success.

    Marta Karczewska, Head of Solution Development and Operations in Business Consulting & Solutions Department at Bosch

    Marta Karczewska brings expertise in Industrial Technology, Digital, IoT, Cloud, and Connected Industry Solutions. She's a sought-after speaker on business, tech, and innovation. Notably, she champions startups, discussing their potential. Marta participates in events, emphasizing support for AI solutions addressing critical global healthcare challenges. 

    Olga Malinkiewicz, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Saule Technologies

    Olga Malinkiewicz leads a team pioneering perovskite solar cell technology. With a PhD in Organic Electronics, she's driven by innovation, overseeing R&D projects and production facility construction. Passionate about renewable energy, she shapes the company's strategies towards a sustainable future.

    Pamela Krzypkowska, Director of Research and Innovation at Ministry of Digital Affairs

    Pamela Krzypkowska leads initiatives to advance digitalization efforts in Poland. With expertise in AI and data science, she fosters collaboration across academia, business, and government. Passionate about education, she teaches courses on Deep Learning and Azure AI while advocating for the ethical integration of technology.

    Patrycja Wegrzynowicz, Lead Engineer at Form3

    Patrycja Wegrzynowicz is the founder of Yon Labs, specializing in automated security and performance tools. A renowned speaker at global tech conferences, she's recognized as an Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador and ACE Pro. Her expertise lies in automated software engineering and dynamic analysis techniques.

    Sylwia Pyśkiewicz, Managing Director at Equinix

    Sylwia Pyśkiewicz is a seasoned executive specializing in change management and business growth. With international experience across diverse industries, including Retail, Pharma, and IT, she excels in commercial strategy, digitalization, and team leadership. Known for her success in transforming companies and managing P&Ls, Sylwia drives impactful change and fosters growth.

    By recognizing the invaluable contributions of women in technology and actively working towards inclusivity, Poland can unlock its full potential for innovation and progress. Let's continue to advocate for gender diversity and support initiatives that empower women to thrive in the dynamic world of technology. Together, we can create a more equitable and inclusive future for all.