ICT Spring is a Global Tech Conference hosting an array of International Professionals. This two-day yearly event is held in Luxembourg City, at the heart of Europe, and offers the participants a unique opportunity to deepen their Digital Knowledge, capture the Value of the fast-growing FinTech Industry, and explore the impact of Space Technologies on Terrestrial Businesses, through exhibitions and demonstrations of the latest Tech Trends and Innovations. ICT Spring is also the perfect place to network with peers and future business partners.

    More than 5000 visitors from over 72 countries will be in Luxembourg on the 21-22nd May.

    As an influential voice in the tech community,  the aim of ICT Spring is to encourage emulation and networking between business decisions makers, innovation managers, startups,  researchers and venture capitalists on a European scale. This yearly event is dedicated to exhibiting and demonstrating the latest relevant trends and innovations and discuss their impact on society and the working world.

    In case, you are looking for good reasons to join the conference, here you go:

    1. Join an exclusive program of seminars and presentations delivered by some of the world’s biggest names in technology, science and digital marketing.

    2. Explore and learn from the globe’s most disruptive and fastest growing startups will attend.

    3. Get an opportunity to build strong relationships and partnerships with visionary decision makers, experts from the industry from all over the world.

    And just have a look at the speaker’s line-up: https://www.ictspring.com/speakers/

    Enter the ICT Spring experience by getting your ticket here: https://www.ictspring.com/get-tickets/

    Originally published on Coding Girls.